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Sow Now?

Chaska, MN(Zone 4a)

So, I'm craving more perennials and I haven't got the money to buy all the plants I want. So I have been reading in the thread to learn how to grow more of them myself. I have started veggies and annuals from seed, but not perennials. I'm curious if I buy seeds now, and throw them in the garden (where I want them) if they will grow. I'm looking at a bunch of seeds being sold by Parks Seed. Like Palace Purple Huechera, Echinacea, Lupine, delosperma, Shasta Daisy... etc. Do they have to go into a cold cycle before I throw them in the ground? So would I have to wait till next year to Winter Sow? If I do have to wait to plant them... would you recommend buying the seeds now, or waiting until next fall?

Calgary, Canada

This is zone 3 so our growing season is shorter than yours.
Throwing expensive perennial seeds on the ground might waste some.
You could sow them into milk jugs as they do for WS. Then they would be
protected. If they all do not germinate over the summer, then you could let them sit over winter.
Some perennials need that cold period in order to germinate.
Look up the perennials, which you are interested in growing, in one of the data bases.

Pueblo, CO(Zone 5b)

Usually if you are sowing things this year for next year, you would wait until late summer/early fall, August-October. Or you could wait until late winter/early spring, Feb-March. We usually have some open weather here where we can sow seeds in February - but if you have solid snow cover, early fall might be best. It helps if the seed is fresh, so don't buy it now and forget it!

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