Any Partial sun Flowers that aren't too late to sow?

Orem, UT(Zone 6b)

So it would seem everything I've planted this year isn't going to get any new growth because my garden doesn't get enough sun(Moon vine,Zinnias) and since I'm in a condo complex I can't just go put it where I want it. Are there any flowers that grow in partial sun/shade that aren't too late too sow?

Ellijay, GA

What is your ultimate goal? Are you planting in containers or a bed/raised beds? If I were you I would use containers. You can move them and find the right location. I'm a beginning perennial gardener. This is my garden's 3rd year and I love it. I have friends who live in downtown Atlanta and have a complete "small family garden" in containers on their balconies/patios. In my opinion it's not too late. Just choose hardy varieties and enjoy the learning experience. DG is a great place for connecting to others in your area. See what works for them? Then try it yourself ! Good luck

Contra Costa County, CA(Zone 9b)

Depends on what time of day the sun hits, but the milder morning sun would probably be OK for plants listed as 'shade' plants, so things like Impatiens, Pansy, Viola, Begonia and so on. If you bought them already sprouted in jumbo packs or 4" pots they would do just fine. I am not sure about seeds.

If it is the hotter sun in the afternoon then I am afraid the shade plants are not going to be the answer. If Zinnias are not growing well, but it is western sun, try Cathranthus (aka Vince), Ageratum, Petunias, Million Bells, Marigolds and others.

Orem, UT(Zone 6b)

Thanks guys, Yeah I'm just doing planters this year. I used all my soil to brighten up an old unused flower bed in my condo complex,made a nice little rock garden in it and put some four O'clock seedlings from my garden that started to come in last year and they are taking off wonderfully. So this yeah I just have enough soil for all my containers. My violas have grown back already from last year(love those things). I went and moved my moonvine and zinnias out into the Condo Garden by our parking lot and there has been slow but steady growth(tho the moonvine is dealing with all sorts of pests) and now that my Zinnias have finally started to sprout new a new set of leaves, I just went and checked on them...they are starting to turn brown and die. I don't understand what's happening. First they weren't growing because they weren't getting enough hot sun(the sun on my porch is early afternoon sun, about 11-3) and now that I've given them the full sun they require, they start to die. It's been a frustrating season so far.
Thanks I appreciate your input!

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