How was your day? #385

Lyndonville, NY

Come on in, have a seat, and tell us about your day!!!

I hope this picture puts a smile on Bonnies face! I used her big boys Stetson and Swiper!

We came from HERE:

Saw our thread was way up there, so started a new one!

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somewhere, PA

thanks Debbie! The pics sure made me smile. I love those big boys!

Verona, ON

Thanks for the new thread Debbie. You've got 2 fluffy boys there!!

Glorious day here but the clouds are supposed to move in tonight. Was able to work on the raking for quite awhile today. I've caught Debbie's itchies. I have quite the mess right above my glove line on both arms. Bendryl helped. I am wondering if it wasn't the sap on one of the trees as I was in contact with some when I wrapped some more trees this morning. That *(&^$^& beaver just keeps moving onto the next unwrapped tree. Diesel and I check every mornng as soon as it is light and almost every day there is a new tree being started. I can save it if just the bark has been stripped. The beaver have not 1 but 3 dams set up in Mosquito Creek this Spring. Not so sure what the little lake to the east of it will look like come mid summer.

Oh Bonnie it is so good to hear your styling, sassy side come back out. Looking forward to seeing those hats.. Very odd that diet wasn't discussed with you before discharge.

How are the knees Sandy? Hope you don't have to do too much more today. Did you end up going ouot to eat?

BonnieB your Amish neighbours (I can't remember if they are Amish or Mennonite) are very lucky to have you as a delivery and carting service, Do you enjoy having the company when you go shop? I would be terrible company as I hate to shop. I just want to get in there and get it done.Warren was the grocery shopper .... he loved it. When we went to another town or city for a show he always perused the local grocery stores. He was known for bringing back frozen turkeys because they were such a good price and yes there was the 18 cases of water too
Makes me smile to think about that.

Tam I am so glad Gary was able to fix the TV situation. There is nothing worse than feeling totally discombobulated and then having a constant disrupted. When I travelled with the business if the TV didn't work in the room I demanded to be moved. Not that I watched it that much but I liked the sound in the background. How are the baby chicks doing? Will you have to capture Truffles so she doesn't leave her prints when the floors are being refinished ? I sure chuckled to myself when I saw her prints.

Loretta, I didn't know we shared the same middle name!!!


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

HAHA Dianne!!

Debbie thanks for the new thread - love the pictures! Do you think the allergy is from something you ate?

Tammy, I hope the work continues going well and you can get out of one room.

BonnieB, that is a whole lot of baking stuff. Does this family not have transportation?

Sandy, I hope your knees feel better. Mine have been bothering me.

Bonnie, have fun making the hats. Just my opinion but I would make sure to eat regular small meals. Just so there is food in your stomach. Years ago I found that eating a good amount of fiber was much better than eating bland food. It kept everything moving.

Teddy got a new bed and a donkey. He is just so funny - he shook the donkey until they both had to try out the new bed.

The road construction at work is just a huge PIA. It took about 40 minutes to drive 3 miles. They have to do this traffic stopping work right at rush hour.

I butchered the aloe vera leaf and now I will just get some in a bottle. It's so goopy. I even put it in the food processor an it sticks to everything. What a mess.

somewhere, PA

Dianne - I have the windows open in our bedroom and can hear Truffles telling Gary how horrible we both are for keeping her outside all day. lol I sneaked out for a walk around the gardens earlier and she was lounging in the sun on the deck and did not look in any way uncomfortable or put upon. And Pixel is by far the worst for walking on the cement! She's got 4x the pawprints in there vs Truffles. DH walked her out to the edge of the property this morning and said she was very happy to see all the entertainment out there!

I have not been exercising and I feel it. I am tired and just don't feel my energy level where is was. But things are just too crazy to get it going again. Well - the many many hours I worked outside should count 'cause I sure hurt, a lot for days after. But still - not the same as a good deeply focused workout.

The plank for exit works. I go down the stairs, cross the plank, put on my shoes and walk around the house to the deck, get anything I need out of the fridge. Then I walk back around the outside of the house and into the back door. Change into my slippers, cross the plank and go upstairs. I guess that's a little extra exercise too?


