Autumn 2013 #1

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Thank you for your participation during the ;last 2 months it had been a quiet time for us here in Australia with all the strange weather, Now that its become a bit more stable the blooms are coming thick & fast.

I have opened the next thread on request from Chrissy, this is my newest CV
'Custard Beauty' which is a cross of Tantra X.aurea(form) it shows similar attributes to both the parents
It carries the yellow color from its Daddy & the Petaloids from its Mum and the compactness from both the fragrance is like that of aurea(form) and the plant is a medium grower which has little to no problems.

I cant wait to see all of those new plants ready to show there wears off to all of us in the next month or so and those COLDIES cant wait

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Sydney, Australia

Yes here we go we go !
Bring on those Brug Babies ...can't wait to see them.

We came from

With thanks to everyone who participated and lurked ^_^
Thanks Shaun ...Custard beauty is a beaut !


Sydney, Australia

Winter comes early to the garden, hovering at 6C at 8 this morning, we are but a breath away from Frost ! the leaves are yellowing the blooms are pale but interesting, baby it's cold outside !
The day ahead will be sunny so perhaps some buds will make it ^_^
I see Victoria is warmer than we are, amazing.

I found these ones having a little chat this morning ...shivering but here comes the Sun ! cestrum, can you see your baby ? tiny little thing, but so very waxy and firm. Love the colour !

Happy Friday everyone ...weekend ahead.


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Merino, Australia

Not too bad here this morning, though overcast . Very warm yesterday and all the brugs were sagging in the unexpected warmth.
I went out the other night in the dark and was overwhelmed by the perfume of them all . They were all so beautiful in the torchlight and standing erect, unlike the daytime
Here are a few pics from this morning.

Chrissy, your FFA has opened a few of the flowers but the poor things are bruised from the wind.
I'll see how he goes when I cut him off and plant the top in a pot .
You may be right, I dont think he likes the cold
He is putting out singles as well as the doubles. The second skirt stays up inside as you see in pic !.
pic 2 is one of the single FFA flowers.

pic 3.. Senorita Rosada.. ever beautiful.

pic 4.. also so pretty.. Sweet Jaffa turning darker orange. The flowers range from 5. 6 and 7 pointers.
The perfume is nice but light.

pic 5... my first flower on Maya. This plant is out in the open in the ground.

My second coldie will hopefully flower in a few weeks. There is another coldie which puts on buds but they fall off. I am hoping it will keep at least one so I can see it flower.


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Sydney, Australia

Jean, it's wonderful to see your darlings opening up for you ! looking great.
FFA will look good a bit later, never mind, I am sure your cold lovers will keep you happy through Winter. Singles are something I have never seen here on it, but down Victoria it is common, how interesting, that would make it very easy to make babies ! cross it to something that enjoys the warmer temps perhaps.

The blooms on Maya and Axelrose are identical of course, they turn a beautiful peach/apricot colour in warm weather.
The lovely Senorita looks like she is enjoying Autumn.
Sweet Jaffa is a winner I think too.


Sydney, Australia

ahhh Saturday ^_^

cestrum ...what a dear little Brug this is ...I love it's attitude and from such a little cutie !
Enjoy your weekend everyone, hope all you mums out there get spoiled. Today it is almost the colour of the Julia rose.Looks like it is made from the finest China.


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Merino, Australia

My own new baby.

This is Sweet Jaffa x GHA.

Such a chunky little thing.
Has the orange color coming out from SJ and a definite aurea look to it.
Has the perfume of GHA although not as strong.
A few more buds to open .
I like it and may cross it with Mango Cornet for even more orange.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Love it's little short corolla, Jean...looks as though it couldn't quite make up it's mind, who to look like.

I don't know if Fernando likes my part of Victoria, he's nearly 3 now and I've yet to see a complete flower..
last year it flowered once, with a distorted flower.....but that was probably wind damage..
This year, this is it's first flowering and it's doing weird things again.....
There are 2 other buds on it, they look normal ...finger's crossed..

