Bromeliads for Novices and Addicts - Jun 2013

Queensland, Australia

Welcome to the Australian forum 'Bromeliads for Novices and Addicts' thread for June 2013. If you are interested in growing or collecting Bromeliads, or would like to ask a question, please join us here, new members most welcome and encouraged.

We came from this thread from May

A photo to start us off, Neoregelia Jewellery Shop. One of my early purchases and still one of my favourites years later.

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Queensland, Australia

Hi Everyone,
Sue your gardens always look fantastic! Plus all the painting you did a while back still looks great. Good advice on the liquid fert on the Alc's too I have been slack with liquid fert lately, but I guess like Nev said too, I don't really want them to getting too big too soon. So maybe it's a good thing that I keep forgetting, lol.
Colleen I love your photos of the Vrieseas, they are looking great. Vriesea Megan is always a stand out I think.
Trish your pics are fantastic too, I love the Splendens/Splenriet type ones, I think it was the first type of Vriesea I really wanted when I saw it, just loved it. And still have it too. I think it has flowered 2 or 3 times and just replaces itself and keeps going. Yes we plant all our broms in Quincan, as we need to have really good drainage if we have a bad wet season. However we really haven't had a bad wet season in a while. I am tempted to put a few things into a wetter mix as I think a couple of things would benefit from it, but those who know better than me who have grown here for years and years warn me not to do it or I will end up with rot. So... as much as I am tempted.... I think I will stick to what I know works in our climate.
Ian sounds like you came home with a nice haul. Well done. I'm glad to hear you had a nice time, but sounds like the speakers maybe could of presented their speeches a bit better. Nice photos and a few there I wouldn't mind too. We didn't go to the sale on the Sunday, the highway was blocked for the day anyway.
Shirley, can I ask what might seem to be a dumb question.... but your kebab sticks, are they quite thick? We use to be able to get ones that were about 4mm thick here, but now they are more like tooth pick thickness and no good for stabilising a brom at all. Yours look nice and thick in your photos. If so, where do you get yours from please? I have resorted to often using a couple of big rocks at the base to hold mine steady until they take up. As always, lovely photos, love them all.
Nev thanks for the pics of Apricot Nector, I wonder which mine will end up looking like? Quite a bit of variance in it by the looks.
LOL re the Alc's versus the minis, yeah we went mini mad the other month, decided we really didn't have many and wanted a good collection of them and it's better value to by 10 off one seller and pay one postage then by one of 10 different people and pay 10 postages. So I think we ended up geting minis off about 3 or 4 people. But got a lot of them. So.... lots of single minis at the moment, but can't wait to have them climbing out of their pots. And as for the Alc's they use to live along the front wall (side wall really) of the brom house but we decided they needed their own spots together. All the little ones are Alc extensa's I grew myself from seed, so they are doing pretty well. Keep them going a while longer and get them bigger and then sell some off I think, we really don't need that many.

Ok well I must get moving, just thought I would write now or if I get too far behind I get too daunted about catching up when that happens and then put it off and then drift away. So trying to stay vigilant with keeping up the best I can ;)

Cheers Tash

Just one photo, my very first Neo Perfection pup to come off, I have 3 adult plants, but this is the very first pup. Love the colour perfection keeps for us up here all year round.

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi all, just a very quick message ....

G O .....


back later,


Pic 1 Ae Samauri
Pic 2 Ae Silver sister
Pic 3 Bil belissimo
Pic 4 Bil Caprice
Pic 5 Bil Brazilensis grown from seed.
Purchases from Cairns.

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Hi all, Just a little teaser before. Another day at work and mowed the lawn, found a camera that works and took a few pics. I also planted some eleuthropetala seeds and just rested after this as the light was gone.
Tash i use 15-20mm scoria to support my plants unless they are small. Then I use kebab sticks usually second hand. They might be available at a butchers. Any rocks will do this job if skewers are not available. That is a very nice Neo Perfection and it is good to see you are keeping up with the name changes.Not all growers or collectors are.
Have a good one
Pic 1 Guz Indian Night
Pic 2 Neo Hummels red
Pic 3 Guz Decora
Pic 4 Neo Groves red tiger
Pic 5 Neo Pink fairy floss

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi all,

I can’t watch it any more …

Nev, thanks for the compliments, I do love my broms and spend way too much time fiddling with them.

Tash, thanks for the new thread, your neo Jewellery Shop is lovely. Is quincan similar to scoria?

Tash, I buy my kebab sticks from Coles. They are Wiltshire brand and sold in the bbq area at our local store, from memory they’re in a pack of 80 for $3.00. They have the skinnier ones as well in another section of the store and I use them sometimes but I find the thicker ones much better.

That’s a lovely neo Perfection pup Tash, really stunning colour. My Perfection mum has produced two plain and one variegated pups so far.

Ian, nice purchases … you did very well. I love Ae Samurai and Bil Caprice, Guz Decora looks very nice too.

… think I’ll go and take off my maroon jumper about now … 14-0 to NSW at the moment, bugger !!!

Pic 1 - Vr Splendens, pic 2 – neo Perfection pup, pic 3 – neo Glowing Purple … taken with the camera above my head as I was too lazy to get the pot down.

Bye, Shirley :o(

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – I'm off to the Skin Cancer Clinic this morning to get the sutures removed from my “Zorro” scar and then the rest of the day's my own. Hopefully I'll get back to that front garden makeover that was stopped when it last rained as I want to get it finished so I can get into sorting out the Bill's.

Tash – Thanks for starting a new thread, it's good to have more than one member who is capable of doing this little job because if you relied on me you'd be waiting a long time.

As for Kebab sticks – I just use the ordinary ones we get which are 3mm thick; for larger plants I use the disposable Bamboo Chop Sticks which are about 4-5mm thick and can be bought quite cheaply at the $2 shops or free with Chinese Take-Away (I usually say we have a large family and get six or seven pairs). Also the thicker wooden skewers may be available from the local butcher as they use them when they are rolling beef for roasting, but I don't know if they would be long enough.

Tash, with Apricot Nectar, if it's given good light it will pass though all of the colour stages in the pic's which I posted yesterday. The No.2 pic. by Rob Smythe of Townsville shows it in its best apricot colour I think. I like this better than when it gets older and the pinkish colours become evident; other growers prefer it with the pink colours, it's just a matter of personal taste. Good colour in your Neo. 'Perfection'; an “oldie” (First registered in 1978) but still a “goodie”. Colour-wise it's equal to anything being bred today and always in big demand down here.

Shirley – Sorry Shirley, but the “Cockroaches” really hammered the “Cane Toads” last night even with their fourteen man team (I say this as Alan Langer was on the field the whole game [as usual] directing traffic). It looks like the NSW drought may have broken after all of this time, however it's only game one and not over yet.

Ian – That's a nice haul you've put together and a great looking example of Neo.'Grove's Red Tiger'. Although the name of the parents aren't recorded on the registration it's suspected they are Neo.'Ornato' x Neo.'Skotak's Tiger' and as the name implies, was hybridised by G. Groves. For more info see:

Not to be confused with Neo.'Red Tiger' which is a Bill Morris hybrid registered in 1985.

Shirley – Shhhh! I won't say anything about NSW flogging Qld in the State of Origin match last night, but next game will be a different story as I think Paul Gallen will get suspended. Read all about it at:

Thanks for the info on the skewer sticks; I never thought about looking in the BBQ section, I must try it.

That's a nice Vr. Splendens you have there, it's one of my all time favourite plants having attractive foliage all the year around and then it's “trumped” by that magnificent brilliantly coloured red/orange “sword”. Unfortunately it doesn't like the cold so I can only dream about it and look at the pic's.

Just the one pic to finish with today and it's of the flowers on the Billbergia seedling I posted yesterday. This was taken before I did a spot of pollinating so here's hoping I can make some nice new hybrids from it.

All the best, Nev.

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north coast nsw, Australia

Ian love your Guzzies, i dont have any (not enough shade here).
Shirley Vr Splendens has always been a favourite of mine. I bought my dad a huge one at a nursery (not cheap) and i look at it everytime i visit him. My seedlings are from it actually. Perfection is really nice to Tash and Shirley.
Anyone like Sarracenia carnivorous plants? I have heaps and can divide them up. There nice in a shallow pond or water feature. They like alot of sun though.

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Merino, Australia

Lovely to see all the lovely pics and I have none today.
I am off shopping later so nothing will be done in the garden.
Its very cold here but we get little rain compared to the rest if the state.

Nev, its funny you should mention the vr. splendens not liking the cold, because I have 3 here which I bought as poor shabby orphans about 2 years ago. They have grown beautifully in the old greenhouse and have pups. They were in flower when I bought them but I havent had any flowers as the pups are maybe not big enough. I like the look of the clump of pretty leaves in their pots.
To get the pups off it looks like I will have to tip the mums out and take off leaves to get at them. I may just leave them as they do look lovely even with no flowers.

