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tijuana, Mexico

What is this species? It is 1.5 or 2.0 cm in size. I found it living in a brook in Tijuana semi desertic region.

Thumbnail by tlatoanitzin
Minot, ND

One of the chorus frogs in the genus Pseudacris; likely one of the members of the Pseudacris triseriata complex - see[email protected]/5691483503 for an example. According to authorities on these frogs, "The four "subspecies" of the Pseudacris triseriata complex currently recognized by Conant and Collins (1998), including P. feriarum (southeastern chorus frogs), were initially characterized based on color pattern and morphological variation across their geographic distribution (Smith and Smith, 1952; Harper, 1955; Smith, 1956). Platz and Forester (1988) and Platz (1989) elevated the "subspecies" to specific status using morphometric data and advertisement call characters. However, recent phylogenetic analyses based on DNA sequence data indicate that the currently drawn range borders of subspecies in the triseriata complex do not reflect the distributions of true evolutionary lineages (Moriarty and Cannatella, in preparation). Because the identity and distributions of these anurans have not been resolved, we consider the members of this group together under a Pseudacris triseriata complex account." (

tijuana, Mexico

Thank you!

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