kangaroo paw fern

huntsville, Canada

New leaves are turning brown at the edges...water when basket becomes light weight...then soak thoroughly...indirect light, just putting it outside on the porch now. Any ideas why the leaves are turning brown.

Merino, Australia

Karin4plants if your fern is what I have here as rabbits foot fern , it will lose all its leaves once a year then put out new ones.
They are sometimes called by other names but they creep over the pot or basket sending out long furry "tarantula legs" as I call them. I have the smaller ones and a larger one with smoother big fat "legs "
Usually mine lose leaves in Autumn ( Fall ) and seem to almost immediately start with the new ones.
Just put yours aside and see what it does.
It could be a response to different weather conditions in your area.


noonamah, Australia

Haresfoot, Rabbitfoot, and Kangaroosfoot seem to be interchangeable names for ferns that have a very hairy rhizome. How long did you have the fern before the problem became apparent? Water could be an issue. A lot of ferns are very sensitive to water quality, more so than most other plants. Town water can have a lot of additives in it. . Also low air humidity. Air inside a building can be very dry.

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