Is This a Bed Bug?

New Port Richey East, FL

I am almost 60 years old and I have never seen a Bed Bug.

Today, I found a bug crawling across my mattress. At first it looked like a tick but after closer inspection I was pretty sure it was not a tick.

I put the bug in one of many RX vials I have, and when I went to a home and garden center, I showed the bug to a few folks who claim to know a good deal about insects. One person said it was a Wood Beetle, but I can't find a photo of a Wood Beetle that looks anything like this bug. Another person told me it is some kind of Beetle although they didn't know what kind. All 3 folks assured me it is not a Bed Bug, although when I look up various insects, it looks closer to a Bed Bug than any other bug I can find.

My local Pest General Store, who I hope can identify this right away, isn't open again until Tuesday, because of the Memorial Day holiday.

I turned the room upside down, including both mattresses. I looked with a bright light and reading glasses and couldn't find any of the signs of Bed Bugs that you would expect to see with an infestation, as a matter of fact, I couldn't find a bug, an egg, any blood, any stains, or anything else that you might expect from what I have read.

I took all the bedding and hot washed and hot dried all of it. I want to sleep in my bed, but I'm not sure I'm going back in there until I find out if it is a Bed Bug or not, and if so, until they are gone.

There is one thing odd about this bug, that I was not able to see in any internet photos of Bed Bugs. Even though my photos are through an amber colored prescription vial, the oddity shows up very well. Instead of the antennae coming out of the head, they appear to be coming out of a seventh leg or pointer in the front of the bug.

The bug is approx. 2-3 mm in length and dark brown. I am color blind, but my wife tells me that she sees little to no red in the color.

Please take a look at these two photos for me and tell me what you think. I would really like to go back to my bedroom.

I thank you, in advance, for your help.

Rick (Goosegas...long story about the name origin)

Thumbnail by Goosegas Thumbnail by Goosegas
Minot, ND

This is a weevil, a beetle in the family Curculionidae. It does not appear to be any of the species that occasionally can be pantry pests, and likely simply wandered indoors accidentally. It is nothing to worry about.

Lewiston, ME

I concur with Flapdoodle... This is definitely not a bed bug. Relax and get a good nights sleep.

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