CLOSED: What is happening here?

Decatur, GA

I noticed this little scene yesterday and got a picture. I don't know whats going on. Is one attacking the other or is there some morphing going on? I am very ignorant about insects but still find them fascinating.
Please help if you can make sense of this picture.

Thumbnail by helenchild Thumbnail by helenchild Thumbnail by helenchild
Minot, ND

This is a dragonfly undergoing metamorphosis from its aquatic immature stage (naiad/nymph) to its aerial adult stage. When the naiad has completed its growth, it emerges from the water, climbs some handy object (usually emergent vegetation), rests a bit, and then its 'skin' (exoskeleton) splits an the adult emerges -

Decatur, GA

Nice! Thanks Flapdoodle. (love the name)

Minot, ND

The full name is Flapdoodle D. Dogdew, but that was too long for davesgarden...

(Zone 7a)


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