Time flies...

Blackshear, GA

It's already been 6 weeks since my little babies were born. It's time for them to go to their new home and boy am I going to miss them. They are so cute and have so much personality.But they are all going to people we know and see on a regular basis, so at least I can keep up with them.

Here they are new born and now at 6 weeks

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Blackshear, GA

and now I have a new little baby to take care of. This one my husband found on the dirt underneath the tractor. We don't know if the nest was in the tractor or he fell out of the tree. Couldn't find the nest either way. He seems to love grasshoppers. He lets me know when hes hungry. He chirps and opens his mouth and I stick a grasshopper down his throat. So far...so good.

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