CLOSED: Debate-able Godwits

(Zone 5a)

We thought this was settled, but...

After seeking confirmation from a couple of local birders on the 13th, I got a call yesterday from one of them saying she believed she gave me the wrong ID, that all the Godwits were Hudsonian, rather than a mix of them and Marbled.

What we saw the 13th: At most ten Godwits total (We were more focused on photographing individuals, so didn't get an exact number) in a ponded field a few miles from our home. Definite size difference. The birds were all calm, none flew off. I called my friend to ask if she'd be home and have the time to ID what we had, we narrowed the birds down to Godwits. She wrote back after viewing photos saying Hudsonian for sure and maybe Marbled. Get a 2nd opinion. Did this and he said "Definitely both".

The 14th: At noon, the man who did my second opinion went to that spot. Saw only two Hudsonian Godwits. Our friends went to the same spot a couple or so hours later, but saw 22 Godwits of varying sized, but as they all took off, she saw the white and black tail on all of them.

We were driving on the road two miles west of this to get to where Amer. Golden-plovers were seen and found 23 Godwits. I have not even had time to look at the photos to determine. All the birds were mean yesterday showing us back ends as they were feeding. :)

I am fine claiming all we saw as Hudsoninan, if that really is what they are, so here I am seeking a third opinion. I am amazed if these all are though. The size difference is quite noticeable. And I guess with the two hour difference of yesterday, these birds move. Is it possible the birds we photographed on Tuesday are not the same as was seen yesterday?

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For me:

Pic 1 - 2 Hudwits (front & back), 1 Marbled (midde)

Pic 2 - Marbled (left), Hudwit (right)

Pic 3 - Marbled


(Zone 5a)

I like that- Hudwit. The spell checker doesn't like the full name, either, but this is easier to type. :) This is what the one with the second opinion came up with after his "definitely". Back on my life list the Marbled goes.

Thank you very much.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

As well as being larger and longer-billed, see how much more sandy-coloured the Marbled is.

We have two godwit species over here too, Bar-tailed Godwit and Black-tailed Godwit; they get nicknamed Barwit and Blackwit. So when a vagrant Hudsonian Godwit turned up in Britain a few years ago, Hudwit was the obvious extension ;-)


(Zone 5a)

Thank you for tacking the reasons on, I was about to ask for this as I want to submit these to ebird and be able to say exactly why they are both.

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