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rhubarb ready?

Kensington, NY

When can I harvest a few stalks from my second years plants? The stalks are getting plump-
should they be a certain height?

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I see no one answered you. You might be able to do a light picking now although the season is basically over. Rhubarb doesn't seem to grow quickly in hot weather.

Kensington, NY

Funny, I had already decided to take some stalks- they were the right thickness as described by an e-how of some kind - I slogged through a very high advertisment to information ratio to find that the stalks should be pink to crimson and 1/2 to 1inch thick.

So I did - I left plenty of leaf and stalk. They don't seem to be growing fast but they are still growing. This is one very very weird summer here on the seaboard we are not baking hot like the entire rest of the continent and this week it is more on and off rainy than anything, so another growth spurt for most of my plants.

Thanks for taking pity on me and answering!

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Not every rhubarb plant is red or pink. The size you describe is right. You said you left plenty of leaf and stalk. You may already know this. The correct way to harvest rhubarb is to grasp the stalk and break it off at ground level. I find the easiest way to do that is to pull the stalk sideways and it should break right off.

Kensington, NY

OH. i have been using scissors. Once cooked down, I got about 3/4 cup.

We have had so much rain that everything is growing madly- my front yard is so wild my neighbors likely hate me-I keep meaning to trim it back but it when it isn't too hot to live it is thunderstorming again!

Anyhow, this rhubarb should go well with peach and make a pie, we will call it a year!

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