taipei, Taiwan

I got this one from seeds of RELIGIOUS RUTABAGA, but I lost it carelessly two years ago.

Thumbnail by Yubiker Thumbnail by Yubiker

Sorry that you lost your plant.Those are some awesome looking colors on that one.

taipei, Taiwan

My friend selling coleus in Taiwan probably keep this one. Nevertheless, I will keep trying to get seeds from Religious Rutabaga again, hopefully a new sport will be discovered in the future.

Thumbnail by Yubiker

I really like that one.All of the colors to are just so neat like that.

taipei, Taiwan

My friend who is a Coleus retailer in Taiwan has preserved it for me very well. Because there are a lot of similar cultivars in the US market, I cannot find a proper name for it.

Thumbnail by Yubiker
Stockholm, Sweden

What a pretty coleus! It looks a bit like its realtive Religious Rutabaga, but has more red colors - and also more curled leaves?

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