Angel Trumpet Plant pest

Ashland, OH(Zone 6a)

Hello friends,
I have had my angel trumpet plant in a large planter for several years and have had great success with it. However, since I moved to Ohio three years ago, the plant has struggled with what looks like spider mites or maybe aphids. I attached two photos of the leaves with the pests. I have not seen any webbing on the plant so I'm not sure they are spider mites. I have used SCHULZ Fungicide 3 regularly with no success. I have removed the plant from its planter and replanted it in fresh soil in an attempt to remove any possible nest or homes for the pests. I have read elsewhere that I should cut all the growth to remove the bugs and let it start over. However this happens every year when I cut it back for winter and it sprouts new shoots in the spring. Any advice would be great as I am frustrated.

Thumbnail by pjbors Thumbnail by pjbors
Richland, WA(Zone 7b)

Those are aphids, and just about any insecticide spray will take care of them.

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