Winter Brugmansia in Australia.

Sydney, Australia

A new Season we have a new thread.

It will be a little quiet as the Brugs go to sleep ... their owners suffer withdrawal symptoms so here you go,
a place talk about all things Brugmansia, while we await next Spring.

If you are lucky enough to have some blooms, please pop them in, it helps ease our suffering ^_^,
or just pop in with some Brug chat helps to make the time go by just that little bit quicker.

It's raining this morning, very grey and wet, I am so glad I took those pictures yesterday.

We came from here
Thankyou everyone for all the input.

Have a lovely day everyone.


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Clifton Springs, Australia

The Dancer's little sister opened last night........she's yellow at the moment, but she might go pink.
Be nice if she stayed yellow....
Still she's a sweetie, like her big sister..hopefully she might drop her skirt next year.....

Now I'll go over and look at the Herald...


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Merino, Australia

My brugs are still looking nice and green but will slowly lose leaves .
I still have new buds coming on GHA and BB. A couple also still to open on DP'n'G.
My own seedling Sweet Jaffa x GHA was a bit small with the first flower but two more are open and he really is a cutie.
About the size of GHA , but the flowers are 6 pointers. ( from Sweet Jaffa )
I am hoping to see him darken as he grows . He has the scent of GHA but not as strong.

I also have a sibling that has not Y'd as yet.
Looks like some bee pods coming too. ( I did do a couple myself )
I have never seen so many bees around the brugs as there have been this year.

I am going to have to dig up the small Mango Cornet cutting as it looks quite odd with all the big flowers resting on the ground.
It was a small cutting with a triple branching that I just poked in the ground.
Now it has roots and flowers, I will put it in a pot .
I will be cutting the longer top off the main plant so that can go in the ground instead of the little one.

Pics are from yesterday , my own baby.

Dianne, shes lovely . Another dancing


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Sweet Jaffa might turn out to be a valuable parent Jean, it's a good flower with a great parentage...
Maybe with OE as the pod parent.....that's got the yellow and melon and it's double..
Excuse me for deciding which ones you should put YOUR brugs
I just love that side of it too....
That's a very nice baby.

Sydney, Australia

The Dancer has a really pretty little sister ...that should go into the Data base, great result !

I agree Jean Sweet Jaffa will make a great Hybridizing asset. It's lovely. I would put it to BB to enhance the multi points and fragrance. We all have different ideas as to what we like. What fun.

Put all your new Brug babies into the data base, it is purely about results. Later if you want to submit it to the Herald, the track record is there in the data base.

Jean if you want to establish/confirm Sweet Jaffa as a name, submit and announce it as a Cultivar now will then go into the next Herald edition.
Here is the link to announce it.
If you need any help ...just sing out.


Merino, Australia

Thank you for the comments. I will add the new baby to the unnamed seedlings but I am still unsure of what I will do with it.

Sweet Jaffa needs to be trialled more before appearing as a named cultivar.
I am very pleased with it so far, but it needs to grow elsewhere.
I am not sure if anyone has a piece at all. I really should have written down what went where, but we were all so new to brugs back then.
Amazing how far we have come in just a few short years.
I have pods forming ( hopefully ) so cant cut SJ back until they ripen.

Has anyone got any of my cuttings at all that have grown .
I know Shaun has , but as I said, I didnt write things down. Bad


Sydney, Australia

That is the right way to go then Jean ...just give it the initials of the cross, your name of SJ for example as the identifier.

It does not have to be flowering in another garden, it can be flowering from a cutting in your own garden, to be a Cultivar.

It is a good idea to see how it goes in another garden though.

Good luck with it.

Hello everyone,i hope y'all are doing well.Everyones brugs are very beautiful and lovely.

Chrissy,thanks for starting a new thread!!!


Sydney, Australia

Thanks Cody we are just about finishing with our Brugs now, we are into Winter, the wind and rain have probably cleaned up most of the blooms today.

Jean your submission looks wonderful may take a day or two for it to be "announced" because Mary has to do that and we are a day ahead, she a very busy lady.

Well done, just the start of many to come I am sure.


Clifton Springs, Australia

You gave a piece to me Jean....but I lost fault, too wet.
Shaun's might have had flowers...
Thank you Cody...nice comments.

Merino, Australia

okay Dianne. I will make a note. That means , as far as I know, noone has Sweet Jaffa.
Anyone wanting to try a piece , let me know and I will write it down for after the pods ripen.
OE has not done much for me this year due to being cut back.
I cannot get cuttings of Senorita Rosada until spring . I need her trialled so I can also add her to the database.

