Growing Husky Cherry Red Tomatoes in E-buckets

Trumbull, CT(Zone 7a)

Last summer was the first time I've tried growing just about anything and started very late in the season (early July) with Black Prince Tomatoes in E-buckets. Threw some Basil to go with them into the pots and that was a big mistake due to crowding. Also, I really prefer cherries and the Black Prince plant was too tall to manage - in my opinion and situation:

I did get about 20 edible fruit but the animals got most of them!

I decided to try Husky Cherry Red or Sweet Baby Girl this Spring and quickly found 2 nice Husky plants at our regular super market. Planted them in E-buckets yesterday May 1:

I used the following in the ring around the perimeter last summer:
4 tbsp of garden lime
2 tbsp of Epsom Salt
2 tbsp of Osmocote

This time I used:
2 tbsp garden lime
2 tbsp of Osmocote

Could not find the Epsom Salt and am not sure if it is really needed. Also, I'm not sure
of the PH of Miracle Grow potting mix so I decided to put in less lime - can always add
more if needed. I used Fafard potting mix last summer and will probably go back to that
next time.

SE Houston (Hobby), TX(Zone 9a)

eBucket planting tutorial. See the fertilizer recommendations in the instructions.

Cherry and small tomato varieties will do VERY well in an eBucket. So do water-hogging plants like eggplants, okras, cucumbers, and bell peppers. Only one plant per eBucket (per square foot).

Check your local vendors for free buckets:
burger joints for the pickle buckets
bakeries for the icing buckets
restaurants get butter in 4-gallon Cisco buckets (great for storage, BTW...)

Keep posting.

Everything in the pics below was growing in an eBucket.


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