Here are the old reliables again...I put a pic of them on every year..but they are wonderful...this time, you can see RFP on the side as's in the garden now, with Clementine in between it and Bruce's Pink.
RFP's flowers are really lovely....


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Sydney, Australia

It's amazing to see the differences that the conditions make you think that RFP is really Crinoline ? (also known as frilly pink by some).

Great pics ladies !


Merino, Australia

Dianne, your garden looks like a lovely oasis. I will show the pic to my brugs.

Sounds like Fernando has been at the

Just took further pics of the new baby. It has opened a bit more and straightened its skirt .
Looks lovely as the orange color has evened up during the day.
The bloom has 6 points, so gets that from Sweet Jaffa.
It certainly looks like one I am going to keep, so far.


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Betty Marshall X.Rosalla

This is a seedling that arrived to me many months ago very late 2011 and it was sown on the 11/2/2012
it Y'd about 13 months old and has held 1 flower this is it now at 15 months old.
this bloom is a single but has petaloids with in the main corolla so the possibility of doubles is quite high but i will not stake my life on it as yet!
the size is 20cm long the mouth is 17cm from tip to tip and the petal tips are 3 cm long
this is one of the most unusual fragrances i have come across in Brugmansia it is a LEMON GRASS type fragrance which is some thing i am liking very much and even if the bloom dose not show much potential i will keep it just for the fragrance

This seed lot was from Patrutza Vanco

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Sydney, Australia

Congratulations Shaun ...another sweet Brug baby joins the Aussie charge those lemony fragrance ones.
It could go on to be a double next Spring,
mind you, they don't have to be a double to be lovely ! I also like the little stuffed hearts.
It's a nice shape. Looks petite. Anything with Betty Marshal in it would probably be white. You could probably put it to Tantra or any other nice double white. Of course it may go Apricot if you put it to Old Apricot. Seems Old Apricot has very strong colour Genes.

Jean ...your Sweet Jaffa is looking fine ...I have this weed that should be called sweet jaffa I reckon ! have a look at it, looks just like Jaffas ! the exact size and colour of them when those berries are ripe. It's pretty, some weeds are.
Edited to say it is called Solanum capsicastrum. Like Brugs you don't eat them.


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Sydney, Australia

Happy Mothers Day !
I hope it is a beautiful Day !


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Merino, Australia

This mornings pics of my coldie baby enjoying the 1 & 2..

pic 3 seedling baby SJ x GHA looking nice and orange.

pic 4... poor FFA after being battered by the wind. The flowers hung on even though bruised..
Some are single, some double.


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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

WOW what a lot of Beautiful Blooms we are having
these plants are looking so good for all of you and the new ones are looking out standing and a great step for the breeding in Australia
Dianne your garden is looking very calm and peaceful there
Have a great day

Clifton Springs, Australia

Happy Mother's Day all......thanks Shaun.

Jean, that lovely little pinky looks very smart now that it's tiny toes are turned up.....
Have you given it a pet name yet?
How far away are the other flowers?
The SJ x GHA is looking better all the time.

Hope it rains here..

Merino, Australia

Now Dianne, you know we shouldnt name our

I like to have names on the lovely ones even if only for myself.
She is Magenta Magic.
The color seems to vary with the light and age of the flower so magenta with a bit of fairy magic it is.
The three sisters are all out now and the buds on the sibling plant are growing.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

This is the very first seed pod from My Newest CV
Custard Beauty x.Butter Bomb
I would really like to see what comes from this as my Custard Beauty has the attributes of both parents Tantra with its petaloids and aurea (form) with the colouration and has stayed constant with the size of the bloom with a nodding to pendulous flower habit

I have started a contest @ BGI to share this first one with whom ever gets the days right

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Sydney, Australia

Great competition Shaun ! sounds like a nice cross ^_^

I will be gone for 3 days ...keep on Brugging everyone !


