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Welcome, join us for a nice chat

We came from here

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Lyndonville, NY

Good morning, Thanks for new thread Sandy! Moved my post over here.

Looks like several of us were able to sleep in! I ran down the hall at 6:45, came back and sat on the bed to pet one of the kittens before
getting dressed and I fell back asleep til 8:30!

Sandy, that is a beautiful picture! I agree with Dianne it would make a wonderful painting.

Dianne, thought of you all day yesterday. And that poor turtle. Diesel attempted to bring you another family pet! Izzy had one encounter
with a turtle and just kept pushing it with her nose. If it had been our Maggie, she would have carried it around like a toy! Please keep us
posted on Sassy. I wonder if she was chewing on a plant? Did you spray or sprinkle anything downs he could have gotten on her tongue?
Best the vet check her...I agree!

Adina, your pictures are looking so so pretty. You have done a lot of hard work since moving into that house and the yard and gardens are
just beautiful. So happy Minnie is doing well.

Tam, this new Doctor and place for DD is in the downtown Buffalo area...probably 1 1/2 hour drive pending traffic. It is affiliated
with Buffalo General Hospital and the University of Buffalo I believe he said. I tell you, when I hear a doctor say "I don't know, and this is
beyond my capabilities" My respect for that person goes up 10 fold. So many will try and poke and prod and do so many tests and still not
know. So, I am very grateful he didn't do that and said "we need more help" on this. He did tell me out in the hallway when she was checking out
he still thinks she will have to have a shunt.

Vicki, I had an orange which wasn't very good for breakfast...and covered that up with coffee! I am thinking a raisin toast or something
to replace my piece of orange that went in the trash! lol What are you doing on your "weekend".?

Bonnie, how was spaghetti dinner? Did you feel at ease better with Denise & her hubby? Did DM like her hat?

Terese, whats going on up there? Is it warmer?

Melva, is Graham back outside yet? Does he ever eat your roses? I have heard that some wildlife does.

Elsie, are you barefootin at work? hehehe Teddy would lick your toes!

Well, I have papers to fill out and have been procrastinating big better get to it!

Be back in a bit

Verona, ON

Just a quick update on Sassy. I can't get her in until tomorrow. She is drooling less, is eating her kibble and is active. I will just keep my eye on her. I could take her into the Vet ER in Kingston but it costs $200.00 the second I cross the threshold, that's before they even see her. Don't get me wrong I love my little girl and would gladly spend it if she was in pain or I felt her well being was in jeopardy. Love the game of J just can't spell it!). As a matter of fact she just this second came into the room and announced herself. She is telling me she wants treats - I didn't give them to her or Streak this am just in case she did have to have some dental surgery. Very sad note on why I can't get Sass into the vet's today. One of the vet techs was killed in a car accident on Friday and the funeral is today - the whole office is closed for the day.

somewhere, PA

One of the carpenters told me he saw our exhibit at the Phila flower show. Said Gary's telephone booth was the "only legit-looking one there". Nice to have Gary hear such praise.

Debbie - I figured this out a few years ago and pardon me if its old news to you... but if you want to be sure the orange won't be bitter, squeeze it. If they are old and going bad, they will be softer. A really firm orange is probably going to taste as sweet as it ever will. If its really soft, I bet it will be very bitter. (I don't know how to tell if its dried out though).

I have a few conf. calls next. Tomorrow we have a presentation to the division president (who is THE big cheese in the company as far as I'm concerned since only his division is making money & keeping the company afloat). I'm doing the viewgraphs and just did a clean up after my boss did a few tweaks he wanted. I sure hope no one is thinking I will present - I need to ask to be sure! Last review of the slides at noon today.

I meet the contractor & painter subcon at 3pm. I'm hoping he's done last week of May 'cause my dad said he's going to be here Jun 1. Longish story - will post more on that another time.


somewhere, PA

Oh Dianne - sorry about the vet tech!

