Table for washing filtration memdium

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

This all made from scrap parts and has proven to be so handy. I also use it for potting table. Being able to move it all around the yard is a huge help. Two white old chlorine tubs are full of my mix of potting soil and other one is full of peat moss.
Glad Charlie is handy at bldg. things.
last pic confederate jasmine growing on chain link fence in one spot. I have it all across the front.

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Cocoa Beach, FL(Zone 10a)

It is so wonderful to see a picture and to be able to really seeit as you were there! Wonderful yard, so glad I got to see it. Nice potting bench.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

The plants I have that you brought are doing wonderful. This rain we have had plus my extra watering is doing wonders. I have a crown of thorns blooming. A fire spike ready to bloom and a pot full of garzania gong strong. And the water lillies are putting out more leaves. The blue birdbath they are in was loaded with tadpoles so I cleaned them out and put in new water. They also were covered with green slime that had frog eggs in it so I cleaned them off too. I am so excited to see them growing. If they keep growing I will send you a pic.

The potting bench started out as a place to put filtration medium for ponds and pressure wash it but it does great to pot up plants on also. I'm so glad to have something else that saves my back. Glad you made it over here Mittsy and Husbby.

Sherri forgot her manure so she is coming back next week. I have a couple of plants I want to give to her. Many of her seeds are germinating. Woohoo.


Virginia Beach, VA

You DH did a good job!! Wish DH has time to do something like yours. I also have back problem, just finished our weeks vacation in Florida and had hot tub 2 x per day and sure helped with my back ache.


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