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Can Birds Do This?

(Zone 5a)

Regardless of what the species of bird may be, I was rather miffed while reading this blog entry from the website, so soon after their horrid piece on Turkey Vultures.

Later it dawned on me! As light as birds are with their hollow bones, could they have broke the fan blade? She is a mother, writing on a mom blog, is it possible she is placing the blame on the birds, when it could be lying elsewhere? The blades look kind of flimsy, but I still cannot imagine a bird breaking it off. Am I wrong in my thinking?

I wanted to comment on the page but for whatever reason, I cannot log in or type anything. Probably something with our operating system.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Seems highly improbable to me. In an outdoor location, I'd be blaming local vandals. Or if this is Seward in Alaska, bears or moose.


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