Forgot to thank Sandy for the new thread too.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Been back from the nursing home and have made a pitcher of tea, and gone out and did a thorough clean up on the interior of the car. If the rain is finished, will wash it tomorrow.

Going out to start weeding that one last bed. DS is here, and said that he will help me. Yippee.

Not gonna comment now, as time is a wastin, and the sun may disappear. Will comment tonight.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

It is the time of year where Graham goes outside and then has to come back in at night. He is inside now, but he is going out, it is supposed to be in the 80's today and in the high 60's tonight so he can stay out all night.
He has never shown any interest in eating roses...there used to be one in his pen...
Dianne sorry I missed your sad anniversery...getting out more sounds good. I spend too much time alone too.
Phil came home eaarly yesterday the car was leaking fluid and he wanted to get it in to be we both drove down there, me in the car, and him in his truck...then we both came home in his word from the mechanic yet...hope it is simple and cheap!
I found a disposable camera that has a few pictures on it...I can't take good pictures with it, but I am going to try.
I went to bed last night at 9:30 and Corky came to join me...he has a couple of mats and when I reached for him in the dark,and touched one of the mats, he bit me! Not hard enough to draw blood, but it hurt! Not sure why he is so into biting these days...

Verona, ON

Sandy thanks for the offer of sending Kent copies of the photos but he will not use them. He is a purist and will only paint from photos that he personally has taken. When questioned about this he always says he can only do a painting justice if it is something he has experienced himself. That being said I still think that particular photo would man a superb painting. It is ominious but full of life... I know exactly what I want to say I just can't come up with the words. Don't they say that's 1 of the first signs of dementia when you experience that ? When I was a kid it was said one suffered from 'old age' when they had problems remembering things.

Lucky you BonnieB having a helper to weed. I am assuming your DS is a good weeder and won't pull plants. I was out but the black flies are horrendous. Hopeully the sun will burn them off so that later today I can get out without spraying.

Nice compliment for Gary Tam. Glad he got some feedback on his work. Is it soon time for him to work on the sets for a school production?

Checked my aspargrus (sp) when I was out and the rabbits have beaten me to it. Looks like I will have to wire cover all of my Hostas or between the rabbits and the deer they will be eaten right down to the ground. One of my Bleeding Hearts is starting to flower, little growth or sign of flowers on the others. How deep of a root do you think yellow beans would need? I am actually thinking of growing some in containers on my deck if the soil doesn't have to be too deep to plant them in. I only need a few plants and certainly not even a whole row.

The wife of the neighbour who passed away in Dec has their home up for sale .... $800,000 not even 2 acres of property. Lovely home but I certainly wouldn't pay that much for it. I noticed from the online listing she has had a lovely new dock built. They sure needed it as it was hard to access the water from their place. The other neighbour whose wife died a couple of weeks ago has relisted his place. Wonder if he lowered his price - he was asking $400,000 but in reality no one should spend more than $200,000 for it. When he first listed it he did so to please his adult kids. They wanted them to move in town to Kingston and he didn't want to go so he put a very high price tag on it. Hope they both go at a great price, just makes the rest of our properties on the lane more valuable.

Vicki are you off today?


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Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

just a quick note.... been busy, Jim and Mary are here for a visit - with the internet on Dh's phone, I dont have it all the time -- first time for today.

Took Mary to the winery today, then Menards for plants... $9 a flat, will have to get more. Did 2 flower beds with sun annuals.

weather has warmed up, think it was 79 today, think showers and cooler for Thursday. Mom should be getting here late Thurs or Friday -- will be good to see her. tomorrow is 1 month til our Alaskan Cruise. YAY.

edited to add --

DH just lit the fire...

back tomorrow....

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Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Sandy, thanks for the new thread - beautiful photo!!

Dianne, I sure hope nothing is seriously wrong with Sassy. That's a shame about the vet tech.

Debbie how did things go today?

BonnieB, I forgot to say that your new roof looks very nice. Did you get lots done in the garden today?

