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Help With Scale Problem

Arlington, TX

I went out today to find my twist leaf yucca infested with some very large, brownish red, scale insects. Any ideas how to get rid of them. I trimmed off the lower leaves which had the most but there are quite a few still left. I have one other plant in another bed but did not check that one yet. I sprayed with soap/H20 but need to get rid of those things.

Phoenix, AZ(Zone 9b)

Will Ladybugs eat them?

Arlington, TX

These appear to be very hard shelled and are quite large so I don't think so. I applied some old bayer systemic that I am unsure of potency and used a cotton swab and alcohol to remove as many as I could from both plants.

Fountain Hills, AZ(Zone 9b)

Crush them with your fingers if you can, and follow with insecticidal soap. If took two or three goes, but that's how I cleaned a cochineal scale infestation off a large A. pelona.

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