I will have plenty of seeds hopefully. Some will go to the BGI seedbank .
Others will be available, depending , of course on them growing and ripening
Have to wait and see how many I end up with after the busy little bees messed up all my plans ..
A lot will fall off in the cold.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

hi guys, the weather 2 day was quite pleasant and no rain which is good
It looks like the BGI Herald is a majority of NEW AUSTRALIAN grown Registered plants
Congrats to all of you

Jean i do have Sweet Jaffa but it has not really done that well but it is cold and the plant is going back wards for the winter i will be protecting this one for you too see if it is worth keeping here at all. However OE is just a performer here i have not had any bad blooms so this one i would Register ASAP.

I have just taken a pic of a new bloom from a cross of White Ruff x.Zabaglione its a very cute looking bloom with an Apricot edge on the corolla, this one will be put aside to see what happens to it with the warmer weather.

this week i went to Bunnings to order some Beneficial insects for my garden to see if thay are as good as i have read, i got 2 different varieties ie: Gracie & Pete which both attack Red Spider Mites but Gracie eats every thing so i have trialed it to see what it can do in the cooler weather, I was also told that the insects will be arounf and alive while there is food for them to forage on. i just hope that the insects dont get to cold. I will be relasing larger volumes in the spring to make sure there is no probelms with RSM, Aphids, WF ect:

Sydney, Australia

I got one 'Sweet Jaffa' seed cross (from you Jean) going ...I can't recall what the cross was, It was either SJ x GHA or GHA x SJ. It's got a label on it but it's too dark and wet to go out and look.

I hope it will flower for me next Season, I will keep you up to date Jean.
Anyone wanting trialing or trading can dmail me.
Spring is best time for that. Cuttings should be sent when the plant is full of vigor for the best results.

It's been a really good day today, so great to see Aussie Brug growers doing their thing !

Congratulations everyone !


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Sydney, Australia

Our posts crossed ...those bug munchers sound interesting, you must let us know how it goes. Did they have anything for giant grass hoppers ? huge brown ones that jump over your head !

Yes it's been a great day for Aussie Brug lovers, for sure !
Just the beginning. ^_^ for all of you.


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy if the seedling you got from Jean probably 12-18 months ago that could have sweet Jaffa in it would possibly have been labeled as
#44 x.GHA July 2011 this is what I have 2 seedling of jeans written up as
Jean can you confirm that #44 = Sweet Jaffa ???
Mine are about 3 foot tall at the moment and I have just potted them up in to 12" pots as I would believe that they will bloom in the coming spring.

I also have the cutting of Bergfeuer x.aurea which is now over 18 months old in my garden and have left it to nature to look after it and I hope that I get a bloom on it as Jean/Dianne was the one to supply it to me a long while ago so I'm keeping it for you and I hope that it will have a bloom 2 die for just for having the the patients of holding it till bloom.

Chrissy, I will do a little research on that for you but do you know the common name or even the botanical name of the bug your trying to keep under wraps?.???

barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Yes I'm still here albeit with the bug again. My brugs are still flowering and RFP has had a sequence of buds to flowers for the past 5 weeks. She really is a winner. Have had the brother to BBxGHA [Golden Memories] flower too. Very similar. I haven't forgotten you and Shaun Chrissy. I had a strange set of flowers on another of Brian's seedlings. SuavelonsXAztec Gold. 3 flowers, one apricot and 2 yellow. Will put a pic up of the flowers although they are past their best. Will come back in tomorrow after I get some names. Great pics everyone. Keep on Brugging. Colleen.

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Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Colleen so glad that your still popping in now and then, looks like your getting good flushes there at the moment?
What is tat suaveolens type bloom #3 of the ones you posted I would be very interested in a cutting of that when available ?

Sydney, Australia

Well I had a big long thread going and was thrown off, that happens when two big uploads happen at the same time.

1 2 are BF x A not named yet ...lovely yellow in Winter but white in Summer.

3- 4 -5 are B F x A 'HOPE' ...edited to say She opend bright yellow and remains bright yellow (like a daffodil yellow, but tends to turn a bit more orange in the heat on the third day.

The Huge brown grass Hopper is 3 to 4 inches long, I don't know the name. Thanks for the info on SJ cross that sounds ok but I was pretty sure it had GHA in the cross. I will check tomorrow.

