Found this in my house this am Would like to know what it is

North bay, Canada

Someone out there must know what this is.

Thumbnail by Mrmchad
Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

from what I can discern it looks to be either a Fishing spider or a wolf spider....both very common in your area.

Auburn, NY

This isn't a Wolf Spider, it is too hairy. I looked at pictures of a Fishing Spider as well and it doesn't look to be one of those either. It's abdomen is too round to be a Fishing spider. I can't identify it well with the picture given. Sorry.

Minot, ND

Any large non-orb weaving spider in your area is going to be either a wolf spider or a fishing/nursery web spider. Although your image is too dark to be certain of an i.d., the banding on the legs and its general posture appears more consistent with it being a fishing spider in the genus Dolomedes than it being a wolf spider. Also, the shape of the abdomen in itself is not a reliable identifier, as this will vary with the sex of the spider (males tend to be more slender than females), as well as how well-fed the spider is, and in the case of females, whether or not it is gravid.

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