CLOSED: ID please

Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

ID please

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Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

Bird is in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Merritt Island, FL(Zone 10a)

That's an Ovenbird. It's one of the largest of our Wood Warblers.

Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

Thank you OldNed! I was sure it was a Warbler but I couldn't figure out/find which one.

Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

Yep, Ovenbird.

An accident with a window?


Moose Jaw, SK(Zone 3b)

Yep poor Mrs. Warbler hit my kitchen window. She was pretty stunned so I picked her/him up until the eyes didn't look so strange and it was standing. It flew a short ways, all down hill, and then sat on the ground. We have so many cats around so I picked it up again and set it in the plant pot. Eventually it flew into its bush and I'm sure headed to the nest.

I'm so glad to know what it is. We also have an almost solid yellow warbler and I thought this one was its' mate but after looking the Ovenbird up I see both male and female have similar colouring so I now have to capture the yellowish one and find out what kind of warbler it is. They both share the same lilac bush re nesting.

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