Hi colleen ...good to hear you are back in the garden. That 4th bloom looks like a Star Dancer ^_^ you know what it is ?
Talk tomorrow ^_^


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barmera, Australia

Hi Chrissy and Shaun. I will check tomorrow for you. My memory isn't what it used to be. lol Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Colleen, you have started something with that pic of the white one.....we all spotted it and I'm sure Jean will too when she looks...
It does look like a Star Dancer....Chrissy had some of those seeds if I'm not might have won the jackpot....hope so!!!

Shaun, the bergfeuer x aurea is Jean's I think....
Those insects sound interesting...

'Hope' looks lovely, Chrissy

Hi Chrissy,you are very welcome.Sorry to hear that you are losing what blooms you do have left to the rain and wind.

I can't wait to see whats in store for everyones brugs next spring.

Hi Dianne,you are very welcome as well.

Merino, Australia

You are right Shaun, #44 is definitely Sweet Jaffa.
I could have sent a cutting of Bergfeuer x aurea as I did have some plants here. They were so badly attacked every time by spider mites, that I tossed them. Since then I havent had so many mites.
They must have been tasty plants.

Chrissy the cross you have will be Sweet Jaffa x GHA as I never did a reverse cross.
HOPE is looking lovely.

Colleen, Looks like Star Dancer to me. Very pretty.

Nothing going on here much. I do have a couple of buds on the coldies .
Hopefully they will open and not fall off.
Bottom leaves a re starting to yellow on the warmies now. It wont be long until all we see are sticks.


Sydney, Australia

I think our beautiful Brugs shine like jewels when the Winter Sun shines through them. I don't need ornaments in my garden. These lovely creatures are my priceless Tiffany pieces in my eyes . even after all the wind and rain they lit up my morning with pure joy ♥


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Sydney, Australia

The Sun isn't shining through these ones, they are beautiful too.
I was quite surprised to find anything out there after all the wind and rain. It lit up my morning ...Winter is lovely when the sun shines isn't it ?
The air smells so fresh and clean and the scent of the Brugs still lingers due to the cooler ... and now still, air.
Most of the Ginkgo leaves are now gone ...blown away yesterday though still enough to colour the garden.

Enjoy this lovely Winter Day everyone !


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Clifton Springs, Australia

Looking at my grey sky and your blue one, it's really appreciated....the perfume is still staying around though.....
That's a lovely bright avatar Chrissy......
My Dancer sibling is staying yellow, so we'll see what happens next year, we might be lucky and have a new yellow double..

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

I am very curious about Star Dancer??????????
it is a CV from US so how dose or come its here in Australia? or is it just a Star Dancer x.? and no one can be bothered to wright the right name in or is it just me??

Sydney, Australia

It is a Star Dancer x ?,
Judy (Brical) purchased the seeds for us back in the days before I knew how to use a credit card on the net (yes new to the ways of a puter). Judy had some and I had some ...they were from a lady who discovered the Star Dancer in an old garden and was given a cutting. No one knew anything about it except it was very different from all the rest as you have seen. She took it home and when it caused a sensation decided to go back and ask questions, but the person who owned it had moved or passed on and the plant was gone. I think the lady we purchased the seeds from named it as I recall. I remember this very vaguely, it was in the beginning of the seed journey so in those days you scavenged for information by reading all the posts.
She gave me the list of possible crosses ...I will post them later.

I don't know how many were passed around ...I didn't share any that I recall. Only a cutting or two from my best one so far with you Shaun. I shared my own cross Star Dancer x ? x BF seeds around but I think people threw away Aussie seeds and seedlings as they turned more towards overseas crosses.
The ones I have grown out from the original SD x ? seeds have all been very Suaveolens with a variety of petal tip lengths.
I have a favourite mentioned, I shared with you.

We purchased them from this grower :


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Sydney, Australia

When I said it looked like Star Dancer ...that is what I meant, I was referring to it looking like the pod parent Star Dancer. ^_^


Hi everyone!!
Chrissy sounds like your day went good.Thats great to know that the bad weather didn't mess up your blooms to bad.Love your brugs..The yellow brugs is so bright and beautiful.

Dianne,Chrissy and Shaun y'all did a wonderful job with your brugs.Be proud that y'all are growing them beauties....

