Garden showcase - some albums may not be appropriate?

Croton-on-Hudson, NY(Zone 6b)

I have started an album and I know this is just being developed, but I just want to note some problems that may or may not have been mentioned. When I click on a flower in the plantfiles, on some listings it says "View this plant in a garden." However, I have noticed that instead of seeing the plant in a garden setting, many people are just making albums of closeup images that might be more appropriate for the plantfiles. Also, when you click on "View this plant in a garden," the search function brings up many unrelated photos. ie: I clicked on Yellow Wax Bells, ( ,) and then "view in a garden," and received photos of yellow roses, yellow iris, wax begonias, Yellow Jacobinia, etc. and I was only on page one of six pages. Very few garden photos with Yellow Wax Bells in a garden setting.

The Garden Showcase feature is a great idea for seeing plants in a garden setting. Look forward to getting the bugs worked out.

Southeastern, NH(Zone 5b)

I agree with you! I haven't been interested in it because of the things you describe. I also have had a problem starting an album. IT won't save my info when I try to add an album.

Albany, ME(Zone 4b)

I restarted this discussion in Dave's Garden. I do yearn for a "garden showcase," without having to plow through phtos of individual flowers. I don't come here anymore.

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