Tammy, nice compliment to Gary. I hope your call went well.

Terese I must have forgotten your Alaskan cruise. That sounds like fun.

I spoke to Bonnie tonight - we had a nice chat.

I returned my shoes to Kohls and bought 3 more. I have one pair of sandals on and I'm not sure they will be keepers. The price is excellent - but in my case that usually means they won't do. hehe

Teddy was super wound up today. Smelling the air for treats. I thought he had been to the groomers but he was bathed in the kitchen sink.

somewhere, PA

Loretta - my boss said he does want me to drive during the meeting. And the big guy is really smart so I need to bone up a little before the call. Its at noon. Oh I sure hope the sandals are the real deal! And whether he was gussied up by professional or at home in the kitchen sink, that Teddy still was gussied up. :-)

Terese - Its just so nice you get to spend time with your mother summers!


Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good evening. DS and I got the big flower bed weeded, and the good thing about it is, I had put preen down earlier, as it is mostly perennials, so that will help with any weeds that get a hankering to live there! Just as soon as seeds germinate in two other beds, will put the preen down there.

DS was really bored, as he is working construction, and due to the rainy days we have been having he hasn't gotten to work very much last week and this week is looking iffy. His roommate is very hyper and always seems to have something wrong with him (in his head) and DS was ready for some time away from him. I have to admit that he (the roommate) is trying, and I am only around him a short time when I go to visit, and I am always glad when I make my escape!

Elsie, I love sandals, but have found that they have to be a short wedge, or have some height to it to be comfortable, no straps around my ankles, or nothing between my toes! Some summers all the designers seem to conspire against me and I don't get to buy new ones each year. No matter if Teddy's do was a professional or a home job, I am sure that it turned out great, and Teddy looks very handsome.

Melva, I was wondering about Graham too. Glad that somebody else asked and that you told us about him. I am wondering how active he is, and does he roam around the yard looking for food.

Dianne, that certainly was sad about the vet tech. No one is ever ready for death, but to lose someone in an accident is so shocking, because you just don't expect to lose that person, if they are young and healthy. Many regrets usually, as we don't always take advantage of the time to tell them that we appreciate/love/admire them. We should make that a daily happening to those we work with, or those in our families. Well, DS does well weeding, and usually knows the flowers from the weeds. He did pull up one tiny sedum that the dogs had dug up last year, and I only was able to stick two pieces down and they had rooted. Maybe it just wasn't meant for me to have that particular plant. I found them after he left and put them back in the soil, so hoping that they will root once again.

Tammy that was high praise for Gary, and I hope that he is really reveling in it. Sometimes compliments from another man means more than from us women, as they usually know we don't know what we are talking about when it comes to how things are constructed.

Terese, glad that your weather seems to be warming up and that you are able to sit out on the patio and enjoy it, and the company of your DH and others. Is it a community where folks who are out walking feel free to stop by and chat? That was the way it was in that retirement community that my DTS and I stayed at 2 years ago in Florida. I think people walked just for the social part of it. You know stop and chat with anybody who happened to be out. I had also forgotten about your cruise. How long will you be gone, and is this an "excused absence" from your employment there? Remember, pictures, as most of us have never been and will only see it through your camera lens.

Sandy, that was a beautiful picture. When I first looked at it, I thought it looked very ominous and scary, but the colors of the clouds with the sun making them appear other colors was just very striking. Have you ever thought of trying to sell some to magazines? I don't know if you would have to have an agent for that or not, but it may be worth looking into, as you seem to have an eye for the perfect picture. I am recalling that one of your uncle's dock which is one of my favorites.

Debbie, are you back home, or was there another appointment that you were staying over for? Hope you got some answers, or that you have an appointment soon for the actual testing. I know you are probably worn out. How much longer will Jenna be in Florida? I hope that she got the chance to get to the beach and actually get in the water during her stay.

