SOLVED: handsome thug!

Nanuet, NY

When I was given this plant several years ago, I was told its name but I have forgotten it. It's very good looking and when the leaves turn up in wind or rain, their pale green color is a pretty sight. It has white-ish stems that are hollow. It is trying to take over this perennial bed and it has to go, tho I can imagine it would be useful where a tall plant was needed to screen something, and there weren't other plants (like my Japanese tree peony) to be crowded out. Thanks for your help.

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Bristol, United Kingdom

Macleaya cordata

Nanuet, NY

Thank you for such a quick response! I read further about it, and only came across one person who thought it truly invasive. My plants are exceedingly healthy and have very big leaves - as I said, very handsome. I shall have to find a home for some of it where it can spread to its heart's desire. You can't imagine how much I have already yanked and composted, but it is relentless.

Beautiful, BC(Zone 8b)

It's a great plant that self-seeds. I dig out quite a few each year. I give 'em away. Maybe donate some to a fund-raiser.

Nanuet, NY

Thank you for the suggestion - too late for this year, but I'll have to remember for next year. I will label it that it spreads - but I must confess that it is easy to pull out the extras.

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