Safety of a vegetable garden near a buried pet

Forney, TX

I am planting a vegetable garden for my mother. She has a buried pet in the back of the yard. How far away from the pets remains is safe to put in a vegetable garden and not be worried about eating them?

New Port Richey, FL

Sorry about your Mom's pet. My parents and grandparents always buried the remains of fish, slaughtered hogs, chickens, rabbits and deer in the garden. Depending on deep it was buried I probably wouldn't dig directly above it for a few months.

Charlotte, NC(Zone 7b)

I agree with flsusie. My parents and grandparents did the same thing.

Tiskilwa, IL

You really should be fine, most likely. Do you mean it was buried recently? If it's been there a year it will make no difference at all.

The only problem you could have is coming into actual contact with the body by digging too deep. (Why flsusie says to maybe not dig directly over it depending how deep down it is. If it's six feet under, no problem.) You could just plant something spreading (cukes or melons or something) beside it and let that spread over its area, if you want to avoid digging there. Vegetables grown over it will be extra fertilized & can't pass germs on to you through their root contact with anything down there (totally unlike issues with chemicals in the soil or whatever, which plants can pass on). The only way germs could get passed on to you would be direct contact with something you were going to eat (eg it gets turned up somehow & some of it gets on the tomatoes or whatever.) Not very likely to happen at all and anyway you'd notice if it did!

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