Verona, ON

Tam I thought it was Truffles that walked in the cement. You better watch that Pixel then when the floors are being refinished.

I found some areas that obviously didn't get too much of a workout when I walked this winter. Man they are giving me the business. I also started a new Zumba programme - it is lots of fun but boy do I have 2 left feet with some of the dances. DWTS always energizes me into trying out a new DVD dance programme. This 1 was recommended by Prevention mag. Diesel has to be put outside much to his chagrin while I do it as he tries to bite my feet and pull my shoe laces.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Hehe, Tam, anything that requires moving is exercise.

The roofers just quit for the day. They got about 9/10 of the metal on, and tomorrow will need to add the ridge cap and do the calking. The animals finally settled down after the men were working for awhile. Guess they decided that they were not going to scare them off by barking!

Debbie, we chose a dark green metal, as all the trim on the house is the dark green. We had a brown roof on before, well if you looked at it really close up it was a combination of brown, green and a lighter tan specks, but from afar it all appeared brown. I think I am going to like it. That said before I hear the rain on it. I will let you know about the noise level. It took a good amount of time for them to roof around the chimney for the fireplace, but I am feeling good that it is done right. We had a leak around it, and many attempts were made to fix it, but never did really.

Elsie, maybe you need to take some knitting along to work on while sitting in traffic. Would make the time go faster. Too funny about Teddy and the new toy. A friend had to put her dog down about a month ago and she brought Mr. B a bag full of his toys. He likes them all, but is particularly attracted to a gorilla that makes a noise. He tries to tear it to shreds. It must be made good, as it is still here and still noisy.

Sandy, enjoy dinner out. It may make you forget about the knee pain, it just may move to the rear!

Debbie, I am so sorry to hear that you are having allergy problems. The pollen here this spring has had everybody miserable. I haven't taken allergy meds for a good while, but have had to take them on occassion this spring.

Dianne, I admire you for trying to save the trees, but if you are going to have an allergic reaction to the sap, you may want to add some layers of protection. A good remedy for a rash like that, poison ivy, or anything that is itchy is LYE SOAP. We have a farm store that sells bars of it, so I have some on hand for when we get into trouble. Why don't you shoot the beavers, stock their little dammed up pond, and have you a private fishing hole! Sounds like a good idea to me, and you can laugh every time you eat fresh fish!

Bonnie, I know that you will probably be watching the Derby. They have been showing some clips from years past this week, and the hats and outfits get ritzier every year. Enjoy your party. Who will you place a bet on? I am going with Orb.

Dianne, no I enjoy the company, but hate to shop. I am a get in the car, go to the grocery, get what I need and then be on my way home. The Amish like to look and compare prices, and that just isn't me. I may have to turn that job over to DH and let him do the grocery shopping. They currently have no transportation, but there will be other families who move in this summer, and I expect someone will start a van service, which will relieve me of the duty.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Home and stuffed.
The pill helped

Sandy and andre

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I am enjoying some chicken apple sausage and cole slaw. This sausage smells really really good and it tastes good too.

Lyndonville, NY

Dianne, those are Bonnie's boys in the picture! I just fell for them. Tried to fall for your crew but someone snubbed me! LOL
Sassy was definitely that!

Yes, I definitely think it might be something I ate causing allergies. I wrote out my list of "issues" to take with him and this last
year my list of allergic possibles has almost tripled. From medications to actual foods and seasoning. Shannon brought us a
sandwich for lunch, and I now have itches on my face, stomach, underarms, etc. Put benedryl ON and also took a pill. That knocked
me flat out for two hours.

DH is still at work, at least another 30 minutes he said, maybe more. He worked late last night, got home at 7:00 and also said he has
been asked to work this weekend. I will NOT complain, need the OT!!!

Sitting here chuckling about Teddy and his new bed and toy. Izzy and her "kitty" Axl just had a love fest with him giving her a bath, paws
on the side of the head and rolling around. I couldn't' get off the couch to grab camera because Izzy would have followed me.

Be back..

Lyndonville, NY

Oh Glad you like that sausage! I first found it at Sam's Club, it was an "Emeril" brand. Now they have it at Walmart also.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

BonnieB, I had thought of bringing my knitting. I am sure I would get arrested. I think I am going to try the back way - which is longer.

