Doesn’t that look like Gold Brocade?

taipei, Taiwan

Well, actually I got this one from seeds produced by Carefree Series.

Thumbnail by Yubiker

That is a pretty one.I have never seen one with wide long leaves.

taipei, Taiwan

The Carefree Series do not thrive well in my yards especially when I transplant them from outside. They always die after leaves falling, just like the tragedy I met on Under the Sea Bonefish. Maybe I really need to think about changing my soil, while it doesn’t seem so difficult once I use the seeds of them.

Yubiker,have you ever thought about composting your soil? Like using some kind of manure.I use horse manure and it works wonderful,because my ground is nothing but clay.So when i plant something in the ground i use soil and manure.

taipei, Taiwan

The places I plant coleus are around our apartment. It is not so difficult to get manure (from cats), but I doubt that the soil could be too nutritious for some plants because I dumped a lot of used soil (purchased from nurseries before) year after year. Maybe I need to improve its structure. Most of coleus (especially the regular round leave type) grows very well, but other cultivars (like the mentioned Carefree Series) do not.
According to my past experience, the most powerful fertilizer for coleus is the fully decomposed urine, the leaves’ colors changed clearly after using it.

Wow!! I have never heard of doing it like that before.Does your carefree plants do better in the sun or in the shade? The other ones sounds like they are doing good.I would see what i could do to save the carefree ones.

taipei, Taiwan

My places are not good enough for full sun light because nearby buildings will make them in shade until noon. Therefore I presume that the Carefree Series grow better in shade. While I still believe that the right substratum is more important than other factors because these cultivars do not grow as vigorously growing as other coleus.

Right!!! Maybe you can try to plant some of the carefree plants in pots and see how they do,thats if you have some full time shade somewhere.The carefree plants would be the ones that i would try to baby more,since they are a different type.

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