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Biacesa, Italy

My sister recently won a rosetree at a gathering of community gardeners in Manhattan (and YES, there is a growing trend for greenspace, supported by the City of New York!). Fortunately she's found the ideal place for it in her neighborhood greenspace, the Miracle Garden. But neither of us know how to care for this new arrival, how and when to prune it (other than removing the spent blooms), and how to keep it healthy. It would be nice, after riding through traffic in a cab, for the tree to spend it's time being appreciated by folks for the seasons yet to come. After all, it's a rather exotic resident for Lower Manhattan...

Piedmont, SC(Zone 8a)

The best thing to do is buy Bayer 3 n 1. It takes care of everything the plant needs. Good luck

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I'm not too sure what you mean by ROSE TREE, there are several type of ROSE plants from shrubs- climbers- standards- or weeping, the last 3 types will require staking to offer support that these type of Rose plants require ALL year round.

All Rose types require Good Rich Fertile soil as they are greedy feeders once they get their roots out / down, searching for moisture and nutrients so it's up to us to make sure these requirements are added at planting time.
I know I get boring about this BUT the best type of humus you could give your Roses is WELL ROTTED horse manure, well rotted means when you are close, it never smells like the horse just dropped it, when you pick it up, it should crumble like good compost, and it should be dark brown like good quality soil should be.
Add this or other type of compost humus, to the planting area, the soil you remove to dig the whole should be mixed with this additive as it will be required to keep a healthy plant alive for many years to come with luck. You can add a mulch late summer or early spring, winter mulch offers weather protection at the roots as freeze on soil is not good, BUT, dont pile the mulch against the trunk / stem's depending what type of TREE you have.

For the last three type of Rose I mention you will have to add a support at planting time, this has to be a good stout wood support hammered into the hole when prepared, once you have the wood support in place and the roots of the tree are well spread out in the bottom of the hole, you can add a handful of either Rose fertiliser or a multi purpose fertilisers and roughly mix into the bottom soil, refill the hole with the soil humus mix soil and as you go, use your foot / TOE, to gently press the soil down so there are any air pockets removed.
You need to tie the TREE to support, this type of support can be bought at Garden store, DONT tie Rose to the support but use the tie properly by fixing the tie to the wooden support first, then tie the Rose to the tie, (as you do it it will become clear, what you want is the buckle or fix needs to be able to be loosened without having to undo the whole thing, all you need do is loosen the tie as last thing you want is the trunk to be strangled by too tight ties.
Water the plant as much as you want IF the soil is easy to drain, and feed every spring, to give a boost for the new season.

As for pruning any rose, people are afraid if this but it is easy and is common sense, to dead head the dying flowers, have sharp clean pruning tools, dont just remove the flower BUT, follow the stem all the way down to the next tiny red BUD, slant your cut so any rain wont drop down onto the bud bat it will run / drop away from the buds.
End of season OR new season pruning is like WOW, where has my Rose gone,
You take your time, a but like dead heading BUT, your looking to find new growth BUDS that face outwards so the new growth will grow that direction, you are looking for a goblet shape, open in the middle and growth forming on the outer area, this allows air to circulate preventing mould, disease and lets the flowers be shown off better than crossing over each other.
Remove grossing branches / stems as they rub off each other and this allows disease to enter the wounds where insects can begin to chew the sap or other diseases get into the core of the branches.
It all sounds complicated BUT, really, is is NOT all happening at once, the care and attention comes in stages AFTER planting,

I'm sure as you set about planting, there will be more help and advice than you can cope with and how so and so did their's but just incase there is no one around, I've given the basics and it should not go wrong if followed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: wait till the coolest time of day to plant as it is very hot for any new plant to be able to cope with TRANSPLANT and HOT sunshine, water every day for a few weeks till it settles into new environment and DONT plant under other tree's, Roses require Good light and nothing overhanging them that will allow constant water dripping onto foliage or flowers.

Good luck and hope you have many, many years of enjoyment and and admiration each day you pass by your beautiful Rose. Does this Rose come with a name from the breeders, that could give a clue as to the type of Rose you have received.
Good luck and best regards.

Barnstaple, United Kingdom

Can somebody recommend climbing white rose tree? Would be thankful:)

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I absolutely Love one of the White Climbing Roses here in UK, it's an older one, flowers most prolific,, BUT it needs a good strong frame, pergola or arch, depending on what you want the Rose to grow up or cover. It's called Wedding Day here in UK, grows to about 15 feet but can be tamed by tying onto a larger frame but the amount of flowers is wonderful, as the flowers age, IF memory serves me correct, they fade to a cream colour before they loose their petals.

They can also be kept into control by proper pruning BUT this plant looks at it's best when allowed to climb up and through a tree / large shrub or as mentioned, a large framework.

Hope you can trace this to search it's credentials and you like it.
Best Regards.

Barnstaple, United Kingdom

I found nice fragrant rose called High Hopes (‘Haryup’). I know its not white but pretty as well:)

San Francisco, CA

Roses in Manhatten needs protection from the cold. I live in CA so know very little of how to burried it in the ground or build a frame and cover it with mulch? no fertilizing in the winter though. Look at the rose society calender for things needed done on certain time of the month. Congrat on the winning the rose.
White climber? Mme Plantier, Mme Alfred Carriere, Alberic Barbier, Snowdrift, Lady Bank white

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Roses are PLANTED / BURRIED in the soil the exact same way no matter where in the world you are, the difference from one climate / |Temp to another is watering, more or less depending on temp.

Soil prep should be the exact same regardless of where you are, that is a rich well prepared soil with plenty humus / manure added, this addition adds air, helps hold onto moisture, makes the soil light and fertile.

