Dealing with Ravenous Critters and PestsPart #5

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

I was going to suggest a tree wrap also.

Burlap strips work well--and maybe you can hide something stinky in the layers...
We actually sell tree wrap--but I think that is also just strips of burlap.

To make you feel better--HD sells little packets of Moth ball Powder.
These are the size of a tea bag.
Maybe those will work better and are safer put inside thew wrap.
I just noticed these for the first time today.

You may need to go the "marking the territory" way---if you know what I mean....
Soak the wrap? Wayne can help you here--

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

UGH I have deer, too!

I just had my first ever deer sighting right on my front lawn. There isn't a good way to access this development from the wooded areas that are nearby, so I didn't think they would ever come this way.

It was a young deer, probably only a year old, but there was no doe nearby. It was busy chomping on the acorns on my front yard. I hope it doesn't discover the hostas or hydrangeas out front. o_O

I need to get some deer repellant! What's everyone's favorite brand?

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Like i said before--try the Milorganite. I know I sound like a stuck record.....

It is a by-product of the Sanitary Water Treatment Plant and,
(think a lot of flushed toilets and shower water
I am sure, it still carries a scent with it that deer do not like to be around.
Humans do not really small it. Some do and don't like it.
At the most--it is a bit musty smelling when you first open the bag.
It is a clean product if small, black , round grains. Nothing else in it.

A man bought a bag of it at HD because, he said, he sprinkles it around
his garden. to keep deer away from.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Coleup how upsetting this must be for you. Such a big change in your neighbor hood. Hopefully the deer will move on and find a better habitat. They and many other types of wild life are really hard pressed to find homes. Do you have hunters in your area? Right now that has all the deer moving around quite a bit. Deer should run from a loud noise even Buck in rut but you don't want to corner them. A pot and wooden spoon can make a loud clamor. Just step out on the porch and bang away.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

If I step out on the porch to bang away, it's not with a spoon and pot.LOL
I have another GH in the barn and need to get rid of it before winter, I don't need another litter there in the spring.

Warrenton, VA

We live in the country. My husband traps critters (raccoons, skunks-just got rid of a really pretty one today, rabbits, squirrels) with Havahart traps, then takes them FURTHER out to the mountains and releases them. This is an ongoing affair. But then, so is spraying, etc. And we know that the varmint is gone for good.

Another idea, for Bambi, is to take a roll of chicken wire and unroll it in front of whatever planting you are protecting. Bambi don't cotton to getting darlin' dainty footsies caught in anything...believe me, it works. Only thing you have to remember is that they can jump OVER the chicken wire, but this has not happened to us (yet).

It's a pretty easy thing to do to spread a couple of lengths of chicken wire in front of your planting. And pretty cheap as well. Also, if you spray, that HORRID "Liquid Fence" surely deters ME! I spray it around the mulch and in a perimeter before the plant I am protecting. Again, Bambi don't like anythin' smellin' gross that could stick to him/her. They are FLIGHT critters, and depend on stealth (and no-scent) to keep living. Don't forget this - they don't! Good luck to you!

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Survey of my third of an acre finds 28 deer rubbed trees mostly wild cherry and native dogwood 3 - 5 feet tall. That's a lot of rub and territory marking for the new guy in town. Next comes the browsing. I read that one deer eats about 4 pounds of twigs and leaves per day. With all of the browse and rubbable trees that have recently been cleared away the pressure on what remains has gone from light to scarcity survival driven pressure to eat anything! Whereas my yard was part of a large and varied browse area, it now is more of an oasis of the edible. with a small well traveled corridor leading directly to it. Yes, the deer will have to find additional habitat food sources but I'm sure they won't cross my yard off their list.

Lucky for me, many of my plants (hostas) trees and shrubs are in containers and not in ground, so I can move and huddle them in a small area that I can deer proof for the winter. Some already damaged by rub will make it and others not. When they grow and leaf out in Spring they will be super attractive to hungrier than usual deer . Thus a longer term resolution/plan for deer human co habitation is needed in my neck of the woods.

I have contacted the director of MD Deer Project for assistance.

