Trachycarpus takil

Kerrville, TX

I have just read a palm forum that wrote about a misidentification of the Palm Trachycarpus Fortunei. nantil. These Nanatil had been sold for years as being Trachycarpus takil. It stated that this misidentification was discovered in 2009, and that by 2010 seeds sold as Takil were in fact that plant and NOT nanatil.
So, if I have just received seeds from a major seed merchant, those marked as takil, should be true takil, right?

noonamah, Australia

Not necessarily. I've found that many nurseries stay with the same name regardless of changes. Seed merchants would rely on their sources to identify seeds. Unless the differences are significant they wouldn't know they were getting something different. It can be a "lucky dip" situation. You could contact the merchant and ask if they can guarantee their seeds are correctly identified, pointing out what your information is about that species. See what reaction you get. If you already have the seed then just plant them and see if the plants can be identified (a few years later of course). And then there's the possibility that by the time your plants are large enough to identify taxonomists might have changed everything around again. Identification of plants isn't necessarily straight forward.

Kerrville, TX

Thank you for the response.
Well, that certainly clears things up. All the more reason to buy plants, rather than seeds.
Based on the possibility that my seed merchant might not know the difference between an orchid seed and a palm seed, I will continue with the germination process, and enjoy whatever comes up.

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