CLOSED: Goose-Like bird with Odd Head

Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

This odd-looking bird has me puzzled. Sort of a Triangle shaped head covered with black downy feathers. Sorry for the poor focus. It made for some curious images. Looks like a darned cute bird. My thanks to anyone who might recognize what I'm dealing with here.

Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman
(Zone 5a)

This looks like a Clark's Grebe to me. You found a great bird there, I have not yet seen one.

Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

Isn't he adorable? At the trailhead, the creek widens into a series of three ponds, and he was always in the second one. All by himself. He looks like he's doing water ballet. He wasn't there the last two times I went, so I'm hoping to spot him again.

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