Chicken and rice for dogs


I just thought I would post this in case someone someday would need this. A little over a year ago, I moved in with my boyfriend. That was in March. In July we decided to take a long weekend getaway. His niece watched my Grace for me. When I picked her up she had some problems with diarrhea and thought she must have gotten into the nieces cat's food. My honey fixed one cup of white rice mixed with a small chicken breast. He gave her half and then about 3 hours later gave her the other half (she weighs 15 lbs). It worked like a miracle. Now I have a dog sitter come here to stay with her whenever we go and she still will get diarrhea so I think its more of a separation issue than anything else but the chicken and rice works every time and of course she loves it.

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How did he cook it?

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I foster street dogs from Taiwan and diarrhea is common from stress and tropical diseases. Chicken and white rice is the recommended treatment. You can put boneless thighs in a rice cooker with the rice and just boil the two of them together.

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Thanks. Now all I have to determine is how to keep my DH out of it. Our schnauzers eat vegetables raw, but heated with dry small dog food. So they do not have many problems. Our female did a few weeks ago, right out of the blue. Throwing up and diarrhea. I gave her scrambled eggs and brown rice and two days later she was fine. She was going to the vet if it lasted longer than two days. She will be 2 in September. Her brother had it about the second day of her problem but his was a mild case, only lasted one day.

Do you put salt in the rice while it is cooking?

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No salt !!!

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Thanks. Blue Mountain sounds beautiful.


He just nukes a skinless, boneless chicken breast and cooks the rice in a microwaveable steamer. As simple as that. It takes only a few minutes that way. And Grace dosen't mind microwaved food!

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