Vicki, were you off today, and if so what did you do? I know that you are probably wanting to throw your hands up and forget about gardening this year as strange as the weather has been. Just hand in there, maybe you will have an extra long fall to make up for the late spring, or the non spring.

Tomorrow is grocery day, so hoping that I can head out early and get it done and get home. I plan to look at some greenhouses to find some good Mother's Day flowers for the women of the church. I do have to be out again tomorrow, so if I don't get that done tomorrow, I will have Thursday to do it. I am going to rent a carpet shampooer probably on Thursday and shampoo the bedroom carpets on Friday. We are getting the laminate flooring in the family room and hall way, so only 3 bedrooms that will still have carpet. One day, maybe next year, we can actually afford to do them too. Would be so much easier to keep them clean. Isn't it funny (odd) how trends change? When we built this house nobody was even thinking about the laminate or hardwood, it was strickly all carpet.

Okay, heading to bed.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

BonnieB I would not know how to go about it. I think it is a tight field

Good night everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

Hi All,

Got home about 5:00ish and was so beat. Got dinner fixed, ate a BLT and made the mistake of sitting down! I zonked!

I had an appointment like you did with the waiting the other day BonnieB.

I knew I had more papers to fill out so got there 15 minutes early (1:45). And sat and sat....they took BP & stats...went back out and sat...and sat.
Finally at 2:50 they came and got me to SIT SOME MORE in the room. He finally came in about 3:10 and did spend quite a bit of time. I have two pages of blood work for testing. I will get that done in Rochester on Thursday. I also have a prescription for an Epi pen....and Med Alert bracelet....along with an
Emergency Plan to post on the fridge for an emergency! Oh my word! A bit of an over reaction...but he said he does not like my allergies and how fast
they are progressing. He is doing a complete study on my immune system as he thinks I might have developed an auto immune issue.

I will write more in the morning....but let me just say this. He is testing me for a CHOCOATE & Shelfish allergy! My favorites!!!! Have mercy!

Good night and sweet dreams

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Hi everyone. Let's see how much I can remember. Not much apparently.

Dianne I hope Sassy is cured by tomorrow. I think the fact that she wanted treats is a good sign. I know it is turtle nesting season here, too. Don't know exactly when that happens. I suppose there are "turtle watch" personnel on duty. No lights outside at night from May 1 until October.

Tammy how exciting to find the new flower in your yard. The rock garden group will be anxious to see it in person. Congratulations! Then finding the baby birds, too. I'd say those are definitely good luck omens. Congratulations to Gary on his telephone booth. It is so rewarding to have your work recognized by a professional,

BonnieB. What an awful experience you had at that hospital. Now you have to go through the anxiety and prep all over again.

Beautiful photo, sandy.

Deb do you have a break between doctor appointments now?

Adina your gardens are beautiful again this year.

Terese glad it I finally warming up for you. You will love Alaska.

Yes, Loretta and I had quite the chat for about an hour. We'd still be talking if I hadn't remembered that I finally had Rxs to pick up. The DO refilled one of my my Synthroid meds for 20 days and Seroquel for 30 days. No phone call from her explaining her plan of action.

My Sunday afternoon with Denise and Joe was delightful. Some other younger members of the family dropped over with a grandchild and people settled down on the floor and chatted and I felt like a member of the family. Her meatballs and sauce were delicious. I could not have asked for a more pleasant Sunday afternoon. Yes mom liked her hat and the three tops, too, Following an MRI today Judy found out she has kidney stones. They are going to treat them with medication for the moment. We are the walking wounded down here. After trying for about five hours the other night to get my new Windows 8 PC to Connect wirelessly with my printer, I took both today to the computer Repair store and asked the man to please get them to talk to one another because I bought a PC without a disc drive. He put his hand along the left side of PC and out popped the disc drive. I felt like a complete idiot. I swear to you I looked all over that machine for that Thing and couldn't find it. It is still hard to see even though I know it's there.

Time For bed now. Good night.

