CLOSED: Clark's Grebe

Aurora, CO(Zone 4a)

A few days ago, I posted photos of a bird that Chillybean informed me is a Clark's Grebe. Thanks Chillybean. I discovered later that the bird in one of my photos was apparently (maybe hopefully) carrying a chick on her back. I went back to the Creek yesterday, wondering if this bird would show up again. And sure enough, Mr. and Mrs. Grebe were there, gliding along on the farthest possible edge of the pond. I ran into another photographer (I could tell by his use of a tripod), who was very excited to see the pair together. Just thought I'd post these for the viewing pleasure of those who admire these beautiful birds.

Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman Thumbnail by wingwoman
(Zone 5a)

That is so neat you got to see the Grebes again. They are beautiful birds. Thank you for sharing these. :)

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