I was looking up a few broms on the BCR and saw a few familiar names. On checking my lists I find I have a couple of broms which could be beautiful if I move them out from the back of the shadehouse.
neos Aussie Artistry vr Embers and olens Vulkan
I didnt realise I had them as they have been way in the back for a long time. I do have a nice pup on one so will repot it .

I was very surprised to see the color in the pics on the registry as mine are just green due to my awful neglect.
My excuse is that I really didnt know much about broms then. I will be nice to them now .

Better go as I have to get things done before leaving for shopping in Hamilton.

Have a great day.

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Good morning all,
thanks for the new thread Tash! I hadn't even noticed we'd gone into june! scarey! Very smart of you to get your minis from one seller. I usually try to find something from the same seller, to make the postage worthwhile, but more often then not, its only one plant that I want. I haven't listed on Ebay this month, and am not sure if i will again, as its been nice to have a couple of weeks off the headache of packaging and calculating postage!
Ian, i love your Guzmania 'Decora'. I am a bit partial to variegated Guzmanias, but they are a little cold tender. I have my G. whittmackii purple form (does it have a name?) inside, and once it has finished flowering, i hope to get a variegated pup, as the top section of mum has no variegation now. The seller did warn me it was unstable, but i was happy to get the purple flowering variety anyway.
Ian, what would you say was the standout moment for you, at the Cairns show? And how many seats did your plants take up in the bus? heh heh
Shirley, I am not into the football, but as we live in NSW, and hubby is born and bred here, I would have to support NSW. I often think the first two games are rigged to be won, one each, so that they can play the third deciding game, to rake in more money and get bums on seats, so the third game is really the one that counts isn't it? The most frustrating thing about it was it ruined a good night on telly, as i was hoping to watch the block! Sad!
Your broms are just so nice, and the shots in the previous thread were gorgeous! In the first photo, (in the previous thread) to the left, there was an orangey coloured one. Do you have a name on that one?
Trish, i forgot to answer your query about the potting mix. this is a new experiment for me. the guzmanias and vrieseas are currently in a very composted mix, which is like mud when its wet, and sets solid when dry. I use a cheaper brand of potting mix for some of my other types of plants and find it doesn't hold water as well as it could, so I am now repotting the Guz and Vrieseas into this, so that they get some water holding capacity, but not too much and not mud! I am only using this on the green leaved plants, and not on my foliage or collection vrieseas. These I have in a 50% mix of bark and the same potting mix, and they do quite well, but the greener ones don't thrive as i'd like. Anyway, the ones i am repotting would surely rot if i don't, so theres no harm in giving it a go and I'll let you all know how it pans out.
Just enough time to add a few more
Nev, I hope your Billbergia hybridising works as i think that is a stunning Billbergia. I also loved the N. 'Apricot Nectar' pics, and would pick photo two as being the best.
Bree, i would love some of your Sarracenias when you split them. Do you do it now or in spring? I have a pot full that has been deteriorating from year to year, so i have pulled them out, freshened up the soil, added some fert and replanted them. they are going dormant now, but hopefully in spring will come back better than before. Do you have many different ones or mostly the same type? i am happy to pay postage or send you something as a swap.
Anyway, really better get a wriggle on, things to do!
No pics today, but will try to get some later. I know, i know, you've heard it all before.

north coast nsw, Australia

Sarracenias like to grow in peat moss(not coco peat), i use a peat moss, sand and sometimes perlite mix. I dont fertilise mine at all, they dont like much. And i sit mine in kitty litter trays full of water, lowering the water in winter as they can rot if kept in deep water and cold. Mine a full of weeds/grass so im repotting now as ive had to repot them to get the weeds out. hehe!
I dont really want anymore plants but ill just bring you some down next time i go to Coffs or i can post if you'd rather i box them up and sent you a paypal invoice for just the postage. I do have alot of different ones, i have most thats in that photo i posted last.
Hot August Night..i love the red edge the leaves have.

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Hi all, Did you southerners steal the sun as well as win the game" It happens may the best team win. Personaly I wouldn't cross the street to watch it.
Sue the highlight was a presentation on growing Tills from seed. This started off with a general display of several Tills but only the epiphitic types, Then moved on to flowers and fertilising flowers to get seed which can take up to 12 months, planting the seed and growing them on to saleable plants. My favourite Til of the show was Til Duratii.It was 6 years old and flowering at the time. It is also perfumed.
I would have liked to have heard the presentation on photography but this was not to be.I was there, the speaker was there but I could not hear him.
My plants took up 3 seat spaces.My budget got well and truly blown, but what the heck, it is only money.One cannot always buy the pleasure of the plants one loves.
Bree do your Sarrcenias eat mosquitoes or at least attract them for food. I like Hot August night.
Nev That is a beautiful Bil. I looked at Skotacs Tiger but was not impressed with it enough to buy it. Most of the growers up there fertilise heavily in comparison with me. I know that I could do more but I don't want mostly green plants.Some of the Bills there on the new varieties table( that I didn't photograph) were to die for but out of my budget range.
Enough for tonight, have a good one
Pic 1 Vr fenestralis
Pic 2 Vr Ro ro or is it Highway beauty. Even the experts have trouble telling.
Pic 3 Vr sunset
Pic 4 Ae Dark Goddess
Ae purpurea-rosa. I love the teeth. Don't need a chainsaw with it around

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Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Quick one tonight as just go home from work and it's clocking on 8pm, I am well and truly buggered, have had early starts and late finishes these past couple of days with another early start tomorrow... Anyway long weekends nearly here as well as our Show Day public holiday after that so we are really looking forward to some chill out time.

Tash thanks heaps for starting June thread, very nice of you.

Apologies everyone I will have to catch-up with everyone hopefully tomorrow night sometime as well as over the long weekend and reply to threads I have missed.

Better get some dinner on before I eat my own arm.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


PS; spoke to my lovely Mum on my drive home tonight and Mum said she potted up all the broms I sent her as well as trayed up 8 EIGHT x large trays of Neo' seeds, said it took her 4hrs as had trouble seeing the little seeds and popped the left over seed in the FREEZER, I know, when I told her Fridge not Freezer she was like "Oh No, can I defrost them?" he he. Also the "8" x trays of Neo's Mum potted up were all of the same Neo'. I had given Mum extra seed to share with her friends but Mum froze that lot so if the seeds germinate Mum will give some of the trays to her friends to try and raise. Like Mother Like Daughter I think I have created a bit of a Bromeliad Addict in her and I am thrilled to bits LOL.

north coast nsw, Australia

Ian my Sarracenias are usually full of wasps, flies, moths and most bugs i supose, they get attracted to the sticky pollen stuff and fall into the pitcher which has upwards facing hairs so the bug cant climb back out. Now that you say it ive ever seen bees in there, good but wonder why?
I love your Vr Ro ro ro/ Highway beauty and Sunset, i have these but they dont look as nice as yours.
1. White tough plant growing in full sun in winter then my peach grows back to cover it in summer. 2. Shining the red under. 3. I love Vriesea saundersii

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

Nev, hope you managed to get your front garden makeover finished without rain interruption.

Wasn’t a great footy game, was it … and it looks as though Gallen won’t get a suspension after all. Anyway, when Qld wins game two, it will make for an interesting game three.

Jean, hopefully your parcel should arrive tomorrow. Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip.

Sue, there is an orangey coloured neo on the right in pic 1 and I’m pretty sure that’s Lambert’s Pride … I will check tomorrow.

Trish, hope you still have two arms. Your mum sounds lovely, I hope her seeds germinate well for her.

Feeling a bit poorly tonight, think I’m coming down with a cold, though at the moment it feels more like ‘man flu’

More group shots, I’m afraid

Bye for now, Shirley

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Hi everyone!!
I love everyones plants.The colors are just beautiful.


shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – It was a bit overcast and cloudy here yesterday but as yet none of the forecast rain so I was able to get a bit more of the make-over done; still a lot more though until it's finished.

Breeindy – I'd like to take you up on your offer of some carnivorous plants if you can spare me some. I grew them down here years ago in an old concrete laundry tub with the drain hole sealed over, and filled with Peat Moss to make a “bog”. I have a spot where they are out of the wind and get full sun from about 10.00am till 3.00pm. How do you grow yours? I'm quite happy to reimburse you the postal charges or swap them for brom seedlings (3”- 6” size) whatever you like.

Jean – I'm a bit surprised when you say that Vr. Splendens handles the cold weather down there OK as it doesn't do very well here at all and we don't get as cold as you would. Are you sure it's Vr. 'Splendens' ?(this is the species)?

There are quite a few others and once again they are quite a “can of worms”.