New Smyrna Beach, FL(Zone 9b)

Crossposted with you Debbie. Not seafood and chocolate! Sure hope those tests come back negative.

Lyndonville, NY

Bonnie, Good to hear from you! Our computer has a hidden disk drive also, it blends with the tower so well...and so does the button!

My next appointment is Thursday. Waiting to hear on Shannon's next appointment. AND now DH's work is sending us to Cleveland a day
early to look at machines for them. At gives us a "free" hotel for the night and a dinner out, and so much milage as it is work.
BUT I don't like leaving Shannon here alone.

I just looked over and "no dogs on the couch" is sleeping on my special blanket....belly up!!!

Good night all...

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

This is for Debbie. I just lurk but read you every day. You guys and "Young and Restless".

This a lovely garden center in Laguna Beach, California. I thought it would give you some ideas.

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Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Good morning everyone

Sandy and Andre

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

DSL problems yesterday and then I forgot to hit Watch! Wondered why no one was posting! LOL


DS came out and spent the morning. Then I had a headache and ate lunch and took a nap. Watched some TV and went outside and sprayed weeds. DH came home and went and cut wood. I brushed Ty some more That's 2 chiwowow's that have been brushed out! I'll have to brush the back end out in the house.

Deb Shannon will be fine as I am sure she is when you are home. Won't the older girls call and check on her also?

Actually had 2 beautiful days of weather. MAde up for being upset with DH. Just hate him right now but it will pass like usual. In fact it almost has.

Back hill is half done. Don't know yet but it looks like some of the new plants didn't make i. Might be a bit early yet to tell.

So glad the guy that uses our field planted it in winter rye. The deer are eating that and by-passing the yard so far! DH counted 16 out there the other night!

HAd some geese making a loud squabble last night while brushing Ty. They were in the field. Then 2 landed in the pond. Was great to watch. Then I saw one more land and the fight was on! 2 left the pond just squaking.
then I saw the 4th. So 2 pairs. The fight was still on and finally a pr. left. The other 2 calmed down a bit. But started up again like one was getting scolded. Don't know what was going on but it was quite the argument! Ty even watched it!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Good morning, it is pea soup here this morning. I am dressed and ready to head out to the grocery. A bit earlier than usual but maybe I will be home earlier. Will comment later.

Denton, TX(Zone 7a)

Graham does not roam the yard..he has his own pen where he stays when outside. There are too many ways he could get out of the yard. And he is real good at hiding in plain sight,,,,

somewhere, PA

Good Morning!

Melva - love the idea of a stealth turtle plotting an escape. :-)

BonnieB - preen is to prevent weed seed germination so it'd be best to put it down before the seeds germinate. (perhaps you know this but from the comment about waiting 'til after they germinate I wasn't sure). Pea soup for breakfast is a first for me!

Worms - I know those planters were meant for Debbie but WOW! I love them!!! Thanks for sharing the pic

Bonnie - has that doctor gotten back to you or your daughter about the options for reducing drugs in your system? Or did Gregory find anything? It kinda feels like you've been left hanging and may need to push yourself to get the desired answers. How is your stomach? Has the pain reduced with your more careful diet? Poor Judy! Sure hope you all get thru this rough patch and get healthy again.

Debbie - I hate that when they have you wait in the waiting room and then take you back to wait longer in the little room, with your clothes off and a poor selection of magazines to top it off! I generally bring a fistful of magazines back with me 'cause I just can't stand being without anything to do. I'm glad the doctor took this allergy thing seriously & you should too. I recall probiotics can help w/ auto-immune system issues. Do you take them?

Vicki - I bet Ty is happy to have those chiwowow's out of his hair. :-) I saw a turkey fly less then 10' from the bedroom window last night. Its just so fun to watch the wildlife! I gather the geese were squabbling over the territory? Enjoy your day & keep those headaches away!

Loretta - hump day!

Dianne - how is Sassy today?