I wish that I had spoken early on to my neighbors that cleared their lots and made a pitch for wildlife habitat and thinning rather than clearing as the clearing was done purely for aesthetics not for additional yard space or putting up a garage. None of my neighborhood though within sight of the Capital dome is well landscaped. No garden tour worthy properties here. But one house newly painted can become a chain reaction run on paint stores!

annapolis, MD(Zone 7b)

Happy, I'd at least try a tree wrap for your new street side tree, It is cheap and quick enough and it is difficult at best to let nature take its course in repairing any damaged bark or waiting til next year's clearance sales for a replacement tree lol.

Grayce I have done something similar to your 'chicken wire' suggestion and found that it did make the deer reluctant to walk in an area overlaid with fencing. I used s roll of that green plastic stuff and arched it over potatoes and just flat for rows of kale, chard, spinach, etc. Plants grew up through it (so did weeds!) One preped but unplanted section was covered and held in place with long metal fence stakes horizontally along the edges. I let the fencing have lots of waves in it, thinking that when a deer steped on one part it would distrub an other part and the metal stakes clanking would spook the deer! I rigged falling metal stakes among my metal tomato cages, too! lol, not saying any of this foolery really worked, but it made for interesting gardening.

Seems so many deer deterrents work when pressure is light but all bets are off when medium or heavy or the deer catch on.

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

What a battle. Bottom line, if it's hungry it will try really hard.

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

We had no damage from that one baby deer. I think it just wanted the acorns. I really wanted to go out there and scream and scare the heck out of it, but I don't think my neighbors (and their babies) would have appreciated it. :)

I need to get some Liquid Fence and Milorganite, just in case it decides to come back and munch on the other goodies. Coleup, I've heard that some trees need to be wrapped to prevent bucks from rubbing on them, but I can't imagine doing that to *all* of your exposed trees. That's a lot of work!

Waynesboro, PA(Zone 6a)

Just wanted to confirm that baiting a Have a Hart trap with a slice of cantaloupe/muskmelon seems to be the BEST way of catching a ground hog. I find that setting the trap out early in the morning (before 10 a.m.) is best; I caught 2 within 2 hours of setting the trap on 2 consecutive days. I relocated them both to a remote park with grassy areas. DO NOT RELOCATE to purely woodland areas (they need grass to survive) or to farm fields (many livestock break legs in groundhog holes and g.hog damage crops). Of course, never relocate to a neighborhood either.

They can be mean when cornered; I wear long sleeves, jacket, jeans, sturdy sneakers (never sandals) and wear elbow length leather welding gloves to pick up and carry the trap. Always stand BEHIND the trap when you open it. Never put your fingers through the bars. If the animal won't come out, use a blunt stick to gently poke him until he runs out. Most groundhog will run like blazes as fast and as far from you as they can!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

I'm hoping these torrential rains are drowning some voles. Cruel of me....

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Thank you for your advice on trapping Ground Hogs.

Nothing like experience to help others. Gita

Silver Spring, MD(Zone 7a)

Sally, I found two dead voles in my backyard following the rains--first time I have ever seen any! Maybe they were flooded out of their burrows?

I picked up a 10 oz bag of Milky Spore and it was just enough to do my backyard. Thanks so much for the tip about that!! Now I need to get another one to do the front yard--and fingers crossed for more rain to soak it all in.

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Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

A couple months ago--I saw that the Milky Spore was yellow-tagged and on
the Clearance end cap at my HD.

I bet it is all was a good 410 lower than usual.
maybe they were changing packaging? Eliminating carrying it???

I will check tomorrow--but I know it is gone.

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Gita does your home depot have the the 2# osmocote plus indoor/outdoor plant food?

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Yes! I am l,looking at a bottle of it as i write this.

"Osmacote Plus--2lb.--indoor/outdoor-- feeds for 6 months....I think it is $7.99

Will look for you as soon as I get to work. We should have it in stock...

Want me to pick one up for you?

Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Yes. 2 actually. Keep the receipt, I have a rebate for it.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Picked one up for you today.

If all you need is the receipt--I can give you mine from the bottle I bought.
(on 5/4/14). That way--you won't need to have 2 bottles of it.....I don't mind keeping it.
IF you, actually, want to have 2 bottles of it--I will pick you up another one Tuesday.

