New Coleus?

taipei, Taiwan

This one with feather-like foliages is bred from seeds. I doubt that its parents could be some cultivars of the Carefree series although it looks like Under the Sea Bone Fish, which I have failed to preserve recently.

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Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

Definitely not bonefish, but one of the fernleaf varieties. I don't know if my bonefish made it over the winter.

taipei, Taiwan

I have never purchased any similar cultivar with feather-like foliage (such as Kiwi Fern). It could be propagated as a sport from some cultivars with round stems, which were named as “Saber Series” before.
Bone Fish is a difficult one for me to preserve, I failed because it cannot get accustomed with the substratum I used before, I think I should use peat moss next time.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

The plant on the right is Bonefish. I think the one of the left is red coral, and I cannot recall the name of the center coleus.

The Under the Sea series is not readily available here in the states, and I don't know how hardy it is.

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taipei, Taiwan

Your Bonefish and Red Coral look very good. I believe the roots of them thrive very well under the substratum you prepare for them.
As regards the center coleus, I think it is similar to this one( , could be Copper, Burning Bush or Ruby Laser, I am not sure.

Stamford, CT(Zone 6b)

They are from last year. When I checked your link, it was in something i cannot read, like Korean.

I took cuttings over the winter and rooted them in water or perlite. A few I kept in small pots. I do not plant coleus in the ground, only in containers. I used purchased potting soil and added perlite or vermiculite to lighten it up a bit.

taipei, Taiwan

Thank you very much. Your information about adding perlite and vermiculite seems very helpful to me. I will do as you suggest next time.
The link is written in Chinese, if you want to know any part of it, just tell me, I will translate it to you in English.

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