Miss Monahan?

taipei, Taiwan

It just grows like Miss Monahan(see http://www.rosydawngardens.com/miss-monahan-407.html ), but the problem is that I have never imported this cultivar before, not to mention my friends selling coleus in Taiwan.

Thumbnail by Yubiker

This one is pretty.The green really stands out on this plant.All your plants are beautiful.

taipei, Taiwan

Thank you very much; frankly speaking I didn't notice that it is a labeled product when I collected its seeds from other plants. There are truly some good cultivars (like Careless love) that can produce 4 or 5 varied sports amazingly. I think I will try harder on your cutting-grown coleus, they are wonderful plants!

You are very welcome.I hope every thing goes well when you try to do the cut grown coleus.I hope you also keep growing your coleus from seeds too.The ones you grow from seeds or different from ours.

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