Probably the most commonly grown one is called Vr 'Splendriet' which is a c.v. of Vr. 'Splendens' and is said to handle the cold better. It was originally grown by “Corn. Bak” which is a huge brom nursery in the Netherlands (see:
They grew it from seed, and Vr Splendens is the seed parent but no “pollen parent's name is given”, so it could be crossed with anything. Vr. 'Splendriet' is probably the most widely circulated plant as it was tissue cultured in the millions and exported to countries all around the world including Australia and is commonly seen in Bunnings, K-Mart, BigW etc.

I have a plant of Vr. 'Splendriet', but even that struggles with the cold here. It does flower but the leaves usually cop a lot of cold damage.

Removing the pups isn't that easy, it's a bit like trying to get the pups of Guz 'Sanguinea' and you quite often end up destroying the mother while doing it. I had two plants, one I tried to remove the pups from and buggered it up and the second plant I just left in the pot and let it clump up and it rewarded me with multiple flower spikes (See pic.)

As for getting good colour into your brom's, a good general rule to follow is “more light equals improved colour”.

Sue – Sorry I can't help you with a name for your Guz. whittmackii purple form, I'm not really into Guzzies in a very big way and just have a few favourites. I think the one I like the best of all is the little mini variegated Guz. Lingulata with its brilliant scarlet flower which contrasts wonderfully against the white of the variegations. There are also plain coloured mini Lingulatas, and one which I have been after for years is the yellow form which I suspect hasn't reached Australia yet.

As for potting mixes; when I repotted my Guzzies last year I used a 50% Brunnings Orchid compost (which is mostly aged pine bark) mixed with 50% Coco Peat chunks. They seem to like it very much and are growing very well and the Coco Peat retains just enough moisture but is still well draining. I don't know how it would go though in areas that get a large annual rainfall as it may stay too damp.

I can't understand how you could possibly prefer “The Block” instead of the State of Origin Rugby League, or any Rugby League match for that matter, I mean it's not even a gardening show; just a very much “staged” renovation programme that somehow has sucked in thousands of viewers. You said you were hoping to watch “The Block”, so am I to understand that Bill exerted his authority and said “We're watching the footy and not the block”.....Good onya Bill.

Breeindy – Thanks for the growing tips for the Sarracenias. It must be a good mix as all of your plants look great and are growing well in it.

Three nice plants in your pic's today, I especially like the contrast between the inflorescence and the foliage in the Vr saundersii. That's also a great shot showing the under-leaf colour of the Ae. 'Shining Light'. Did you know that plants with bi-coloured leaves such as this are cold sensitive in cooler areas like down here where I live?.

Ian - It seems like you had a good time at the show even if your wallet is a bit lighter. You certainly got a good haul of plants and I hope they do well for you. You mention Skotak's Tiger; it's a beautiful plant if you have the right conditions to grow it well as it does need lots of strong light to really bring out that coloured pattern that looks a bit like the markings on a tiger. I can't get it to colour up very well down here as the light isn't intense enough even if I grow it right out in the open, so I think I'll leave it to the growers further north.

I like your Vriesea 'Sunset', it's a beautifully coloured plant but I'm afraid you'll have to change the name to Vriesea 'Kent's Sunset' as that's what it's now registered as. I understand there are two “Sunsets” and this was done to avoid confusion.

I wasn't familiar with the Ae purpureorosea so I looked it up on the species list at FCBS. It is a Brazilian species which has beautiful flowers, but wow look at the spikes! As you say, you could use it as a chain saw! Maybe you should start a garden just for “pricklies” and call it your “Lacerator Garden”

Trish – What's this about a “Show Day public holiday”, is there something we southerners are missing out on?

Work, work, work – it seems to me you need to slow down a bit, as they say “stop and smell the roses”. What good is making a good wage by over work if you run yourself into the ground and can't enjoy it?

It seems like your Mum is really getting into the seed growing side of things Trish. If she's having trouble seeing the little seeds, maybe you should get her a double lens eye loupe of the type used by stamp collectors. We used them when I worked in the ambulance room for seeing to remove foreign bodies from eyes.

Shirley – No I didn't get the garden finished yet, still quite a lot to do yet and I find the hardest part is selecting the right plants to make it interesting. To some people this just comes naturally but not me, it's one big decision making exercise.

Yes the game was a bit of a disappointment wasn't it? I thought giving Gallen the responsibility of captain may have tamed him a bit, but no, the “thug” element is still there, just like his earlier playing days. They say they want to stamp violence out of league, but they're just not “fair dinkum” are they? If that had been a club game, Gallen would have got two or three weeks suspension, maybe even more with his past history as a “hit man”, but like Sue says, it's all about “bums on seats” and if they suspend the captain well that would stuff things up for the bean counters wouldn't it?. I'll stick to the non-violent hobby of growing brom's thanks.

Cody – It's great to see someone new posting. Tell us a bit about yourself and if you grow brom's, post a few pic's so we can enjoy your plants also.

That's me done for today and the pic's today are Pic.1 (just for Jean) is my Vr. 'Splendriet', Pic.2 is a side view of my Vr. 'Red Chestnut', Pic.3 is Vr. 'That's Gold', Pic.4 is Vr. 'Grafton Sunset' and Pic.5 is Vr. Guttata.

All the best, Nev

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Hi Splinter1804 thanks,I was TheAngelGirl,before southgal.I had all those plants.Most of them was my exhusband plants.I dont garden any more.I just enjoy the pictures that everyone post.Love your plants,they are very nice.


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Merino, Australia

Nev. you are right . My plants must be vr. splenriet.
I imagine they both are , but as you see in pic...1, one is light green with dark bands and the other dark green with light bands. They have always lived together so no difference in light for them.
I bought them from different places so maybe just one of those plants that has lots of variations.
The darker one had a flower when I bought it so I checked the pic and it is vr. splenriet.
pic 2... is the flower and the awful condition he was in , sitting out in the hot sun at the nursery.
I love the foliage whether they flower or not.. They seem to love it here cold or hot.

Shirley, a lovely parcel arrived, thank you so much.
What is the chubby red fellow in the front of your pic 2 ? He's very handsome.

Better get myself moving as we have a visitor coming for the weekend.

Hello to everyone else and I hope you all have a great weekend.


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barmera, Australia

Hi everyone. Lovely pics once again. I have a few more pics to put up of my mess. Shirley on the last thread you asked what the little red brom was. It's blushing tiger. I have a busy long weekend coming up . The boys are always doing something and we have to pick up the little girl so that her father can see her. I'm being mediator for her otherwise he wouldn't get to see her. Just a family friend and I do believe that kids should see their parents if the parents are willing. Nothing much to repot so will just put up a couple of pics. Colleen

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Hi all, I didn't do anything again today in the garden. Too stuffed after work.
Bree there is a trick of light on Ro ro, it is actually a cream colour that the camera did not pick up. I want a plant that assinates mosquitoes mostly and other bugs secondary. We had mossies before I started collecting broms and now they have more places to hide before attacking me.Ros bought the Guzzies just so that I have more work to do. They are nice though and work well as a table decoration. I will not throw them out when flowering is finished as some people do.
Nev, I was dissapointed with the colour of Skotacks Tiger and it was a big plant about 2' round, just too much green. I will change the name of Vr sunset to Kents sunset. Lacerator garden sounds good, better than what I had been thinking,A garden of pricks. I saw Ae shogun in Cairns and it has a problem there of being a strappy plant also is cold intolerant. It is another Chantinii hybrid. Pretty though.
Cody glad to see that you are enjoying our pics.
Sue I have no idea of what name could be right for your Purple Guz Whitmackia.
Have a good one.
Pic 1 Ae Vin rosa
pic 2 Guz Cococabana
Pic 3 Guz Hilda
Pic 4 Neo mini Vagans
Pic 5 Neophytum Gallactic warrior

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Hi everyone.
Sorry I've been awol again. we've been away for a short break in our little motorhome. So glad we forked out for a new annex as we called in to see Peter Tristram and came away with 3 boxes of plants so they happily lived in the annex. each morning we unzipped the windows and let the sun shine in on them and at night we zipped it back up and it was actually nice and warm in the annex as well as the van. a couple of nights the wind came up and vans around us had their owners out winding the awnings back in so they wouldn't blow the vans around. other years we've had to do that too but this year the annex kept it all nice and snug and secure.

I couldn't check this site in the parks ats the free wifi doesn't last long at all. just checking emails was sometimes enough to run out. other times just opening a few pics in facebook albums would use up the credit. I only purchased a little bit of credit for the turbo stick just to get it activated but not enough to waste opening all sorts of things. it is hard to catch pu on reading all the back posts again. what i've seen of the pics are stunning though.

Welcome back Cory. doesn't matter what name you go by as long as you check in and make a few comments now and then so we know you are appreciating our posts.

