SOLVED: Small white pom-pom flower bedding plant

London, United Kingdom

Hi, I lost the name and care info for this small clump-forming bedding plant with white pom-poms of flowers on long stalks - can anyone help me identify this please? Thank you. (central UK)

Thumbnail by drywontonmee
Columbus, OH

It looks like Armeria to me.

London, United Kingdom

oh, yes, looks like you're right, probably Armeria Maritima Alba by the looks of it. I didn't think it could be related to another one we have which is much, much bigger/taller and has very different broader leaves which is Armeria pseudoarmeria ‘Joystick White’. Does the 'pseudo' part of that name mean it's not quite a true Armeria? (the other one I mean, not this one) Thank you, Celene.

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Columbus, OH

I don't know about the nomenclature of the A. pseudoarmeria, but I have the regular pink Armeria, they're quite nice between stones.

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