Why is my zucchini fruit turning yellow?

Galt, CA(Zone 9b)

Hi I'm new here at DG's. I'm also new to gardening. I've got some great looking zucchini plants and have harvested a half dozen or so. Recently my fruits are growing normal so I assume they've been pollinated there are bees in the flowers daily. Any way they get yellow at tip of fruit and slowly turn entire fruit yellow and ugly. There are several new fruits growing. They are still small two three four inches still with flower attached. Really would like these not to yellow. The yellowed fruit also appear to be kinda rotten when I finally pull them.
Thanks in advance for any helpful info and/or tips.
Ps. This fruit is bout 6 inches long. Three days ago it had about 3/4 inch yellow tip. Now it's half the fruit.
Thanks again.

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SW, AR(Zone 8a)


Im new here too. It looks like you have been here long enough to figure out that zucchini is not a fruit.

Hows the weather out there, hot n sunny? Im guessing too much hot sun, sun scald. Ive seen similar on dark-colored watermelons in the dead of summer.

just ribbin' ya with the fruit jab.

Springfield, OR(Zone 8a)

Hi Pb.
I am having the same trouble and was told nonpollination was the problem. Even if I have bees I have only one blossom open a day, so it's a little difficult for "the act" to take place. I'm trying artificial pollination and cross-cucurbita pollination.

But on the other hand, my zukes are much smaller than yours yet when green part lightly cooked -- *Delicious!"

Good luck.


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