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CLOSED: What are these?

Carmel, United States

These green and/or white flying bugs are all over my mint, flowers, plants, everything. The golden raspberries and rose buds have holes in them with large ants. Are the ants the problem or are these bugs? I've tried spraying an apple cider vinegar/soap/water combo on the plants but no luck...There are 100's all over my large garden. What can I do?

Thumbnail by Beauceron Thumbnail by Beauceron
Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

They look like leaf hoppers to me.

Minot, ND

They are leafhoppers, and these are sap-sucking and not chewing insects. neither they nor the ants would be responsible for any holes.

Carmel, United States

Thanks for the identification. Now to figure out what is attracting the ants....didn't notice any aphids. Will keep looking.

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