There was a big accident on the highway last night. DH said he heard the brakes squeeling and went out to watch from our driveway (a high point of the property). He saw ambulances & emergency vehicles coming. We later could see the flashing lights from the bedroom. I hope no one was hurt but it looked pretty big from all those lights.

Today the tile is going in!!!!

And I have to do the presentation for the big cheese so better scoot and get my patter worked out.

Have a great day everyone

Jim Falls, WI(Zone 4a)

Heading outside soon. Plan is to finish the back hill.

Worms loved the pictures. Would love to do that here.

Tam good luck! Know you will do well. Pictures lots of pictures of the tile work! Have no idea what the goose squabble was about but it was fun to watch!

Better get going. The washer is ready for the second load and I am heading outside. Another beautiful day. Could rain later. Tomorrow is the best forecast for rain. We will see!

Lyndonville, NY

Oh my word! I slept til 9:15. I am shocked....and DD made coffee for me. That alone says a lot. Never heard her up roaming, feeding critters
or anything.

Sharon!!!! Thank you SO much! love those ideas, and if I do it in containers like that...I can move them inside for winter if they need to be.
Well, OK, DH can I would fall down stairs for sure. DH usually takes me to the greenhouse for Mother's I can get some more!!!
(twirls squealing yayyyyyy)

Tam, thankfully I didn't have to change out of my clothes...but I was fiddling with my phone, read up on seasonal allergies.....and YES I do take
probiotics. I ave these little chewable things I take before each meal. They do help greatly! Izzy even likes them and I think they help her.
That accident sounds horrid. We have had a couple very bad ones around area lately, one being a young Sheriff on a Motorcycle on his day
off in town of Evans. Another a young 17 year old Jr. Fireman lost control of his car and his life.

You asked about the older girls. Sigh. Saw both when Shannon was in hospital March 4, Carrie came over March 29 for Easter, but haven't seen
either really. Jeanna is in Florida until Saturday or Sunday.....she doesn't talk to Shannon hardly at all. Jeanna is a different type person....and well
she and Shannon just don't mesh. It might be they are TOO MUCH ALIKE. Carrie is so busy between working full time, and coming home and helping on the farm, and then when Andy gets out of work, he comes to do the heavy stuff. Sometimes they don't get dinner til 8:00 or so at night and she is in bed at 9:30. BUT....if Shannon were to call, she would be the one to help out. And to be perfectly honest, Shannon just lacks common sense with her issues.

Vicki, I have no idea what is for breakfast....thinking egg sammich. First I have to take care of LEE's Cat who is screaming like a wild thing and I don't know why.

Be back in a bit to finish my "good mornings" if a bird doesn't fly by......


Verona, ON

Another beautiful day here inVerona. Man I could take these temps year round. Black flies forced me in but I will go back out later and rake on. Almost time to use the leaf blower in some areas.

Sassy's mouth is just fine this morning .... no drooling at all. Much to her chagrin I will still take her to the vet's this afternoon. I think Debbie hit the nail on the head when she mentioned insect bite. Sass loves to hover around the screen that leads out onto the deck. Of course I can't let her out there for long periods of time for fear of sunburn but she waits patiently hoping I will leave the screen open a titch. There are ants, wasps and spiders aplenty right there so it is very likely she got a bug bite. Poor little thing, it looked awful.

My American neighbours arrived yesterday. I will have to stop down tomorrow as Vince is 86 then. He has been coming up here since he was in his early 20's. His cottage was the third one built on this side of the lake. He has lots of stories to tell and I love to hear them.

Oh Terese no wonder you are excited ... Alaska!! Bonnie you enjoyed yourself didn't you when you went? Several people I know have gone on a cruise in that area and loved it. As 1 person said it was not for the faint of heart or someone expecting lots of malls and shopping.Not to put a damper on your cruise or a fear into your heart Terese but a friend of mine was in Cairo and was going to pick up a cruise there. Sometime after he boarded the cruise ship burnt down. He lost everything - passport, clothes whatever. Held him up 4 days as he waited for his new passport. Luckily he was visiting my friend Frank before he went on the cruise so had a place to stay while he waited for all of the paperwork to be done. Norm is quite an excitable person so I am having a hard time figuring out what he is saying on the phone. I am positive I am in for quite the story when we meet up.

