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Found two of these in my house today...worried!

Yellow Springs, OH

Please help ...anyone.

This bird was thought to be a bat in the wee hours this morning... It was swooping around above my bed...awoke me.
It looks odd. It acts like a bat with feathers. When it's back is towards you - it appears to be an upside down heart.

It hid behind a picture very low to the ground near floor.
I was able to slip it into a fish net covered by tennis racket to get first one out. Not realizing there was another one - just got home and my 9 year old found another one just like the first at the top of stairs near air return.

Any help is much better than help... Thank you in advance.

Yellow Springs, OH

Here is a picture of the second one.

Thumbnail by dfodal Thumbnail by dfodal
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Chimney Swift.

Launch it into the air (preferably from a high window) during daylight hours.


(Zone 5a)

I am not certain as I have only seen this type of bird in flight. They might be Chimney Swifts. But the most important thing is to release it outdoors and close off where they might have come in. If it is not able to fly, call a bird rehabber right away. Often the swift type birds need to be force fed because they feed in flight. And this needs to be done by someone licensed to care for them, they know the bird's dietary needs.
There are several listings for wildlife rehabilitators. Or try your state's DNR or conservation department.

I hope all works out well for these birds. :)

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Yellow Springs, OH

Thank you for your help!
Lets hope they don't come back!! Both fireplaces have been checked and dampers are closed!
Have a great day!
We let them both go!

(Zone 5a)

I was wondering if you had a fireplace. A friend of ours had a stray Chimney Swift in the house when they forgot to close up the fireplace after its winter use.

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