Dahlonega, GA

I'm lurkin on the new thread .

Lyndonville, NY

Hi Digger! Glad you found your way over here.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

debbie -- I too have purchased that sausage from Sams. it;s very good.

I never did get in a nap so I see an 'early to bed' for me... I'm thinking 8pm, though that is shortly.

weather here was great today. more rain and a cool off coming.

as for the Rhubarb... I do know I can transplant it, as two plants came from my old house, which were also my mom's plants. I got another plant, a Red one, from a gal on DG. my problem is WHERE to plant them. They do take up quite a bit of space, and i was thinking they are a cold weather plant... eventually, I will be in zone9b. WI is zone4 -- that is do-able, I just need to find a spot as i'm all shade... possibly mom's site here as she has more sun than me. and i'm sure she's been missing Rhubarb since she moved to AZ.

OH -- can you believe it's MAY already??

BonnieB... the Amish up here, they bake shops are only open on Friday and Saturday, and the good stuff sells out by Friday morning.
I like hitting the Farmers Markets as the Amish always set up a table of yummies. I recall once i was buying some cookies and saw they had oatmeal, and I commented "Oatmeal Raisin" ?? and he said... Oh, i dont ruin my cookies with raisins. But all his cookies were really good. Though I do find the Amish [at least the ones up here] use Shortening instead of butter.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Terese, these Amish use the good stuff-real butter! They say they are going to get at least one cow to make butter. Yum.

This Amish young lady makes the best tasting glazed yeast doughnuts. She has made them once since they have been here, and sold out within 45 minutes. Now she only takes orders, and she is making them this weekend. Of course there are other sweet goodies, but I am forcing myself to limit the amount I am eating.

Elsie, no you wouldn't get arrested, just keep it beside you and when you are at a dead stop pick it up and do a few stitches. Says one who doesn't knit. My neighbor takes her knitting with her every place. If we are in the car and I am driving, she is knitting while talking. If we are waiting for our lunch to be served, knitting and talking. You get the picture. I don't know that much about knitting, but she seems to do it effortlessly. Do you count stitches? If she does, she sure has a brain that operates on several different levels.

Debbie, the allergy tests are lots different than what they used to be. Not nearly as painful as the scratches on the back, and the horrible itching that you can't quite get to. So funny about the toy that just got a bath!

Took Mr B and JohnJohn for a ride and JohnJohn is learning the routine nicely. When he first came here, he just wandered off, didn't respond to being called etc. Now he listens to me, (only had to correct him one time) and comes when he is called. Gave him the ultimate test today. Stopped at the cemetery (he isn't used to that, Mr. B is) and he went under the fence and headed into a wooded area. I called him back, he came part way, and then started to turn around and go into the woods. Used my very stern voice, he turned and looked at me, sort of weighing if it was safe to ignore me or should he listen. He did turn and come back to me. Phew, if he hadn't I don't know what I would have done.

Well, no plans for tomorrow, so guess that means if the weather is good, I can have all day to work outside. Well the roofers will be back, so will have to make sure that I am in a safe place so that I don't get hit by flying debris.

somewhere, PA

We have Fred in the bedroom with us. Zephyr is in the guest bedroom and won't come out. The smell from the poly is awful so I have the door shut & windows open - she'll be ok there since she has food,water & her boxes. And the poly should be dry to the touch if she does decide to go thru the plastic sheeting (unlikely - Zephyr is a very timid girl)

I'm pooped so will just wave goodnight & comment another time.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Chloe was crying at something on the table - I think it was the sausage.

Good night all.

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Vicki -- just peeked at the radar... you are NOT in that snow band are you? that would be just a cruel joke, but I read MN got rocked with snow.

very chilly morning, currently 39f... chilly next few days. Welcome to May I guess.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

morning everyone
I had a strange night. Around 3am a stupid female was standing outside my house on the street corner talking either on the phone or to some one I could not see. FOR MORE THAN 20 MINUTES!! That is until I yelled at her to go away

Sandy and Andre

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Terese - no way! I sure hope for Vicki's sake, she has the fan blowing that snow westward and away from her. Lee needs some snow down her way I think.

