Also a Song Sparrow?


This bird was in Center City Philadelphia near the river. A much better photo then the one in my back yard. The 2 birds look similar but not exactly the same so is this a song sparrow as well.

Thumbnail by Joeyk210
Northumberland, United Kingdom(Zone 9a)

This one's a male House Sparrow



Thank you. I was just out back and got a few better shots of the song sparrow so I had answered my own question when I loaded them on to the computer and I could see the differences clearly. I am going to post my better photos of the song sparrow on that thread if you care to see. I also saw and for the first time ever got a picture not a good one but a picture just this same of a wood pecker I have been trying to photo for years now. He and his mate were high up in one of my many trees and I still had the camera on when I saw them. I will post and hope it is not to blurry for naming.

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