Hope your telephone meeting goes well Tam. If you have to present you will do just fine, I know you will.

Need to go into the village either today or tomorrow. The DVD Safe Haven was just released and for some reason Amazon shipped it by mail not UPS. Hope the DVD is at least half as good as the book - if so it will be extraordinary.

Melva I really enjoy all your stories and info about Graham. Keep them coming!

Best find some breakfast or I guess now I could call it lunch.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Back from the grocery, and gosh, if this Amish lady keeps buying so much, I will need a larger vehicle to haul it all home. Thankfully her DH was there waiting to help her carry it in. Usually I help and then drive a short distance home and unload mine. I had a bigger shopping list today, so DH was out mowing, and stopped the mower and helped me schlep them into the house and put them away.

I have laundry going, and ran the dishwasher, baked a pineapple upside down cake to take to Bible Study tonight. Still want to get out and putter in the gardens, but will see how much time I have before I need to make us some supper.

Dianne, glad that you are able to work outside some. Do the black flies sort of go into hiding when it gets warmer? Since we don't have them here, just wondered if they were pests all the time or if certain parts of the day were better for being outside than others.

Debbie, yeah, you slept in. That means you really needed the rest. Isn't it funny when siblings in the same family are so directly opposite? You can't say it is environment, or the way they were raised, so it has to be genetic, and it is like tossing the dice! My DS is just like his DD, and too much alike for them to be together long before they are trying to establish "top dog" in whatever issue.

Melva, thanks for the answer on Graham. I imagined him roaming around, but having his own area makes more sense. We wouldn't want him out stopping traffic!

Vicki had to laugh about the chiwawas, I tell Mr. B that I can get enough fur off him to make another dog if I had the muscles and bones! For a short haired dog, he sheds bunches.

Tammy, I know that you will do well with the presentation. You are so collected and will have all the resources by your side if you hit a snag. I can't imagine you not being able to answer any question about the project. Wow that boss, it never hurts to butter them up a bit.

Well, I hear the washer, so I can put those clothes in the dryer, and outside I go.

somewhere, PA

well the presentation went REALLY long. I had a meeting right after and just got out of that one. Its 3:15 and I haven't had lunch. Next call at 3:30. BBL


Verona, ON

Looks like rain and I think I just heard some thunder. We so need this rain .... I know, Sandy and our Bonnies are saying no more rain for awhile. The black flies drove me in again and I think or at least my stomach feels like one of them nailed me. Bonnie, the black flies are only around for about 3 weeks - it all depends on the weather. I am horriblly allergic to them so do my best to avoid them. They breed in fresh flowing water and spread quickly once hatched. It is primarily the females that feast on blood and they only feed during the daytime. When they bite they tend to go for the tender parts of your neck, ears and ankles. They are 1 of those things that are so horrible you wonder why they are even here. Vicki and Debbie probably get hit pretty hard with them too. They used to like to hide in Stormy's fur and then once inside the house detach themselves and I swear go on the lookout for me.

What did you have for lunch Tam? Do you have these conference calls often?

Missy Sassy is just fine - there appears to be no ill effects from whatever was causing her to drool yesterday. Tried to brush out some of her knots before she went to the vet's but she wasn't have anything to do with that. Got a few out and managed to loosen some others.

Need to get the Recycle ready for tomorrow. I have lots as I have missed it for over a month. One week it is papers and the next week it is cans and plastic. They keep changing what they will/will not take so you never know what you will find in your Recycle bin at the end of the week. Plus being at the end of a lane where other people leave their Recycle if you are the last person to pick up your container you will find everything that was left in the other people's bins.Some times I have found the container has had more in it than when I put it out that morning.