As for feeding, early spring (when you see the first tiny buds appear fork into the soil around the root area a handful of MULTI PURPOSE or ROSE FERTILISER, use the hand fork and water well, never use the large fork or you can damage the roots.

In colder areas as pointed out, you need to care differently for the ROSES come autumn, that is, you need to tie in the long / tall branches on climbers to prevent the wind from rocking them about, this rocking rubs one branch against another and damages the bark allowing diseases to get into the heart wood, OR prune the tall branches by half, always make the cut on a sloping cut above a bud, make the slant cutting away from the bud so any water / moisture will run off AWAY from the bud, try choose outward facing buds as this helps the new growth to grow away from the centre of the main plant and allows air to circulate helping prevent mould etc to get hold.

I colder areas, come spring as you tidy up the winter leaf fall, you might have to give another prune as the real cold, wind and snow can cause the tips of Rose stems to become burnt, so snip off the ends any dead wood you see or the stems could die back even further.

For all other Roses, the treatment is much the same BUT, on a smaller scale as regards the pruning, the soil prep, the humus and the feeding is same.
Hope you have many years of Roses blooming, good idea from lancer about looking out for Rose calendar or better still join the Rose growers club of America, on on this site, I'm sure there will be a Rose forum.
Good Luck and Best Regards.

Singapore, Singapore

I would like to know that how to grow white rose frequently and easily. I am new in the business

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

Alexsmith, Hi and welcome to the world of gardening, just take your time, read as many gardening book (for novice / beginners and in plane speak, NOT technical) too many lovely books that are on the shelves for sale or library are more show for coloured, glossy beautiful pictures, little info so please don't spend a lot of money on books, make sure you turn the pages first to check they are helpful to YOUR needs not just to look at.

I've strayed off the track a little,BUT to answer your question about how to grow WHITE ROSES, it is the exact same as growing any other type or ROSE, just different type of plants Roses require different treatment ABOVE ground, soil and additives to soil are the same.
The greenery/Top Growth treatment is Climbing Roses, Floribunda / shrub Roses and Hybrid T Roses all require different PRUNING end of summer or early spring depending on your time AND weather.

To select your white Rose, do a search on line for suppliers / growers of Roses, there are many established Rose growers in your area of the world and they ship to every corner of the world, I was lucky enough to visit Singapore several yrs ago and the Botanical Gardens had a lovely display of Roses among there many beautiful shrubs /trees and flowers.
we went out to the Island where there was wonderful flower beds laid out with Roses too so if you can, look around public gardens.

Search on line for Supplies of Roses who do CATALOGUES as they are a mind-field of info on growing conditions,how to and where they will develop best, how to prune and when to do it, help with some common diseases and insects that attack Roses with hint and tips how to get rid of problems IF they become evident, what conditions arerequired, how to treat the plants and after care when you select the type / colour you require.

Some of our British Growers ship world wide and bread many forma of white Roses of great quality so find these on line and ask IF they are allowed to import to your area, they will then give you a list of companies in your area they supply to and you can either phone, email or visit the garden stores who get deliveries from UK. that will be much easier than you trying to import yourself, remember you are talking about a living organic growing thing so Imports are strict in some areas.
Hope this can get you started and you begin to enjoy growing things, Take your time and enjoy.
Best Regards

San Francisco, CA

Hi Alex,
If you are trying to grow roses in Singapore, that will be a little different then California or North America where I'm living. I suspect there will be high humidity and you need to select the right variety of roses to begin with. Because most hybrid type will not behave very well when subject to heat and wet feet. The flower will ball up and the leaves with give you disease. Choose "China" class roses which is evergreen in the tropics. Look for rose type that can take the heat and not brown up and fall apart. Like WeeNel said get a book that list extensive variety. I recommend: Rose by roger phillips & Martyn Rix from Random House has best photos!

In Southern part of US has the same problem of humidity, I can recommend "Cherokee" which is a white single rose that can tolerate the heat. "Lady Bank" should be OK too. For white climber in CA, I've propagated "fortuniana" "Alberic Barbier" "Sombriuell" "Lady Bank" all super nice, no fuss no must.

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cambridge, United Kingdom

Roses are always worth do grow - they make Your balcony like a king garden :)

I would like to know that how to grow white rose frequently and takes care of everything the plant needs.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Yikes, I made a big mistake when I pruned off a new growth from a Sally Holmes climber I planted in my garden a year ago (I thought it was a wasn't!) Question: Will this have a permanent adverse effect on my rose? I fear that the next growth will be weak and spindly. Will my rose recover and set up strong new growth again this summer?

Glendale, MO

Tree roses are a great way to create height in the garden. It is important to make sure the surrounding roses are low-growing and are kept hard pruned so that they do not reach the head of the standard.Tree roses make superb centrepieces her for small [LINK DELETED BY ADMIN], giving a highly decorative, rather formal effect. In a large bed, a group of three or four planted together (about 2 ft apart) will look most impressive.

Biacesa, Italy

Hello, Everyone.
I'm still so very happy with my roses, and my sister in NYC has been grateful for all of the advice you've sent her way about the care and tending of rose trees--
the greening of Manhattan was, indeed, a sight to see my last visit there. As I might have mentioned there's been an incentive for the city to turn abandoned properties, not into vacant lots or more real-estate, but into community gardens. There is a bit of patience-work to be done with the administrative side of it but my sister Karen seems to thrive on the problem-solving involved. Her reward is a quiet place to sit nearby any time she'd like, and a chance to learn about gardening, there in the heart of a large city. It's now a passion we can share. And what a difference it's made in the residential areas. Every few blocks there is a fresh breath of the green and growing!

So thanks, all, for sharing your advice and enthusiasm.

Best, Beverly

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