Sandy - I gather that woman wasn't talking quietly either?

We have turkeys in the yard these days. I just love listening to them and watching the guys dance.


Lyndonville, NY

Oh dear on the turkeys, I would love them....but turkey hunting season starts up here this weekend I think. I have seen large flocks
up on the Parkway, just love them!! Thought for a minute Tam you were calling the construction workers "turkeys". lol

Sandy, we have had that issue here and people sit on the front porch all night and talk across the street. My DH goes to bed at 9:00, so
on summer nights it can be hard for him.

Dianne, how are your itchies? I think SOME of mine might be from the sunshine. However the ones just on my thumb, I am sure I got into

Bonnie, how was your night? I bet hat shopping and starting to decorate them will be so much fun. I know your DM will enjoy that also.

Not sure what the day holds.....but the sun is shining, and it is snowing in Denver. Deep sigh....and big giggle. Sorry. I can't help it.
THe "mother" in me just loves it and that Karma thing. I hope it stays away from you Vicki!!!

Off for coffee....


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam very loud.

S and A

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, the sun is shining here, and I am headed out to work in the flower beds. It was a noisy night here, dogs barking, Mr. B wanting out then in. I finally gave up the effort to sleep about 5:30.

Roofers are here, so hope they will be able to finish today.

Vicki hope there is no snow in YOUR forecast.

Debbie, I will giggle along with you!

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)


Yes we are getting that snow and it is coming down nice and heavy. Now I will be whining about driving to work as I am sure there is ice under it. I also doubt if they are doing much to the roads. So far 2 inches. I heard yesterday 3-6 expected.

Don't know how the plants will fair that are under it. Maybe the rain insulated them?

BonnieB we are thinking about a metal roof. Just thinking tho. Good for JJ. He is learning. Will be easier for DN to handle him when he goes home.

Sandy good for you yelling at her. People just don't have any idea how far noise travels.

Deb great pictures for the start. Have been wanting to see the boys and there they are. Hope the allergist can help you out.

Bonnie have you started the hats? Still sleeping good? How did the drive go?

Tam If the smell is that bad I would have to leave the house. I bought the wrong paint once and just about killed myself from the fumes. Even with a fan going and the window open. Now certain paints.stains and such bother me. Turkeys don't come close enough to our house to listen to them. If they do it is just a walk thru.

Just might have to try that turkey sausage.

Terese hope you get everything you need to moved. Would be hard to lose them after all the work you have put in them.

Hello Digger glad you made it and lurk away. Even a quick comment or 2 are welcome!

Elsie that was quite the lady you were talking to the other day. Happy Teddy and toy made up for it yesterday.

Was really in the dumps at work last night. Don't know if it was walking in and seeing things lying around the weather or just going to work. Maybe all of the above. Just know I am feeling some burnout . It happens then I am fine again. What we won't do for a legitimate paycheck. LOL

I planted snap peas the other day. Will the seeds be okay?

Plans for today cleaning and maybe a few other small chores. Might learn how to download phone pictures. Have a special one for Deb!

somewhere, PA

((((((((( Vicki ))))))))) I think "all of the above" would be very appropriate reasons for feeling the blues. Gosh, snow on May 1st? On the smell - with the doors shut and windows open, the bedroom & my office are fine. Just a faint smell. I did leave the windows open last night even though the heat would come on around 7am. Figured I could afford an hour of heating "the outdoors".

Don't know about the seeds. Crossing my fingers yes - at least the snow will keep them warmer than 32deg!

I brought Truffles in with me to work. She was just so happy to see me when I sneaked out to water. She hasn't been in the house since Tues morning. Now she's snoozing away instead of getting to her assisting work.

Debbie - I think a chortle over the karma of snow in Denver on May 1 is perfectly fine & very appropriate. And no - real turkeys. I kinda like our workers. Though its just the one subcon doing the wood floors this week. Oh - the oversight guy came so I did get a little better idea of the schedule. He will send a few guys Mon so we can set up the living room furniture back on the maple floors. Tile will take probably through Thurs next week. So cabinets can go in 5/20 week. Painters come after cabinets. Absolutely not gonna be done until sometime in June. (He said when the finish work is going its going to seem like it really is slowed down.)