Nev Johnny stil says we will get down your way one day. we are limited in how far we can go at the moment as we have to be back here every 4 weeks for Johnny's treatment. we only had 2 weeks to use this time but we stumbled on Evans Head for the last week. what a stunning place to stay. nicest caravan park we've ever stayed in and there is beach fishing as well as river fishing right there at the mouth. after the first day getting wet Johnny tried the rock fishing at the mouth next day and caught so many more nice sized bream so every day after that he could be found on the rock wall. I was almost glad to say I had the flu and would stay nice and warm in the van reading instead of sitting in the wind and possible rainy showers. if the sun came out I sometimes went for a walk tocheck on him or walk to the shops but mostly I sat in the sun reading. had a lovely break away from everything. I guess I was lucky Johnny wanted to check out Peter Tristrams smudge grubs so I got to see some broms there but he is so expensive for his plants. Johnny ended up wanting to go because he was scared to ask for something he liked in case the price made his jaw drop. we got a nice vr called purple ice. I think he has registered it as Jen looked it up to see what it was like. I'll have to get a pic myself for my files. also got a nice bigeneric of hiero x alc geniculata I think it was. should be a very big plant when fully grown. I'll get some pics for you all and post them soon. we still haven't repotted all our new babies. we are out of potting mix at present and have so many things to do before we have the ute free for a load.

We came home right into a family crisis and now have our grandson living with us through week and have to do the school run in the morings. can't relax with our feet up and enjoy that morning cuppa now as we have to get him dressed, fed and ready for school then get out of our gate before the school traffic jam. now we have his mum threatening to turn up to get her kids back. she is living with a couple of bikies so we are concerned about her threats and if she will actually do something. she wasn't even living with the kids. they were in a different house. she is only upset because now she doesn't have the older ones to babysit the 3 little ones. that's why she wants them back. anyhow I'm looking forward to a day off with Jen and Sue tomorrow. we are going to Len & Cheryl Waites here in Brisbane. they have some really nice stuff so should ahve lots of pics tomorrow night for you.

must be off to bed now so I can be up and ready when Sue picks me up in the morning.
Night all.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi everyone,

Cody, welcome to our friendly little forum, it’s always great to see a new ‘face’.

Nev, I get really annoyed when I hear a minority saying things like ‘bring back the biff’ in rugby league … hardly encouraging good sportsmanship in the younger players, is it.

My vr Guttata has never flowered, I didn’t know it had a pendulous flower.

Jean, glad your parcel arrived safely. That’s neo Purple Star in the middle of pic 2.

Colleen, thanks for the ID on the neo. Certainly sounds like the boys keep you on your toes.

Ian, I know I have Ae Vin Rose somewhere out there, I will have to find it and take a pic. I think mine looks a bit different, maybe thinner leaves … not sure.

Wendy, sounds like you had a nice break away. What is the name of the caravan park you stayed in at Evans Head and do you know if it was dog friendly. We have been thinking about having some time away and maybe we will go south for a change … not sure yet though.

I have seen pics of vr Smudge Grub, very nice … did you get one of those? Looking forward to seeing your new pics.

What a shame you had to come home to family drama, now you’re all stressed out again and need another break away. Enjoy your day out with Jen and Sue tomorrow.

Sorry, no pics tonight from me, still feeling crook … definitely ‘man flu’ I’ve got this time.

Bye for now, Shirley

Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Time to catch-up on all the treads I have missed these past couple of maniac days I have had at work. This long weekend could not have come at a better time as most people have been sick at work with head colds, I have been fighting a sore throat off and on for the past couple of weeks but have been having a teaspoon of honey straight up in the morning before I go to work which has really helped. I have also been going for a 1hr walk during my lunch break with a friend to get a bit of fresh air and get away from work, air-conditioning and to clear my head a bit which has been great and in the process I have managed to lose another 3kg’s which I’m thrilled to bits about.

Ian pleased to hear you had a great time in Cairns; looks like you also picked-up some beautiful broms at the conference, you did well and came home with some great choices. I too have Vriesea RoRo I think? But I don’t have Vriesea Highway Beauty to try and compare the two.

Hi Shirley fantastic pics you posted on 04/06 and 05/06, could you tell me please what’s the Vriesea very bottom right-hand-corner in Pic 3 from post on 04/06; it’s lovely?

Shirley I hope you’re feeling better real soon as nothing worse than feeling like crap with the “Man Flue” he he. I still have both my arms thanks for asking, I can’t believe how hungry I was when I got home from work LOL. Thanks yes my Mum is such a lovely person and we have a lot in common when it comes to our passion for gardening which is great.

Nev the Vriesea’s you asked about - middle plant with light coloured centre at the rear of Pic 1 I posted on 04/06 is Vr. ‘Milky Way’ (Jack Koning), it has got the widest of leaves that I truly adore. The large Vriesea in Pic 4 I posted on 04/06 is Vr. ‘Kiwi Cream’ starting to colour up.

Nev how stunning were the pics you shared with us on 04/06 which you called the “many faces of Neo’ ‘Apricot Nectar’. Nev I was thrilled to bits to see you post pics on 6/7 of Vrieseas; they look amazing and it was great to see all those beautiful flowers on most of them.

Nev thanks I am trying not to overdo things at work but unfortunately we are currently preparing for a big shutdown in July so am madly trying to coordinate and run endless meetings, chase quotes, award contracts and organise contractors before the shutdown well and truly kicks in. Things should start to quieten down towards mid to end of August hopefully so I can look at taking some time off after that as I want to get my Mum over for holidays which would be nice. Until then I am just going to have to grin and bear it for a while. Joe has been great though helping heaps around the house and cooking me beautiful dinners and our weekends are as stress free as possible which is nice.

Hi Tash I too adore the Vriesea Splendens / Splenriet type broms, they really are something different and look great amongst all the different bromeliads. I think they are very eye-catching and I often have friends ask if I have any spares available.

Tash thanks for sharing that you plant all your broms in Quincan. I use either the Cymbidium and Bromeliad mix I buy from Bunning’s but throw in some extra Charcoal and Jumbo Perlite or make my own mix which usually comprises of course Orchid Mix, Charcoal, Jumbo Perlite and I usually throw some washed stones in of some sort (Quincan, River-pebble or Gravel washed) whatever I have on hand at the time for both mixes.

Tash nice looking fresh pup of Neo’ ‘Perfection’ you posted on the 04/06.

Hi Bree, fantastic Orchid pic you have used as your Profile pic. Joe has just had one similar type but different flower that I will post a pic of over the weekend.

Bree I luv carnivorous plants and have about 3 x Pitcher Catcher Plants that I have had for a couple of years. I would luv some spares if you are thinking of dividing them up? I am more than happy to pay postage or send you something as a swap? My Pitcher Catchers plants are in hanging pots, I hear you can take cuttings off them but if you don’t do it right you can kill the whole plant so have been too scared to try so instead just buy smaller ones if I want more of the same. I did print off some articles off the Net on how to take cuttings but chickened out trying he he. What sort of summer temps can your Sarracenia take? I had one a couple of years ago that did well, flowered and then died (did manage to take pic though); I was so disappointed and to this day did not know what I did wrong? Its pot sat in a tray of water in the nursery and I never let the pot dry out.

Hi Sue thanks for answering my question about the potting mixes you use, I find it so interesting to read what everyone uses, it is just such an interesting topic to talk about and I would luv to hear how you go with the different methods you are currently trying out.

Hi Jean sounds like your Vr. Splendrite is multiplying well, mine have not pupped yet but are doing well.

Hi Cody, a BIG Welcome to you, sounds like you’re into gardening, do you like bromeliads as well as grow them? Would be great to hear what your hobbies are.

Hi Colleen nice pics you posted on 7/6, your Vrieseas look so healthy and happy.

Hi Wendy great to hear from you and that you and Johnny had a nice break away, sorry to hear you had to come home to family drama, especially hard when children are involved. Really looking forward to seeing pics of all your beautiful new broms, I think I have seen a pic of Vriesea ‘Purple Ice’ somewhere before and was blown away by its beauty so would like to see a pic when you get a chance. Have a fantastic day with Jen and Sue tomorrow; sure you will have an awesome day together.

Anyway time to head, just past midnight and I don’t want to sleep the day away if I can help it as have plenty to do in the garden and want to make the most of the long weekend.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 & 2 – Vr. ‘Milky Way’ (Jack Koning) Adore the wide leaves on this one.
Pic 3 – Pups popping up everywhere on this Vriesea - 6 x Pups in total, one already taken off about a month ago.
Pic 4 – Vr’ ‘Maroochy Scarlet Rose’
Pic 5 – Vr’ ‘Fantasy x Illusion’

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – I managed to get a little bit more work done on the make-over yesterday. I'm trying to include some of the larger prickly Aechmeas that I currently have growing in pots on a bench as by doing this, the prickles will be out of the way and it will give me more bench space for some of my the smaller plants. Unfortunately, to accommodate them I have to dump a few large clumps of Portea Petropolitania Extensa which have been getting larger and larger each year until they now threaten to take over the whole garden. I can now start to see a bit of progress as I have the ute three parts full of unwanted plants so I must be making some progress.

