Need help with ideas for a vegetable, fruit and herbs garden

Southington, CT(Zone 6a)

My very first attempt at growing anything was last year I started tomatoes but I started small seedlings almost mid June so nothing really came out of it except a few small ones around mid Sept. Now I have a yard, somewhat, but cant do the bending and going up and down stairs. So I figured I'd ask you what I should do to have the garden I want. The pictures I'll post show most of the yard and part of my railing to my porch. Nothings on the other side except the driveway. I want to do something up around there around the porch area. Yes I get more than 6 hours of sunlight and the area doesn't flood with heavy rain but the porch gets drenched..

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Morongo Valley, CA

Looks like your collards need more root room. I have three in one Earthbox and they are very productive.

Last year I put all Earthboxes up on cement blocks, but am slowly moving them to blocks stacked two deep, stacks with boards laid across them, just because it is easier to water and harvest.

As for advice, if you don't want to do Earthboxes, City Pickers, Growboxes, City Pickers, Earthtainers, or SWC buckets. then use the largest planters you have for the heavy feeders and larger plants , the best mix you can get or make, and plant things you like to eat.

One of the secrets to tomato success is knowing what the Days to Maturity number is. Large slicing tomatoes will have a 90-100 DTM from the time of blossom set, so if you start late, you run into frost kill before you get much fruit.. Short DTMs will have a 50-70 day number associated with them.


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