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is this a poisonous brown recluse spider

Clearwater, FL

Is this Brown Recluse? Tampa bay areaAbout week ago felt light headed, headache, had trouble breathing and lots of post nasal drip mucous production choking me at night at same time I also had an ulcerated sore onmy leg that did not start to heal for about a week. I was later told by pest control that the place I moved into had lots of Brown widows around it so I thought I might have been bitten by Brown widow. I showed him the bite scar and he said it was a Brown widow bite. After looking around online I notice that most descriptions of widow bitessay that the bits from widows don't usually cause necrotic lesions. I saw that those types of bites ate usually Brown recluse. I ended up with another sore with pain on my thigh along underwear line. I was hoping it was going to turn out to be a pimple but today I thought I felt a bite on my foot while wearing slippers and a few minutes later I saw a little Spider on the ironing board near me. I took a picture of it and it looks like a Spider with a black violin on its back. Is this causing the necrosis and wounds I am experiencing? Is this a Brown recluse?

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Minot, ND

Definitely not a recluse spider of any kind; more likely a harmless wall spider.

Hillsborough, NC(Zone 7b)

Not a spider bite expert - but from what I can see your bite (if that is what it is) looks inflamed but not necrotic. If you continue to get those eruptions/ lesions - see doctor. Could be you have staph. The doc can get a closer loth. Staph infection can make you feel bad.

Clearwater, FL

Brown widow

This is brown widow and brown widow eggs around my house and scar left from wound. Pest control guy said I was bit by Brown widow and he showed me a scar on his leg that he said came from Brown widow bite and was the same looking scar that I have now where the wound above was. The wound was a hole in the top layers of my skin with blood and rawness in bottom of it. Hurry when shower water hit it and when standing made my leg muscle sore in that area. wanted make sure wasnt a brown recluse bite. I don't know sucked whatever it was.

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