Does the rebate require something off the bottle? Like the UPC code or something?
What do you get back in the rebate? LMK!

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Fun thing today...
I was weeding along the privacy fence, in the sun, kneeling in between iris, phlox, you name it, pulling vinca and lamium...worked for close to an hour over there with my hand digging tool... on hands and knees so my shins were laying on the ground. And I notice this pulsing feeling under my shin... hm, is there a tool handle that I'm bumping and wiggling? no... by the way we've seen lots of mole tunnels on that side lately. Yup, something was under the soil and pushing up on my leg. I moved my knee aside and watched. Sure enough, there goes tiny disruptions of the soil and litter...a mole working its way along, I feel sure. Gosh, I had been digging there for a long time and he comes along within three feet of my active digging and pulling! I was amazed. After a few minutes I made a lame attempt to pop him out with my gloved hands but it wasn't going to be THAT easy. Such a direct move might have made him scoot. And ...he would have been easy prey for my digging tool, one hit...but as soon as I thought it I discarded it. Way too pretty and peaceful out there for such bloody violence.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Such a shame that these cute little creatures wreck so much havoc on our gardens. Good call Sally.

Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)

Thanks for rejuvenating this Thread....

I am sure there will be many critters looking for a place to spend
the winter....Lets hear your reports.....

Everyone--go check out your HD and see if these are still around....
The 3lb. containers of Osmacote (indoor/Outdoor) is now at $3.03.
That 3 cents on the end means this product is going to go Bye--bye soon.
It will hit 1cent--and then no one can touch it any more. It gets trashed.

I don't know how long it has been at this price--but Sunday, I saw 6 of them
sitting. forlorn, on one of those little platform displays outside and thought I
should take these inside the GH where the others were...
I had bought one of these bottles earlier, discounted/yellow tagged for $8+.
Hmmm--there was not even a tag on the shelf any more!

Went to the cashier and checked the price. Wow! $3.03.!!!
Going, going gone--any day now.

I grabber 2--(will give one to Aina)--the cashier grabbed two--and I gave one
to another girl that I know gardens a lot. SO--all gone now!

Hope you still find some of these. They would be in the Greenhouse-or wherever other
fertilizers are. Only 4 HD's around here have a GH. The first four built.

They are---
#1--Glen Burnie
#2--White Marsh (us)
#4--Towson store--on Joppa Rd.

Fortunate are those four to have a GH--all the others have their plants inside the store.
NO natural light! Gotta be careful watering...Plants not thriving....etc...


Vienna, VA(Zone 7a)

That must have been a really strange feeling, Sally!

I've noticed that grubs are very close to the surface now, so the mole probably was feasting his way through your yard. I've been finding grubs as I dig holes for plants. I try to keep a yoghurt cup handy to plop them in so I can give them to the birds when I'm done, but sometimes the grubs just get squished.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

We had a new groundhog trying to set up residence under the Prince of Wales juniper on the back patio. I was too busy to deal with him, trap or acute lead poisoning, so I stuck some of our mole chasers in to the bed. It seems to have worked, I have not seen him in weeks. Apparntly there is some science behind ultrasound. :-}

Anne Arundel,, MD(Zone 7b)

Ric, you told us about that at Swap, I'm almost dumbfounded that they work! Hooray!

Vienna, VA(Zone 7a)

I have above-ground ultrasonic devices, which are activated by a motion sensor, that I use to keep cats out of my front yard so they don't prey on birds. They emit a sound that humans cannot hear but that hurts animals' ears (dogs included). When they work, they work very well. I know by the way cats run when I set off the things and point them their way. I love cats - I have 1 and pay vet bills for 3 - but I don't want them in my yard.

The problem is that they tend to be either over-sensitive or under-sensitive. Sometimes their range is so far that any dog entering our cul-de-sac will have its ears blasted, and sometimes I have to wave my hand an inch from the sensor to set them off.

Dover, PA(Zone 6b)

Sounds like my barn lights! When you don't want them on a blowing leaf will set them off. When you walk in front of them and need the light they ignore you. LOL :-}

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