Cody – Please keep dropping in and feel free to comment or ask questions any time you feel like it. Who knows, you might even become infected with “bromeliaditis” like the rest of us.

Jean – Whatever your two plants are (Splendens or Splendriet) they look nice and healthy and I'm sure they'll flower for you when they're good and ready.

Colleen – It seems like you're going to have your hands full for the long weekend. I have to agree with you, kids definitely do need to see both parents if at all possible. I know there are some circumstances where this wont work out but if possible they should stay in contact. That's the sad thing about marriage break-ups, it's always the poor bloody kids who seem to suffer one way or the other. Colleen, I know with you being the mediator everything will be in good hands and you have my admiration for the great job you're doing raring those two young grandsons of yours.

Ian – I've always found that 'Highway Beauty' or 'Ro Ro' which ever they are, always seem to be difficult to photograph and capture the true colour; mind you, I'm no photographer either.

With the Skotak's Tiger, I've seen pic's of some beautifully coloured specimens, but I've also seen pic's of some very uninteresting ones which were mostly just different shades of green.

I think “Guzzies” are a good investment because they can be used in lieu of a vase of flowers for months and months and are certainly a better investment than buying bunches of flowers. Some of the Vrieseas are in a similar category and can be used in the same way for long periods. When they finish, just re-pot them and add a bit of fertiliser and wait until next year when the process can be repeated. The downside with Guzzies though, is that some are a bit cold tender and some are also quite large growers, but if “mini's” are your thing, they do come in miniature as well (See pic1). I like the Guz 'Cococabana' in your pic and haven't seen it before, but I have Guz.'Hilda ' which is one of my favourites and which flowers reliably every year.

Wendy – I'm getting hungry just thinking of all the fish that Johnny caught, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I know I would have.

Vriesea 'Purple Ice' was grown from imported Hawaiian seed which was raised by Cheryl Basic of Queensland. For anyone wanting to read all about it, you can do so at:

Sorry to hear you came home and walked into a family crisis, however your grandson is lucky he has two grand parents who can look after him as a lot of kids in similar situations don't.

I can't wait to see pic's of what you Jen and Sue end up bringing home from your brom hunting expedition, gee I pity the poor seller with you three haggling and beating down the prices. I saw a friend of mine once demonstrate how to deal with price hagglers; he was selling some parrots which were $120 per pair; the buyers said, “how about $100” and Alf said “ how about $140”. When they saw they weren't getting anywhere haggling with Alf they said, “alright $120”. Alf, as quick as a flash came back with “No, they're $140 now, remember you started the price adjusting”. In the end they didn't buy them but Alf said he really didn't want to sell them anyway and besides he enjoyed teaching these blokes not to haggle with him over prices.

Shirley – I don't think we will ever see the “biff” removed completely from league as it's a contact sport and tempers flare from time to time; but there's a real difference between a punch thrown in the heat of the moment and a pre-meditated attack like we saw the other night. On his own admission Gallen said the things that caused the “flare up” have been going on in other previous games, so it was an obvious pre-planned “get even” and not a “spur of the moment” thing.

A little word of warning about Vr. Guttata, the grasshoppers love it. I had a plant the year before last which had five beautiful flower spikes on it and as it was late in the afternoon when I noticed it I decided to take some pic's of it the next day. When I went out with my camera the next morning all five spikes were hanging crookedly where a grasshopper had chewed three quarters of the way through the spikes as well as munching on quite a few areas of the buds as well. I never got the grasshopper but decided “there's always next year”.

When next year finally came and the spikes were just starting to emerge from the foliage, a pair of Spotted Honey Eaters decided to build their nest right in the middle of the plant and rear their young. The act of going in and out of the plant whilst building the nest broke off the spikes yet again and the same thing happened the following year. By the time the young had left the nest the plant was a bit of a mess so I ended up dividing and re-potting it. So maybe next year I'll get some more flowers before the grasshoppers or Honey Eaters do.

Trish – Thanks for the ID's, I thought that plant looked a bit like 'Milky Way' or one of its hybrids, and as you say, it has beautiful wide leaves, but unfortunately it's too rich for my budget.

I like your Vr. ‘Fantasy' x 'Illusion’, is that one of Jack's hybrids also?

Time to go and have some breakfast in readiness for a bit more gardening before the forecast rain arrives Pic.1 is my little miniature Gus Lingulata variegata, Pic2 is Vr. Sanderiana flowers, Pic.3 is Vr. Flava, Pic.4 is Vr. Carinata and Pic. 5 is a close up of Vr. Carinata flower

All the best, Nev.

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north coast nsw, Australia

Wendy- Evens Head isnt to far from me. My bf actually lived there when he was at school (a long time ago) hehe! his dad owned a motel there when he was growing up.

Brisbane, Australia

Hi all, it’s still raining on and off here, it seems ages since we had a nice sunny day.

Trish, hope you are feeling better now that the long weekend has arrived, I’m still feeling like crap!!

The vriesea you asked about from 04/06 is Vr Speckles X Milky Way (Hastings Grex). It is one of my favourites … or maybe that should be three of my favourites, as I actually have three of the same cross purchased at different times that all look different and are all very nice, I’ll post pics of the three.

Nev, good luck with your Vr Guttata spikes next year.

Bree, love your new profile pic.

My three pics tonight are all Vr Speckles x Milky Way, my favourite is the middle one

Bye for now, Shirley

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Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

We had a great day in the garden today, first we went for our morning walk on the beach which was really lovely and then I spent the rest of the day in the back garden with the broms and gave them all a good flush out, got rid of old leaves on all of them and put a good pile of broms aside for taking off pups which I plan to start working on tonight to get a head start on them and again tomorrow after we get back from our local Market and Bunnings to pick up some more supplies that I’m running low on.

Hi Nev pleased to hear you got to do a bit more gardening done with the make-over you are currently working on, would luv to see pics when you get a chance. It’s great that this will free you up some bench space for your smaller plants. Hope the rain stays away so you can get all you want achieved.

Nev in relation to your question about if my Vriesea ‘Fantasy x Illusion’ is one of Jacks Hybrids, this one came with no history whatsoever from the seller. Vriesea ‘Fantasy’ is Red Chestnut x ? by Buchanan ? Vriesea ‘Illusion’ is Royal Hawaiian x ?, H1, by K. Petersen.

Nev what lovely pics you posted of all those Vrieseas in flower, I especially like the flower on Vr. ‘Flava’, what a pretty one that is.

Hi Shirley feeling much better today thanks, nothing beats a bit of fresh air and being surrounded by heaps of beautiful bromeliads full of life and colour. Although I went to bed late last night I managed to wake up bright and early this morning before the birds had sung their first morning song. Sorry to hear that you are still feeling like Crap!!! (like you said), now that definitely does sound like a case of ‘man flue’ you have with that attitude he he. No seriously Shirley I hope you feel much better soon and would blink it away if I could.

Shirley thanks for posting pics of the Vriesea I asked about, Vr. ‘Speckles x Milky Way’ (Hastings Grex), all three that you have are stunning and I adore the wide leaves on all of them.

Anyway I better head and start on these broms.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 to 5 - Vrieseas happy basking in the morning sun

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Another nice fine day here yesterday despite the forecast for rain. Anyway, I got a bit more of the make-over done and took a very over-loaded ute to the tip. I've now planted all of the larger type brom's at the rear of the garden near the fence and all I have to do now is to fill in all of the remaining area.

Breeindy – That's a nice profile pic of the orchid with the light behind it, it is most attractive as you've capture the light “just right”.

Shirley – Sorry to hear you're still feeling “crook”. Maybe when the rain goes away and the sun comes out you will feel better once more.

Your three Vriesea seedlings are all “beauts” and it's hard to pick a winner. At this stage I think the one in the centre certainly wins the “colour stakes” and the one in the first pic get the prize for shape with those nice wide leaves. The plant in pic three I think will be the best of the bunch when it matures and colours up as I suspect it will, and I also suspect it could have a bit of Platynema Variegata in the blood line somewhere judging by the coloured leaf tips. Obviously we all have different tastes but that's the way I see it.

Trish – That's an interesting pedigree in your Vriesea ‘Fantasy' x 'Illusion’, is it a mature plant or does it have a bit more growing to do before it reaches maturity? If so I think it will colour up a bit more and I would be interested in seeing another pic when it does mature.

Vriesea 'Flava' is a Brazilian species and although not a very big plant is interesting in the fact that the whole of the “paddle” and the flowers are all yellow. It's a pretty good grower for a species and regularly outs up plenty of pups.

That's a nice collection of plants in the pic's you have posted and I especially like the gravel mulch you have on top; it really sets them off.

I'll finish today with a few more old pic's with Pic's 1, 2 and 3 showing a few different Ae Orlandianas, Pic.4 shows a couple of Ae Pineliana minuta plants and Pic 5 is Aechmea Fasciata Rubra.

All the best, Nev

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north coast nsw, Australia

I only just realised you could have a profile pic or i already would have. ha!

