CLOSED: HELP! I have been invaded...What kind of spider is it?

American Fork, UT

I have had over twenty in my house in the last three days, lately they have been smaller than the ones I found over the winter but they are all the same...I have cleared out a few spider nest in my kitchen as well...I think they came in witht he wood for the fire place, any how I have been invaded. I am not sure what they friends have thought the adult version to look like a fiddle spider or a hobo spider...I live in Central Utah...there was an article in the newspaper about the hobos invading Utah not too long ago. I am worried they are poisonous and how I should take care of the issue. They are all in the yard and invading my house and I am afraid to do anything in the backyard. The first one is skinnier than the others but it is the same....the second picture was taken when he was very high up on the ceiling that was the best one I could get..

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Minot, ND

These appear to be running crab spiders in the family Philodromidae; completely harmless. You can find many links to information on spiders in Utah at

Cleveland,GA/Atlanta, GA(Zone 7b)

Most spiders are harmless to humans and do immeasurable good to protect you from insects that cause problems in your home and garden. They eat almost every kind of insect that would invade your space but do not exist to eat or harm you. Spiders are excellent hunter/predators but they are not interested in people, only other insects. You should look at spider species that are a possible threat to humans in your area and get to know what they look like. We have several including black widows, the recently introduced Australian red back (which is becoming increasingly common) and the brown recluse. We run into all of them every year and have never been bitten.

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