Anyone growing red Porter weed in zone 8?

Montgomery, AL(Zone 8b)

I bought a red porterweed at a nursery today and she said it was a perennial here
but the tag says 9-ll zone..
We have nights maybe 5 that might get down below 30 degrees each winter
and a mild daytime temp in the upper 40's and low 50's

Can I straw this Porter week at the time of the first night that dips around 32 degrees
and keep straw on it all winter long until March lst when all chance of freeze is over?
Will the straw rot it if left on for months in winter time?

How high has yours gotten, this one says up to 3 foot tall
how wide will the red variety get?
Is it fairly erect or does it flop over a lot?

Need any advice, as I need to choose one of 2 places to plant it so that it looks nice
and has room..
I like to photograph my flower bed every day..

Thank you

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