Sydney, Australia

Thank you Cody ^_^

Here is a link : The purchases were private but you can see the discussion regarding the Star Dancer x ? seeds.


barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Just getting back to you to say that the white raggedy brug has a label saying, Knightii X BFA #1. Is that what Star Dancer comes from? Mine has 2 other buds to come yet, so will keep a close watch on her. Haven't had a lot of time today to look but there are some buds on Pod 2 Rosa Lila X Mystic Ice again. The other didn't make it before. and another bud on my aboreaX sang. The 3rd seedling from this grex hasn't flowered yet and I can't see any buds. It has totally different leaves to the other two so fingers crossed that I get something other than white arborea looking flower. A white sanguinea would be nice. I have 10 Zunac4 X Sanguinea X vulcanicola seedlings so hopefully I get something nice from them. I will try to get out there tomorrow and take note of what's doing what. Til then Colleen

Thumbnail by ctmorris

Chrissy you are very welcome.. :-)

Sydney, Australia

I think that must be from cestrum ...I haven't a clue what the pollen parent is from those initials BF may be Bucks Fizz but that does not explain the A it isn't Star Dancer as that is only in the USA.

If the other blooms show these traits, then we would have a similar bloom to (Knightii may be in the blood of) Star Dancer .)

Good luck with that would be very cool.


Clifton Springs, Australia

No Colleen, it isn''s an american one is sure about the breeding as I remember....
Chrissy had seeds from it....

I think Wayne and Cestrum, did a lot with Knightii......
Maybe Chrissy put one of her Star Dancer seedlings to it.....
I can't remember what BFA is.....

Clifton Springs, Australia

We almost crossed Chrissy, I was on the phone.....

barmera, Australia

Isn't it Cestrum's Big Floppy Apricot? Colleen

Clifton Springs, Australia

Of course it is, Colleen.....good memory.....

I just found this link to one of cestrum's that had a split corolla
I'm going back to find it's breeding if I can.....

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Thank you for clarifying 'Star Dancer'. those it is a cross its a very beautiful Bloom and the person Colleen is very lucky to have it in the garden.

i remember we in the Australian thread were chatting about it about 12 months or so ago very interesting trait. this could be crossed with 'Angels Swingtime' x 'Angels Sunbeam' it would be a very interesting cross to watch & develop.

there are buds coming throw on many of my new seedlings that i created in the last 2 years @ Pam's place there are about 40 seedlings that have Y'd to date and about 10 have bloomed and will be going in to the Hybrid Database on there next flush.

One of interest to me is White Ruff x.Zabaglione which has a bell shape bloom like that one you use in your hand for dinner time with an apricot lip but waiting till next flush to see what it will do for me

Colleen your going to have blooms every where just like me in the spring
weather cool here and a bit overcast

Thanks for all the help in the SD x.?

Clifton Springs, Australia

Cestrum didn't know the parentage of the Suaveolens hybrid that was in the pic...It wasn't a consistent split corolla, there were normal flowers too...
Evidently Suaveolens can do this at times...

We discussed all of this at length in other threads, isn't it annoying when you forget most of it....
So your's might be the same Colleen,
Doesn't matter though it's very pretty.....does it smell lovely too.

Sydney, Australia

Oh Gosh how did we forget BFA ? poor cestrum, so upset about that one, certain that she had the wrong cross and very disappointed in the bloom. You never know though, it's Genes, whatever they may be, may have come from something good.
The fact that Knightii is the pod parent makes it exciting no matter what happens.

Dianne those petal cuts (and shreds/multi points) can happen in sudden temperature changes, today Tintarella is sporting half of her blooms with 5 points and half of them with 6 points ...I am hoping this will be a common trait from BB, but it could just be a weather change. This is why we have to observe plants for a couple of years before putting it in the Herald. Some develop differences as they mature, particularly the doubles (they seem to get better and better). ie TT and FFA were wonderful from the first flush here, while 'Heart of Gold' was just a nice white double that morphed into a thing of real beauty as it grew and grew. Same with 'Melissa Amy' she was very cute in the first blooms, but she too went on to be a real princess !

Constant flushes are the best traits of all.

White Ruff x Zabaglione sounds good Shaun, Zabaglione is the pollen parent for Ivoire. ^_^

Pic 1)shows the first bloom on 'Heart of Gold' 2) as it grew bigger,3) today has a huge flush coming on again three different colours ...white, cream then golden apricot, all at the same time. Don't we love the changing colours ?
4) First Bloom on 'Melissa Amy' (in full sun-warm) latest flush 5) in cool weather heavy shade.

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