Cat grass seed dormancy in soil?

Richmond, TX

Hi All, I am trying to store a mixture of catgrass/oat seeds and dry soil for convenience so I would have to just scoop a cup of the mixture into a bowl and simply add water. I am noticing that a 2-3 month old soil-seed mixture is no longer germinating. Does this mean that seeds die if stored in dry soil? Or could there be some other reason? Will appreciate insight. Thanks!

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Interesting! I would have guessed that "dry soil" still has much higher humidity than "dry seeds". If the seeds were stored "too humid" for a few months, they might have lost v igor. But oats and wheat? Dead in a few months? That is surprising.

Have you tired picking out a few dozen seeds and sprouted them on a coffee filter, just to see if they come up when coaxed?

Is it real soil-soil or a sterile soiless mix? I don't know what happens to soil organisms if dried out and kept indoors.

Were they germinating OK this way for the first 2 months? Maybe they dislike being burried so deep when mixed all through the soil.

Everett, WA(Zone 8a)

Did you ever resolve the problem?

it occurred to me that soil microbes like fungus or bacteria, or even very small insects, might be killing the seeds.

Now I buy my cat grass wheat seed from the Fred Meyer "bulk" row:

Fred Meyers Hard Red Spring Wheat Berries
Triticum aestivum

I haven't figured out which Oat seed would be most likely to be alive and viable.

I have some years-old fall rye that I bought for a cover crop.

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