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Finished weeding one flower bed and sprinkling a little more annual cutting flower seed in that one. It is a new bed, and although I have things coming up from seed, it looked a little sparse.

Roofers are installing the roof cap, so they will be finished sometime today. I will try to take pictures when they are done and the debris cleaned up.

Vicki, I think the seed will be okay, as the snow will act like insulation and will keep them from freezing. I hate that Mother Nature felt like you needed another blast of winter, even on May 2nd.

somewhere, PA

BonnieB - of course! Today is May 2. Wanna come here and do some weeding? I need to get moving on that in the veggie garden. I can't see the asparagus 'cause there's weeds growing in amongst the small stalks.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Still snowing. I went back to bed and slept some more.

Tam told DH the other day we should put in a small asparagus bed. He said yeah right!

Deb love the Karma going on in Denver! Probably why I got some here! LOL

Oh BonnieB new roof done soon! Yay!

Now I had better go and get something done.

somewhere, PA

Vicki - this is perfect! You can have half of the asparagus in exchange for your weeding services. How's that for a deal! :-)

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Sure Tam I'll be right there.

Cadott schools are closing at 1.

I'd better go and check the tv and see what they are saying.

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Lost the dish. Must be covered with snow. Going out to do a bit of shoveling and uncover the jeep. Must be 5-6 inches out there.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

It is raining here and looks like it will be raining for a couple of days.

Sandy and Andre

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Our weather has been real werid like everyone else's...yesterday it was in the 80's today it is expectted to be in the 50's and tonigtt we have a freeze warning! My tomatoes are blooming and getting too big to cover without breaking is very windy but I need to go out and fill the bird feeder and water things.
I spoke to a friend and he told me about his finding a friend of his, dead in the bath tub....apparently this guy had heatlth issues and when he would hurt he would get into the bath tub...( I do that too) but Russ stayed for days...I didn't know him well...he was not really a friend of mine, but Rodney had been friends with him for years..he is pretty upset about it.
Well, Debbie...guess your son is finding out karma is a bitch! I would be gloating too.
Tammy, the re-model is really coming along..sorry about the poly smell though.
The question was asked as to how big is my yard? I think it is almost a half acre...the rose count is up to 65...still no camera...Phil says I can buy one after he gets paid again.since he just got paid, it will be 2 weeks. He just bought a boat so we have to wait.

.we had to buy a new washing machine last week..the bottom blew out of the old one, of course when it was full of water and clothes.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Debbie, it not only made me smile, it tickled my fancy to see the photos of my sweet boys at the top of the thread. You are a sweetheart to post those photos of them at the beach house. You brightened a very gloomy, worrisome day. Thank you. The boys really bonded with you while you were there.

Hey, digger. Just come in and say good morning. It makes us happy.

I say gloomy because the sky is overcast and a light rain is falling. I say worrisome because I texted Denise and she has not responded. She always responds immediately. Normally, this should not cause concern, but Pattie has been hounding me to run a background check on Denise and her husband so I did the one where you search through the white pages on your online home page. Her husband came up as living in the FL town where they presently reside but no record of any city in NY which is where they are supposed to be from. Denise did not even come up as living in the FL town where they are now. I did not go past the preliminary first round to the level where you pay for info, because all I have is a cell phone number for her. However, now I am thinking back on things that she/they did that I can now view as suspicious - such as taking my wallet and credit cards from the hospital room when I was going to be in the room all alone so no one would steal them. They bought them back later when they knew Judy was going to be there to take them home with her. In that time they could have gotten all my card numbers. I just called her cell and it went to the message.

Debbie, blisters on your lips now! It is impossible to be you! I think you should be written up in a medical journal. Axl and Stetson have to be related. Stetson gets soaked frequently for bad behavior as an unsuccessful deterrent.

Tammy are you keeping a photo log of the reno? It will be fun to look back years from now when you can hardly remember the "old" space. You should also have Gary take photos of you travelling down your "path" along the plank, etc., changing shoes along the way. It would make a cute coffee table album. Of course, the kitty footprints must be included. Funny that even though you are getting all that exercise working in the yard and climbing in and out of windows, some muscles are not being used. I understand the cardio workout is not being attained. I might understand not giving meds for the ulcer, but allowing a normal, regular diet is puzzling. My stomach does not feel like it could handle a normal diet - no way! The advice Elsie gave is the same I received from DSIL. He started with bran muffins and applesauce then added white rice and bananas following his appendectomy. Sort of like the BRATS diet they use for kids who can't keep anything down: bananas, rice, applesauce, toast, and seven-up or sprite.