Coffs Harbour, Australia

Good morning all.
Wow, lots going on!
bree, drop in when next you are coming this way. Save us both the postage money, as neither you or I will benefit from that, and maybe you can find something here for a worthy swap? Thanks for the info on the Pitcher plants. Maybe I should remove the pot from the water over winter? I love your profile pic. I will have to find something appropriate for me, then work out how to add it!
Trish, I have one potted hanging Pitcher plant, that I grew from cuttings. I took them in spring, and cut them at about 25-30cm from the tip of the plant and they did well. The stock plant did not even notice they had been removed. I had no idea that they were supposed to be tricky, so maybe I'm just lucky? It is now about 4-5 yeas old and winding its way through the shadehouse, so maybe I will try some cuttings in spring, and see if I have the same luck?
Nev, I am looking forward to some pics of the garden reno/tidy.
No, hubby is not footy mad. He will check the score from time to time but knows I love the reno shows. I am aware of he scripted footage, but still enjoy the outcomes and love to see the different design styles on both 'House Rules' and 'The Block' I usually only get to watch them when hubby has an early night, as he is usually master of the remote!
Ian, all I can do is laugh. 'Garden of pricks' heh heh.
Colleen, enjoy the weekend with family.
Jean, your Splendens/splenreits are doing well. I have one hat has severly marked in the last week, and think it is more likely the cold AND wet, rather than just cold that has affected it.
Shirley, I hope you can recover from that dreadful MAN FLU! I bet it is given you the worst cold of your life, and of course the same symptoms, seen worldwide, where you can't stop whinging and moaning about it and nothing makes it better! heh heh
Wendy, it was good catching up with you and Jen yesterday, although I never manage to spend anytime in your collection! I am going to have to make it a priority next time. I hope you re feeling better and don't work too hard for everyone else. Take some time out for number one (thats you)
Yesterday, Wendy, Jen and I went to Len and Cheryl Waites nursery, and then had lunch at the pub, then onto their house for a tour of the gardens and plants. I took a few photos, but not enough! They were so accomodating and full of information. The plants were well grown and well coloured and something eye catching everywhere you looked, and not often heard, were the words, 'No, thats not for sale' although I think Jen pushed the limits. LOL.
We took up nearly all their day, and left with about 10 minutes of daylight to spare. I was very strong, and only bought a few nice plants home, as, if I buy everything in one place, I will have no need to visit others. lucky I had the wagon, because there would have been no room for Wendy and Jen amongst their boxes of broms!
I highly recommend, if you are thinking of heading north of brisbane on the Bruce Highway, to look them up and call in. Jen, Wendy and myself have their contact details so Dmail us if interested. Their prices are well suited to the quality of plant, which means you won't feel afraid to ask. they did have a few beauties that are reasonably hard to get, and new releases, and that is something to look forward to in the future.
The garden was beautiful, with a dry climate area of succulents and cactus (that I know Shirley would love) garden paths winding amongst tall trees, dripping with Spanish Moss, and cloaked in Philodendrons. Swathes of cordylines in all colours (many I had never seen before) and underplantings of Anthuriums, and bromeliads everywhere. There were also interesting, realistic rock formations, formed from timber, chicken wire and concrete, and embellished with plants, and all with a stunning backdrop created by a lake/wet lands full of birdlife. It was quite beautiful.
Anyway, i will see what photos I have to share and will post a few more over the next couple of days. Unfortunately (kicking mself) I only took these couple of garden shots.
Photo one is the fairys at the Bottom of 'Talbot Lodge' (Len and Cheryls property)
Photo two is one of the many rock formations
Photo three is part of the dry garden, with a Deuterachonia clump in the centre (must check spelling)
Photo four is Neoregelia 'Donna' which I purchased a stunning plant of
Photo five is Neo. 'Magali' which is huge, although even with my hand in the photo, it doesn't give you a good idea just how big and blousy it is. No, they aren't parting with these! heh heh
Have a good weekend everyone

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Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Had a fantastic time in the garden today separating lots of pups and re-potting broms. Started at 11am and finished 8pm with a stop for lunch and dinner. Managed to get up early enough to go to the Market but it was raining so I jumped back into bed for another hour and then we went to the Markets a little later. Brought 1 x brom from the Market, some sort of NOID? Will post a pic tomorrow to see if anyone has any ideas? Then after than we went to Bunnings’ to pick-up supplies which I have pretty much nearly already chewed through today potting up brom after brom after brom he he. I did manage to buy a nice Neo’ from there that I will post a picture of tomorrow that I also discovered had a small pup hidden in one of the lower leaves so I was pleased about that.

Hi Nev sounds like your garden makeover is nearly finished; I can’t wait to see some picks of the end result please.

Nev I agree that Vriesea ‘Fantasy x Illusion’ is an interesting pedigree. I have only had the plant since mid-August 2012. It was a good sized pup when I first received, with a good root system. I too believe it still has a lot more colouring up to do and more growing to do and am more than happy to re-post a picture as this happens.

Nev thanks for providing more info on Vriesea ‘Flava’, not one I have seen before and I really adore the “paddle” as you described, just such a pretty flower that really stands out being such a bright sunny pretty yellow.

Nev glad to hear you liked the gravel mulch I use around my broms, I have been doing this for years and they seem to luv it. Top and bottom I use gravel in the pot and it really helps stabalise the broms so they can set root quickly. I do make sure that I wash the gravel with Mancazeb Fungicide before using to ensure that I get rid of any bacteria, dust or impurities.

Nev lovely pics you posted of all the prickly Aechmea, I reckon they look great in the right spot if positioned right so as not to get attacked by them he he. I have mine growing in our front garden bed and they seem to luv it there as they get plenty of light, not that I have that many though but I do like them apart from when they prick me in the arse sometimes when I’m weeding the garden bed LOL. If I had to pick a favourite out of the pics you posted it would have to be Ae. ‘Fasciata Rubra’, what a pretty one that on is.

Hi Sue, great to hear you had a lovely trip / time with Wendy and Jen at the Waites Nursery, thanks for sharing pics with us, especially luved Pic 1 of the Fairies hiding in the garden, too funny, laughed my head off when I opened the pic up bigger. Also luved the pics you posted of those two big magnificent neos; they are HUGE looking broms and so healthy looking with such amazing vibrant colour.

Sue thanks for your advice on taking cuttings off Pitcher Catchers, I have written this down for future reference in case I get the guts to take cuttings from them someday. On the odd occasion I find them at Bunnings’ nice and cheap $4 to $7, when they look like they are at the point of needing saving, so I have increased my collection of some of them by doing so which is great without spending a fortune as at some nurseries they fetch between $30 to $60 dollars, so I keep my eye out for bargains when I can.

Anyway time to head and see what EBay is doing?

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 – Neo’ ‘Old Love Letters’ (pup)
Pic 2 – Neo’ ‘Sunset’
Pic 3 – Neo’ ‘Smithii’
Pic 4 – Neo’ ‘Rio Grande’ luv this one because of the heavy purple markings and flushed centre coming through
Pic 5 – Neo’ ‘Gympie Fair’ (mini)

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Coffs Harbour, Australia

good morning, just you and me Trish?
sounds like you had a very productive day AND found a couple of bargains while out at the markets and bunnings.
I love N. 'Old Love Letters' its just got that colour that reminds me of antiques, or old fashioned roses.
The two fairies in question, have yet to comment on the photo. I do hope they get a giggle as well? heh heh.
Well, I'm heading back home today with my box of boms, and I also dropped into Bunnings, just for a look. they had a few more Bromeliads than NSW stores, but the Neos were quite green and strappy, and unnamed, but I suspect there was a N. 'Kahala Dawn' or N, 'Pemiento' in there, both of which, I have. The foliage Vrieseas were quite pricey, although large, but not highly/heavily patterened enough for my liking.
Anyway, I will add a couple more pics from Saturdays outing and then I'd better get up and get started on the drive home.
photo one is N. carcharodon. Isn't the centre huge? Its like a bird bath!
Photo two is a selected clone of N. 'Gold Fever'. It is so different to any I have seen, and just gorgeous
photo three is N. 'Julia' another nice, large beauty.
Photo four is N. 'Talbot Splash' OMG I'd love to own this one!
Photo five is an unamed Neo, or should I say, unlabelled?
Till tomorrow.....or the next day, Sue

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shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Another nice day yesterday but unfortunately it didn't result in any more work on the make-over as it was the monthly running day at the Light Rail Museum at which I had to attend. However today is supposed to be similar (weather wise) so hopefully I'll get some more done and maybe even finish the job.

While I was sorting the remaining bench plants with savage prickles the other day I came across another plant which I had forgotten about, Ae. Ornata var. Nationalis. I had given most of these plants away as although they are an attractive plant with equally attractive flowers, they do have extremely vicious spikes. I had just kept a small pup (mainly because it's a species) which I now find has since grown into quite a large plant with a pup of its own.

