A newcomer from Taiwan

taipei, Taiwan

Hello! I am a coleus collector from Taipei(Taiwan), having cultivated coleus from seeds for many years. After reading some threads on this forum, I decide to join your group to get more information about Coleus. In Taiwan, we donít have the problem of overwintering, yet only a few people can keep collecting coleus for a long time; probably because we donít have large and professional coleus suppliers like yours. Therefore I am starting to place orders to Rosy Dawn, and trying to make friends with all of you. I believe that I can learn more from you in this forum.
I have already built this thread about coleus in Taiwan, which some of you might be interested:

Of course our collection cannot match yours, most of these coleus are propagated from seeds because they tend to grow like the Rainbows series in Taiwan, and only a few can be identified as the cutting-grown products that you are using. It is truly difficult for us to import new coleus overseas to our place.

(Arlene) Southold, NY(Zone 7a)

Welcome to Dave's Garden and the Coleus Forum, Yubiker. I'm sure you will enjoy it here.

Is there a way to translate your link to English?

taipei, Taiwan

This link includes a lot of pages, maybe you can pinpoint the page , let me translate it in English to you.

Las Vegas, NV(Zone 9a)

Welcome Yubiker. What is the climate like in your area?

taipei, Taiwan

The climate in Taiwan is warm and humid, there are only two or three weeks of lowest temperatures from 37℉ to 42℉ in Taipei, and it rains frequently , so our coleus may be kept outdoors in winter days.

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