BonnieB lucky are those who live near an Amish group who sell those wonderful baked goods. There was a group who came to South FL every year from just before Thanksgiving until the end of May when I lived in Miami. They had a huge homestead about 60 minutes South of downtown Miami in the boonies. In addition to the bakery they sold a small amount of fresh produce and jams and jellies. Does she gift you with some of her baked goods for taking her to all those stores?

Dianne, I met a mini Diesel yesterday who was after my feet even though I was sitting still. She was a whirling dervish! Are beavers a protected species? Just saying. hehehe Would love to join you in the dance if my stomach felt better. How is the rash today? Nothing worse than having an itch you cannot scratch. Warren and I could have grocery shopped together. I love going to a new store and perusing the aisles.

Sandy they forget we live in FL, the state where all the old people come to retire. Everybody has handicapped plates or placards on their cars. It is a miracle if you find an empty handicapped parking spot.

Vic, sorry you are suffering burnout. it's no wonder you work so hard at that job. It has to be depressing to strive so hard to keep everything in order when you are there only to walk back in and see it all askew again. I think the weather has something to do with it, too. If it were sunny and things were starting to bud out, your mood would improve. I hope Spring is right around the corner for you. I ended up not making hats. Denise was running out of time to shop for all the components. she had a family dinner to attend. Besides, by the time I bought the hat from Bealls outlet and all the flowers and trim, the cost was going to be quite high for a tea party at the ALF. Instead, Pattie drove me to my favorite boutique, Sue Who, where I purchased a beautiful, wide brimmed, aqua, straw hat for DM with a beautiful cotton lace pullover to match, with matching jewelry . I am going back tomorrow to get one for myself in yellow to match my outfit. Pattie canceled her derby party. :~( I had no trouble driving. I only went a short distance.

I have to find something for lunch.


Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

For now the jeep is cleaned off. Ty went out and just kind of looked! Like what's happened out here I thought this s^%# was done!

It is deep and very heavy. I shoveled a path to the jeep and cleaned it off. Good thing it was a short path! Did start it to warm it up while I did a few other things out there. Like put wood in the stove and feed the birds. Melted a bit more snow off it. Cleaned a bit of the GH roof off. What I could reach anyway. Couldn't reach the dish.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Oh, thank GOD! Denise called. Her phone was on the fritz. She had to reboot and didn't know how. WHEW! That's a load off.

Also forgot to say I am using a new PC with Windows 8 OS and am completely lost. It is totally different from previous Windows versions. I have no idea how to navigate the system.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Bonnie you are right about the parking spots.
I use Mozilla Firefox instead of the windows exploder

Rain rain go away, my joints hurt!!!

Sandy and Andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Well it is official! They are saying it is a record setting Snow Storm for this date. Was 3 inches back in something something. We are so lucky! Wonder what the prize is? More snow! Suppose to be over at 6-7 tonight. Heavy rain tomorrow and 39 degrees.

Bonnie hope all is okay and they are good people. That would be scary. DS wants me to get Windows 8. He says its easy. I am holding off.

Lyndonville, NY

Vicki I am sorry i did the Karma dance for Denver and it blew up to you. Wish you got to stay home and not drive in this!

Bonnie, that is scary about giving your wallet and such to Denise & her husband. Make sure you check all of your statements and see
if there were any purchases....and keep track of them.

DD Had the new Windows 8...and she hated it. SO much that she took the entire laptop back she had wanted so much as there was
something on it that wouldn't let her load a different operating system without messing other things up. I haven't messed with no idea.

I sat here for almost 3 hours and watched George Jones funeral on CMT. Was a touching tribute and some beautiful gospel music.

Well, found one allergy was from sitting on the back steps in the sun I thinks. Checked my meds, none say avoid sunlight. Grrr. I hate
being so special. lol

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