Merino, Australia

This mornings pics of the other two flowers on my Magenta Magic.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

That is a gorgeous name, Jean....they could all be the "Magic" series.......

That sounds like an excellent cross, Shaun...
Custard Beauty is a lovely flower..


Victoria, Australia

Hi guys Lucas here, sorry for my absence I have been busy with studies and work and constantly shifting interests.
Nice to be back, look forward to catching up.

Jean that pink one looks fantastic, well done.

My flavas and vulsas have buds, will be interesting to see. and the sang and arborea and Iochromas are in full bloom.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

HA ha ha Lucas was wondering when you were going to pop in to say Hi and to chatch up with all the goings on here, New Plants blooming all over the place and many more coming soon.
Its great to know that nothing has happened to you other then WORK !

Jean that color and name is Apt: and a Magic series from Australia would be magnificent also

I will post pics of Pepita later this afternoon just 1 more Dr app then i can do some work on the puter and the cameras

Victoria, Australia

Hello Shaun and all,
I'm touched to hear I was missed, haha. I've been scrolling through old threads to catch up, don't think I have much chance.
Not to worry, during my Dave's hiatus I have still managed to reignite my passion for collecting various other plants (broms, aroids, various bulbs (does anyone collect nerines? i have about 6 types but i wish to acquire more golly that sounds greedy), uncommon herbs, abutilons (have about 12 types scattered around the garden and potted including some of my own seed-grown hybrids etc.) though of course the brugs will always be close to my heart. The warm group brugs have been slowing down recently (still flowering sporadically) I guess this is not to be unexpected at this time of yeah eh.
Shaun your Nicotiana langsdorffii variegata you kindly sent me is looking fabulous and flowering (green flower) now, certainly unusual.
Also has anyone had success rooting cuttings of Iochroma australe? A relative saw mine in flower and fell in love with it, I promised her a plant but my cuttings were unsuccessful, i thought this quite curious seeing as my others Io's seem to strike quite readily.

Just came inside, it's a bit chilly out there, my my does B. arborea smell heavenly! Also i pruned a B. sanguinea into a makeshift hedge of sorts i'll have to get a pic as it was in full bloom alas my camera has been a tad uncooperative of late lol,
Happy gardening.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Just a pic of my newest plant from up north
It seems to be a medium to slightly deep pink the corola is standing up very well in the conditions that we are having at the present time

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Merino, Australia

Hello Lucas, great to see you back again.
Your garden must be looking really beautiful now.
My Iochromas are flowering too. Once they start, they dont know when to stop.

I dont collect nerines but I do have quite a few here. I have the usual pinks , whites and the red /orange but also bought some new ones last year.
Once they clump a bit they will be lovely..

I love my brugs too, but one needs other plants for the brugs off time.

Clifton Springs, Australia

Hi Lucas, nice to see you around again.....
I've never tried Iochroma cuttings...only seeds....

Is that the first of those special ones that you bought last year, Shaun...looks pretty.
Here is another pic of Fernando this morning.....weird but the colours are lovely..I don't think it likes the cold weather....


Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne this is one of the ones that i went to QLD for it looks so pretty the length is lice & a light Talc fragrance at this point but i will have to keep checkinh it for a better smell

Lucas i only have 3 Iochroma's i have had no problems with the cuttings in Propagation mix & pear-lite but with all those other plants sorry i dont have
I am glad that the Nicotiana is doing well for you it is a real doll is it not and those green flowers really set it apart from all others i have groiwn

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Dianne Fernando looks like he is doing OK for you there
I hope that you get some very stable blooms very soon on him.
My Clementine has no real problems with its doubles here on its first season so i cant wait till spring when its going to be loaded with blooms

Sydney, Australia

Hi everyone ...lots of interesting things to catch up on.
cestrum's little brug baby was still going when I returned, hubby said we had a little bit of frost already though it is mild here this morning. Pic 1) Pic 2)
The Bengal Tiger has grown so large I had to hack some away just to be able to walk into that section of the garden,a shame since it is covered in buds, how interesting to see the way the different ones respond to the wide range of temps and conditions.
Fernando was wonderful here, but seems to struggle in some other places. He must be a bit choosy about the weather, I see some buds on mine, but the frost will beat them this time, darn it.

