SOLVED: Potato Vine?

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

Does anyone know what this is called. It has no blooms but it is really pretty vine and puts greenery in my flower garden. It was planted from a potato like bulb. It has the potatoes on it now. It is really good to plant on a fence row but you have to be careful because they could take over. Hope you can see them growing up on the trees in the background. Sami

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Deep South Coastal, TX(Zone 10a)

We call it "air potato", it's also called "heart vine" or "monkey balls". I hate that last name, but lots of people call it that.

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

Thanks Calalily, I am like you dont like that last name "monkey balls" The vine is heart shaped and the potatoes do look like they are suppended in air. Ok will make a note of that so I can remember that. Sami

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)


Just wondering if I could get some good sized potatoes from you for my garden next spring. In Iowa, we don't have much time to get large potatoes on our vine. Let me know at [email protected] . If you have extras and are willing to ship some to me, send your address so I can mail postage.



High Springs, FL(Zone 8b)

This is an extremely invasive plant here in Florida. Here's a little more info:

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

Yes you are right Amaryllisgal. They are invasive. I just pull up the ones that I dont wont to grow and let the ones grow up the pine trees. I let them grow along the back fence for privacy. Sami

Crossville, TN

Sami, When did you get the birdbath? Looks like my friend, your DH has been "coherced" into some yard work...LOL

East Prairie, MO(Zone 7a)

Roadrunner my DH got that for me for my birthday this year. Have been wanting one for a long time and I came home from work and there it was. Sami

Chariton, IA(Zone 5b)

Sami, Sami !!!!

Thanks so much for the potatoes. They are so nice and big and they look even better than the kind we eat. I really appreciate the trade, but I still owe you after this nice box of beauties.


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