CLOSED: Insect Identification

Chicago, IL

I live in the midwestern United States, chicago specifically, and I found many of this insect after I moved my posessions out of storage. The picture is as focused as I can get, but I have additinal identifiers. The insect has no wings, it has pincers on it's mouth, there seem to be to small protrusions coming out of the back, it has two long antenae, and it is about 1cm long.

Not recognizing it I am naturally concerned so i am hoping for an identiicaiton and to know whether they are harmful..

Thank you in advance.

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Minot, ND

The image is too blurry to be certain, but it could be a cockroach nymph.

Chicago, IL

I went and grabbed a better camera. This is the insect next to a quarter both on top and bottom.

Thumbnail by toomanylegs Thumbnail by toomanylegs
Minot, ND

Definitely a very young cockroach nymph.

Chicago, IL

Thank you!

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