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Nocturnal xmas palm chewer!!!!!! Need HELP PLEASE!!!!!! SWFL

Bonita Springs, FL

My entire inventory of xmas palms has been wiped out. Cannot sell due to excessive stem damage resulting in the branches breaking off. The unidentified critter seems to chew the topside of the stem over a 2"-8" span. Sometimes appearing like you were to eat an apple other times almost like they chewed in then tunneled right down the stem . I dropped a freshly picked up palm yesterday afternoon 100 yds from other palms that have been affective in hopes i could get this installed the next day before it to was attacked. Nope. By daybreak it had a branch gnawed on and had to be removed. This critter only eats my xmas palms. Not my royals foxtails or any others. Specifically xmas. "Adonidia". I am really takin a financial hit. Also there is no visible pests. I believe there nocturnal. Pleeeeease HELP. Also i was told to try "°dominion" today. But i think its systemic. Theyll all be to far gone by the time that kicks it.

mid central, FL(Zone 9a)

sounds like a Palm Weevil problem.

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