I see some minor frost damage on the more exposed branches of some brugs ...Pic 3) poor pale Tenshi.
Looking forward to catching up ...Jean your coldie baby is adorable

That Pepita is nice Shaun, but it does not look much like the pictures I saw of it, probably due to the cold, it will be great to see it in Spring. In fact Spring will be great full stop !

Hi Lucas, nice to see you back, good luck with your coldies, hope to see them as they bloom.

Off to catch up on emails and other stuff, glad to be home.


Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100 Thumbnail by chrissy100

Nice picture!!

Clifton Springs, Australia

Haven't seen Tenshi for ages, Chrissy
I like to see the early ones as well...


Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Jean, your blooms are so lovely! Just gorgeous.

I love the dark pink flowered brug. What is a "coldie"? Is that the name of the brug? Or maybe it is an Aussie term? I have never heard that before.


Merino, Australia

Mangogirl, we here, call the warm climate brugs warmies and the cold climate ones coldies. The cold climate ones are sphaerocarpiums.

Nice bloom, Shaun.

I have the ground full of fallen brug flowers now. The rain and wind have played havoc with the tall ones.
I left them go until they flowered, but there will be a lot of chopping going on later.

I have pollinated some but over the time the flowers have been out, I have never seen so many bees in the brug flowers, so there may be a lot of bee pods in the making.

Still raining , which is good but its also getting winter cold now.
No pics today. I'm not taking the camera out to get it wet.


chrissy your Brugs are very beautiful.

Jean your brugs are pretty too. Cody

Jacksonville, FL(Zone 9a)

Jean, thanks for the explanation. Interestingly, the term "sphaerocarpium" doesn't get any results in the DG plant search ( In Google, it gets lots of hits abroad but not too many for US websites. Is the term not used much here? If so, I wonder why. We have lots of people in the northern US (cold region) growing brugs.

Boy, I am in love with Magenta Magic.

I just purchased a cutting of Velvet Rose. Still rooting. Will post photos when it gets big enough to bloom. :)

Merino, Australia

Mangogirl, I think most just refer to coldies or cold climate brugs, or even just sphaeros.
They are beautiful but harder to grow in some areas.

Thanks for the comments on Magenta Magic.
Have a look at BGI galleries for lots of pics of the coldies.

Victoria, Australia

Sphaerocarpiums seem to thrive in the San Francisco Bay Area...

As for oz, the best sanguineas I have seen have been in the Dandenong ranges, Mt Macedon and in Tasmania.
They are fairly common garden plants in older suburbs of Melbourne and make a large shrub/small tree but often look dreadful in the extreme summer heat here.

Sydney, Australia

Well the wind is pretty shocking out there today I just dropped in to say hi to Cody and Mangogirl from way up north and over the pond, hope you are starting to enjoy your Summer up there as we go into our Winter.
Also to all of the usual Brug nuts here ^_^

That wind is shrivelling things up and blowing stuff away so I am not going to work out there, I am going to have a rest this arvo.
We thank you for the nice compliments because we know you have beautiful Brugs where you are, but we might catch up over the next few years I think.

It's lovely to see the diversity we have here already compared to say 5 years ago,
it will be so exciting to see the coldies come on board as well as the new exotic warmies.
We all have so much to look forward to.

Yay Friday ...weekend ahead ...hubby will building my Frost Fence, using the technique you recommended Jean, using that Big bulk roll of weed mat as the wall, the posts arrived today. Fingers crossed it will shelter my newest plants from the worst of things. I think a double fold of it should be enough of a windbreak and to stop the waves of Frost from rolling into that area.

Have fun everyone ...Monday comes too soon so get into the weekend ! ^_^ and enjoy !


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