washer wont work

Columbus Grove, OH

Not sure if my washers broke. Just moved. It worked before but now water wont even run. Have cold and hot water hooked up but in this new basement theres 2 other things that need turned that are hooked to all the pipes down there. Think ones for pressure but im not sure what i need to do?? Any ideas? Scared to turn anything and have something bad happen..

Dover AFB, DE(Zone 7a)

Pictures of the pipes in question and a picture of the whole pipe-mess would help.
I had a basement laundry area that had a million pipes and spigots and I know just how you feel. We and our moving help guessed wrong when we hooked ours up and (thankfully!) we were so nervous about it that we took our stuff to the laundry thus saving us from using untreated water ( the bacteria of raw sewage) to wash our stuff!

Glastonbury, United States

I agree with JuneyBug shelly. It would greatly help if pictures are provided so that we can see what the problem is. The best you can do now is to contact experts in your local place and let him/her see and fix your problem.

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