Plum(b) mystified!

Gulfport, FL(Zone 10a)

Hi, y'all

I can only find one plum discussion on this list so I'm sure I'm searching incorrectly. Please set me straight as I tried the Advanced Search but it did not get me to the Carolina forum even though I specified it. In the one brief plum discussion I did find on this forum, the gal's husband brought home a peach anyway and that pretty much ended the dialog, though as stone fruits, I imagine their cultivation has a lot in common.

My handyman, Dave, dropped off an orphan plum he called a Nestola (unknown on Google) in a 9-10" pot. I repotted it to something much larger (in photos so you could see the proportion, which should rapidly change), so it could just live in there for awhile. This has worked fine for me with every type of plant except an African violet so, sorry, but I ignored the one-size-larger rule. So far, the plant fairies have been very good to me. I don't have a regular garden as there's a lot of sand and the earth below it is tough, tough, tough. In addition, I rent, so I want something portable j.i.c.

I haven't a clue as to its species or subspecies and only know it's a prunus. It would take hours to go through the varieties pictured in the database and they are internationally grown. So, with these photos, whose quality is as good as I can make them with a "point-and-shoot" camera, can someone advise me what its family and/or species name might be, and on how much and what kind of exposure, water, etc. it needs? Or even the name, because I could look up the rest.

I live in downtown Wilmington, NC, and the zone chart says 7b though it can get terribly hot here. Dave said the plant had weathered the winter outdoors and it went down to the upper 20s as I remember. I think the zone might actually be 8a because there is a margin of error. Anyway, there are healthy elm (or something that looks like elm) trees over the rest of my potted garden and the herbs do pretty well considering all the shade, but they only get about 4 full hours of sun a day. That's the optimum behind my house, alas, except in winter.

There's a house next door where there's some afternoon sun against my neighbor's wall, where she may consent to my putting the potted plant. Also, my front porch gets some intense afternoon sun though I'm not sure how much and it does move around, plus is dappled by the porch railings.

Thanks in advance to anyone with some good ideas as to care!

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Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

Looks like Japanese Loquat, aka Japanese plum.

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Nyad2, I'm in Kure Beach!
It is a loquat and they do great here.
We are zone 8a, (the zone charts were updated last year).
It will appreciate as much sun as possible. I'm not sure how much it needs to grow well.They get fairly large, but if you don't have room to plant it where it's sunny, you could keep it in a pot and prune it to keep it smaller.
As far as care goes, they are very easy, just keep it watered. I suppose you should fertilize it since it's potted. Unless someone knows better, I would use a fruit/citrus fertilizer. I love Espoma Citrus-tone.
The fruit is delicious. ;)

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