I didn't notice how much it had grown as it was right at the back a bench which was built off the fence and there was a row of Ae Orlandianas hanging in front of it and another row of Neoregelias hanging in front of them so it wasn't easily seen.

Anyway I tossed up whether I would chuck it in the green bin or keep it, and finally decided (because it's a species and there's not a lot of it around down here) to plant it right at the back against the fence where hopefully no one will be spiked by it, and that's where the make-over finished on Saturday afternoon.

Sue – I'm interested in what you say about taking cuttings from your Pitcher Plant, can you tell us what sort it was and more specific detail on how you did it please; some pic's would be good also.

I had to laugh when you said that Bill is the master of the remote. It reminded me of our previous next door neighbour who was very uneducated in the way of remotes and other electronic conveniences, and like me, didn't even own a mobile phone. He also claimed to be the “Master” of the remote until his wife piped up and told the story of the night he said the remote was broken and wouldn't change the channels. It turned out he was using his wife's mobile phone instead of the remote.

As for Ian's “Garden of Pricks”, I know a few pricks I'd like to plant in the garden, (the Saturday Night ones who trash the letter boxes and street signs as they walk home from the pub and the club)

It sounds like you had a good “Brom Crawl” with Jen ans Wendy. I liked your pic of the “bearded fairies at the bottom of the garden” but would have preferred to see one of the “Three Musketeers”.

Thanks for sharing the pic's with us, I especially liked the Neo. 'Donna' but was very disappointed to find that the BCR doesn't list the name of the hybridiser, the name of the person registering the hybrid or either of the plant's parents. I ask the question; “How can you register a plant without this information”? Perhaps from the remaining information given we can surmise that Grant Groves was the hybridiser?
See :

On the other hand, the second Neo pictured is registered as a Grant Groves' hybrid using Neo. 'Lila' as the seed parent and Neo. 'Meyemdorffii' as the pollen parent
See :

Trish – It seems like you got a lot more done in the garden than I did plus you fitted in a trip to the markets and Bunnings as well. I'm looking forward to seeing the pic's of the NOID and the Neo. you bought from Bunnings.

It's interesting that you picked Ae. Fasciata 'Rubra' as one you liked, it's one of my favourites also and I was lucky to get it as a friend and one time member of the Brom Society was cleaning up her garden before she sold the house and moved interstate. It was just a single pup on the “junk pile” to go to the tip and unfortunately a few large clumps had already gone to the tip in a previous load so I missed out on them but I took it home and potted it up. I has grown slowly, but no matter what I do, I can't encourage it to produce any pups. I'm getting a bit worried now as it flowered last year and still hasn't done anything so it looks like a good double-dose of fertiliser as soon as spring starts to try and shock it into production.

It seems like we both have similar tastes in Neo's as I also like the Neo 'Rio Grande' in your Pic.4. I can't find it on the BCR so it's probably unregistered and consequently I don't know of it's parentage but there are some good pic's of mature plants on the FCBS Photo Index but the name of these is 'Rio Grand' (with no “E”) so maybe they are a different plant, who knows?

Now for a few pic's to finish with, Pic.1 is Ae. Ornalis var. Nationalis, Pic.2 shows the horrible spikes on the ends of the leaves, Pic.3 is Guz. 'Cherry Ripe', Pic.4 is a cross between a Vriesea and a Tillandsia and is xVrieslandia 'Van Bella' (Unreg.) and Pic.5 is one of my favourite NOIDS taken just after a thunder storm a while back.

All the best, Nev.

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Brisbane, Australia

Hi all,

what a lousy weekend weatherwise, we’ve had three days of rain, rain and more rain. Whatever happened to the lovely sunny days we should be having at this time of the year.

Trish, love your vriesea pics … what is the name of the one on the right (with the pink centre) in pic 2 please.

Nev, I reckon you could be right about my feeling better when the rain goes and the sun comes back, it does make a difference.

You have a lovely collection of Ae Orlandiana Nev, love those Ae Pineliana Minuta and Fasciata Rubra.

Sue, I am starting to get over my man flu but still coughing till I hurt … my tummy muscles are so sore.

Gee, Len and Cheryl Waites’ gardens sound fantastic … I was drooling just reading your description. Is their nursery open to the public? Can you D-mail me the details, please … maybe one day we will get up there. Love neos Donna and Magali, WOW.

And how beautiful is that neo Gold Fever. Love neo Julia … I have seen it on eBay but way beyond my budget I’m afraid. Neo Talbot Splash is gorgeous too and so is the unlabelled one, WOW again.

Nev, your Ae Ornalis var Nationalis is lovely, despite the spikes, and that NOID is a stunner too. You know, I trim the terminal spines of the most lethal of my agaves, it doesn’t hurt them and they don’t grow back. A bit time consuming but it does save a bit of pain.

Is anyone able to ID the brom in my pics 1 and 2 please, I am thinking it’s a nidularium but it’s a spikey little blighter. The flower is a little like niduregelia ‘Something Special’ but it’s leaves are way more nasty. They are much wider and smooth towards the base then taper off quickly and get very spikey. It has a couple of nice pups ready to be removed.

Pic 3 – nid Leprosa

Bye for now, Shirley

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Townsville, Australia

Hi Everyone!

Well the long weekend has nearly come to an end and I’m ready for the next one already as there was still so much more I wanted to get done around the garden, but I suppose there will always be so best to just kick back, relax and think of all that I accomplished rather than what I did not get done. Anyway I really got a good head start on separating pups, re-potting broms, flushing out centres, removing dead leaves, harvesting seeds and tending to seedlings, so I am pretty wrapped about that.

Hi Sue, yeah I tried to make the most out of the weekend and spent most of it in the garden which was great as I really did not want to be anywhere else after the week at work I had.

Sue I too really like Neo’ ‘Old Love Letters’, it was one I had on my “Wish List” and came across one when we last visited the Tablelands. I brought Mum and Pup for $10, mum was a little stunted size was, still looked fresh and young herself; so should hopefully come to life now with pup removed. You are so right about when you say this brom reminds you of antiques and old fashioned roses, same here. It’s one that always makes me look twice when I see it on EBay, but I was pleased to find one in person to pick out myself and at a great price.

Sue I wonder how long it will take for the fairies to comment on that fantastic pic you posted he he.

Sue can’t wait to see pics of the beautiful broms you brought home from your brom shopping expedition. Pics 1 to 5 are AMAZING!!! That Neo’ ‘Carcharodon’ is awesome and makes your hand look like the hand of a Pixie with such a HUGE Bird Bath in the middle he he. Totally agree with you on Neo’ ‘Talbot Splash’ OMG it’s absolutely Gorgeous!

Hi Nev I hope you ended up getting time in the garden to continue your make-over project?

Nev I have posted pics below of my weekend brom purchases, only two (2) broms spotted that I really liked and thought well worth taking home.

Nev I hope Ae. Fasciata ‘Rubra’ pups for you as it’s beautiful. I was happy to hear that you saved it from going to the tip as that would have been a crying shame; at least you saved one of them from being turned into compost. Nev you and I are so alike when it comes doing our bit to save broms when we can, even if I did not have room I would find homes for them easily. A couple of weeks ago a lady came to see some of my broms and she spotted one she really liked and really wanted it and thought it would be out of her price range. Anyway it happened to be one I saved from going to the tip and I told her the story about how I had acquired it and said I could not part with it because I adored it too much. Additionally it has rewarded me with its first pup and I am thrilled to bits about that.

Nev pleased to hear you liked Neo’ ‘Rio Grande’, it is really starting to colour up in the centre now so I will have to post progress pics for everyone to see. I think it will be a considerably large grower as it reminds me a lot of Neo’ ‘Cliff Siverd’ as it too has thick leathery leaves and I can see that the markings on the leaves are going to be very intense like a dark deep purple / blue, so I cannot wait to see what it looks like when it matures. I too tried looking it up on the FCBS but was not satisfied with the pics I saw as did not look like the same plant.

Nev I adored the pic you posted of your favourite NOID Pic 5, it appears to have some Neo’ ‘De Rolfe’ characteristics about it as well as it appears to be a good size, what do you think?

Hi Shirley hope the rain has stopped for you know as a bit of sunshine would do you the world of good right now with how lowsy you have been feeling.

Shirley the Vriesea you asked about in Pic 2 posted on 8/6 is a semi-mature pup of Vr. ‘Fosteriana’. I am not too sure if it will colour up any more for now as it still has a lot of growing to do?

Shirley I don’t know what your nidularium NOID is but I like it, can you please post pic when it flowers please. I totally agree it has similarities to niduregelia Something Special.

Take Care and Happy Gardening!


Pic 1 – Neo’ ‘White Marble’
Pic 2 to 5 – NOID - Any ideas anyone please??? It has little white flowers.