What's for dinner everyone? I'm thinking I will warm up what's left of the scalloped potatoes.

Sandy how are you feeling today?

somewhere, PA

Still no lunch and now its getting close to dinner. I did have a couple cups of tea and some peanuts
before my first call so am still functional. :-)

I am going to knock off soon and get some grub.

PS: I took pictures of the tile in progress so could share with Vicki & all.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Dianne I over did it today but I will survive. But 12 bags of soil in one of the raised beds, need another 20 bags at lease. Put up some fence wire on the shade house, now need to get the pots ready for the vines and put some of the fencing around the pots-I wish Andre would not destroy pots
We have the black flies down here and Deer Flies and Yellow Flies which I am allergic to big time

Waving at everyone

Sandy and Andre

Lyndonville, NY

You just tired me out totally Vicki Where do you find the energy?

Bet it looks great though.

Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

I read stuff at work and of course don't remember half of it.
Debbie this is a link I read this morning about allergies. Coincidentally it mentions eating yogurt with Lcasei. I guess I need more yogurt.

Vicki, I can picture the little doggies with Ty. hehe

Tammy, can't wait to see the tile. I don't understand why one of your assistants couldn't stay on the phone while you got lunch.

Bonnie - that is funny about the computer. I sure hope Judy feels better.

BonnieB, does the Amish woman give you any of her homemade food for all of your driving? You are very nice to do this for them.

When I drove to work this morning a swan family was walking around the lake in the road. there was a car behind me or I might have stopped. But I have heard adult swans can be dangerous when it comes to their young. They sure were cute.

I got a letter from the office of the mobile home park. All of their letters are nasty and threatening. I get so ticked off. It's very hard to get in touch with the office help since they work the same hours I do. Someone is going to get an earful tomorrow. I just don't need this now - or ever actually.

somewhere, PA

Loretta - Sure hope the letter is just a lot of hot air. What a pain they have to take attitude with their letters to their own residents. Oh - Truffles offered to get my lunch but she had a funny gleam in her eye - I'm pretty sure she was planning to eat it.

Sandy - what are you planning for the new raised beds?

BonnieB - I was thinking along the same lines as Loretta. Do they offer to compensate you for your troubles with food or gas money? Not that you expect anything but you are really going out of your for them.

Dianne - so glad to hear Sassy is feeling good. Curious ot hear how the vet visit / check up goes with her.

Vicki - here's your photo's of the tile work. ALMOST done - they have a couple more to install so I think grouting will be Fri.

Also - a photo of my hard working office assistant (yesterday) and 6 of the 7 "Jan surprise" chicks. As you may notice, 5 of them are roosters! Ack! Sure hope we don't have similar luck with the latest batch of 9. Or we're gonna have a lot of chicken noodle soup around here!

Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy Thumbnail by Tammy
Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, love the photos. The last one looks like - which one doesn't belong. I am not too sure I would want lunch after the cat has it. hehe

I hope this can all be taken care of without too much problem.

We had quite a bit of rain today. I saw on line that NYC had areas that were flooded. Someone took a video of his walk to work. There was a waterfall off the roof or awning - it looked like there was not getting by it without getting soaked.

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

Tam have not decided for all of them but the one that I am trying to get full of soil right now will be tomato plants and watermelons.


somewhere, PA

Oh that sounds good Sandy! Nothing like a BLT on a warm summer evening. I still remember those BLTs we had in Charleston with the girls.


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 8b)

I hope it is not to late for the tomatoes but they will be shaded in the afternoon so that might help

I took some more pictures last night so I will share one

Sandy and Andre

Thumbnail by wren107
somewhere, PA

You could do a really interesting series with this shot and the last. The colors are so deep and saturated.


Lafayette, NJ(Zone 6a)

Tammy, oh yes the BLT's. There is a woman in the news - maybe 104 years old. She has bacon with each meal. She credits the bacon for her long life.

Sandy, another lovely photo!

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