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Hi all, another good week end stuffed up by the weather and other outside influences.I didn't achieve as much as I would have liked to do. At least I gave all my plants a foliar feed and they had time to take it in before rain. I also potted up some more seedlings, went to the markets and our group meeting.
I had extra work to do for my boss and this did not help with my personal work. It will help the budget though.
Margaret Patterson has been awarded an OAM for her services to bromeliad hybridising. There was more in the write up but I can't remember what else.It happened on Queens birthday weekend honours.
I love the previous pics.Off to work now. Have a good one.
Pic 1 N forbidden love
Pic 2 N Lost love
Pic 3 Ae Alvarez
Pic 4 N Recognition
Pic 5 N Wally

Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry Thumbnail by ianperry
shellharbour, Australia

Hi everyone – Well the long weekend's over and it's back to work for some of you, but cheer up, it's only a short week. I started out with good intentions yesterday morning and just as I had everything ready to continue the garden make over my son rang up to say he was out on the freeway and his car had stopped and he couldn't start it and needed us to go and pick up his wife and the two grandsons ad take them home while he waited for a tow truck. Well that took care of most of the morning and when I finally got home and had just started again in the garden, it started to rain and it drizzled for the rest of the day; so that put paid to my good intentions for yesterday.

There was one nice little unexpected surprise though and that was a visit from a white Indian Ring-neck Parrot who flew in with the Lorikeets when they came in for their afternoon feed. Fortunately He/she was quite tame and I was able to get close enough for a pic (Pic.5).

Sue – It seems I missed your post yesterday. I love the pic’s and as you say, the centre of the Neo. ’Carcharodon’ is huge, but then so is the rest of the plant including those prickles on the leaves, but it’s still very attractive nevertheless. The Neo. ‘Gold Fever’ clone is most unusual and certainly very different from the others; I have three, ‘Gold Fever’, ‘Gold Fever Too’ and ‘Gold Fever Select’ and they are all spotted and nothing like the one you show which looks different altogether.

The Neo. ‘Julia’ is also a beautiful plant and is one of Chester Skotak’s hybrids which has obviously inherited the spikes from its pollen parent Neo. Carcharodon Rubra. I too like the Neo. ‘Talbot Splash’, it’s one I’ve never seen before and I can’t find anything about its parents as it doesn’t seem to be registered, but on first glances its marking reminded me bit of Neo. ‘Barbarian’ and it wouldn’t surprise me if that was used somewhere in its breeding. Do you know any more about it, is it a new hybrid, perhaps bred by Len and Cheryl Waites?

The variegated hybrid is nice as well. I don’t know its name but it looks a bit similar to some of the variegated Neo. hybrids that I posted a few months back which were owned and bred by a “brom friend” of mine from South Africa. Thanks so much for sharing the pic’s with us, they’re beautiful.

Shirley – How’s the flu coming along? It must just about have run its course by now and you’ll be back to normal when the rain stops and can get out in the garden and the fresh air to recuperate.

I have many more Ae. Orlandianas than were shown in that pic, but I still have to find a more suitable spot to grow them as they aren’t reaching their full colour potential growing where they are as they don’t get near enough light.

The little Ae Pineliana minuta has always been a favourite of mine, ever since I saw a pic of it growing on the corrugated iron roof of an old garden shed; it was beautiful and almost covered the whole roof and I think it was probably the reflected heat and light from the unpainted corrugated iron that brought out the wonderful pink colours in it. I have two clones but that one is the nicest with the pink colours in it. Just out of interest, I read where it’s now extinct in its native habitat due to land clearing, so any of you who have it in your collections please continue to grow it and share it around with your friends as we all now have the responsibility of being the collective “care takers” and making sure it never dies out.

Sorry but I can’t ID your NOID in Pic’s 1 and 2. As you say it has that xNiduregelia ‘Something Special’ look about it but with the addition of spiky leaves. I tend to lean toward a bi-generic of some type perhaps even a xNidumea which would account for the sharp spikes. I don’t think it’s a Nidularium though as they tend to mostly have “soft spikes”.

Trish – It sounds like you really achieved a lot in the garden over the weekend. It’s more than I can say as I had some of Shirley’s rain to muck up my plans.

It’s interesting what you say about my Neo NOID in my Pic.5. I too have often thought it looked a bit like Neo ‘De Rolf’ at certain times of its development so perhaps it may have been used in the breeding; I guess we’ll never know.

I like the Neo. ‘White Marble’; it’s not unlike Neo ‘Marble Snow’ except the marbling is more pronounced.

The NOID you posted in pic’s 2-5 does look familiar to me but I can’t think of a name. If you would like to email me those pic’s (without the DG writing on the top), I’ll post them on a couple of other forums where I’m sure I can find a name for you.

Ian – It seems like Shirley and I aren’t the only ones stuffed up by the weekend weather. At least you were able to do a bit of paid work to help offset what you spent on your brom crawl to Brisbane, so it ain’t all bad.

That’s good news about Margaret Patterson, it’s about time some of the brom hybridisers got the recognition they deserve and I can think of a few more who should be recognised especially blokes like Alan Freeman who has done an enormous amount of hybrids with over 500 registered.

I think from the pic’s you have posted today my vote goes to the Ae. Alvarez, the pink is much more subtle than I have seen in pic’s of previous Alvarez plants.

Time to go again and today’s pic’s are, Pic.1 a nice clump of Billbergia Amoena, Pic.2 close-up of Bill Amoena flower. Pic.3 Bill NOID, Pic.4 Bill. Dorothy Berg and Pic 5 the visiting white Indian Ring-neck Parrot.

All the best, Nev.

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Merino, Australia

Hello everyone. I am still here, just havent had anything to show as the weather has been real winter weather.
We had an inch of rain a few days ago , then a lot during last night. I have all the lovely broms potted from Shirley now and am awaiting normal mail days to get new ones.

Trish, I have been looking at othophytums lately due to a lovely gift of one.
Thats what your pretty noid looks like. It looks just like the pics and heres a link to a great page on them. See what you think.
If anyone has any of these cute plants, I would love to try a few more.

All the pics are great, but htey just make me want even more.
I did get a bargain on the weekend on eBay. I was able to buy a neo Sun King for a Buy it Now price of only $8.
Each time I see this one, it goes up to over my limit of finances. I also have coming two very nice looking neos Cosmic Dream and burle marxii.

I did say a while ago that I wasnt all that keen on the bills even though I have quite a few. I have changed my mind after seeing some of the lovely new ones coming up for sale. I bought two bills.. leitzei and caramba.

I love the bill Selby Seidel that I have so thought he needed some pretty company instead of all the plainer ones of mainly green with stripes that I already have.
I didnt buy those as they came with the epi collection back in 2006.
Even though the flowers are all similar on the bills, they are pretty. I have three out now.
There are a couple of flower stems on the neos too.
I think my plants are confused as I have 4 cymbidium orchids coming out as well. I usually dont see them until around Spring.

I must get a pic of my little neo seedlings to show. I have them in a container on the table where they get any sun if it comes out and are warmer than being outside. I have no idea what they are as the mother is a noid and the father coiuld be anything.

Hope the rain stops for you all up there. We do need it here even if it messes up my days outside.
No brom pics but if you dont mind, just a bit of color from my zygos which are having a great blooming time.


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Coffs Harbour, Australia

Good morning all. I don't know if I have enough time to answer everyone, but here goes.
Nev, I don't know the name of the pitcher plant I have, as it was from a friends plant. I took the cutting about 30cm back from a nice green healthy shoot, and cut it just under the node where the leaves grow. I stripped/cut off the leaves from the first 10cm at the cut end, then dibbled a hole into a 50/50 mix of sand and potting mix, placed the cuttings in (I always do more than one) watered it and put it in the shade, somewhere warm. I don't water them again. When you can see roots at the bottom, repot them into your usual mix. I actually put them into my brom mix of the time, which was the choir orchid mix from bunnings, and they do well, but require a bit of watering in summer.
Sorry you didn't get to see the three musketeers! Those two are a bit shy, so you'll have to be content with the disguise. I suppose i could have had Len take the picture?
Funny thing about registration. It is handy for the likes of us to find information on plants we purchase, but apparently there are alot of rules and regs today, for registering, and it has turned alot of growers off. they are happy to just label it with a name so the collector has something to call it. When i was in NZ, they didn't register alot of their gorgeous vrieseas either.
By the way, if you are ever looking for a home for Aechmea ornata var nationalis, it is on my wishlist!
The 'Gold fever' photo i posted was possibly a seedling or F2. Len and Cheryl do a bit of dabbling with hybridising, and they use 'Talbot' as the prefix to all their products of hybridising. We all were amazed at the difference to the usual 'Gold fever' and they had also done some hybridising with gold fever, so it might have been one of them? Beautiful, none the less, and not for sale! DARN!
Well, I am out of time, so only Nev gets an answer this morning, but hopefully I will have time to get back on this afternoon. I only returned home yesterday, and there is a mountain of chores to do, as hubby was home alone! sigh!

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